Social Networking in Toronto

If you noticed I have not blogged in several weeks. I have shown a key interest in Social Networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter. I have tried to cut my time on these particular sites to truly interact, engage and communicate with various individuals I meet via Twitter or non-internet users in real life. Being able to balance your relationships online and in real-life is quite easy for me. Taking your online relationships to create everlasting relationships is very beneficial. It enables you to put a face to the person you speak with online. You are able to expand on ideas that maybe limiting due to site limitations such as Twitter. The most important thing is that you are truly being social. It also builds community among your local interaction with individuals.

Ever since I held my last event at their has been an abundance of events specifically in the Toronto area. It is great to meet various people in various disciplines but find the events redundant. I’m looking to hold another event in the future if interest persist and want it to have a unique feature to differentiate it from the rest. If you have ideas , let me know. I have had many people over time asking me when the next event will be...Only time will tell and timing is the key. Please follow me at @clickflickca or @tweetngreetca to keep posted on future happenings in Toronto. Your feedback via Twitter/Facebook is highly anticipated. What event would you like to see in you area? Our 1st event was “Word of Mouth” which started from scratch. It was a combination of friends and family meeting up to create a social networking event. It was the 1st event for all of us and we felt it was sucessful considering the limited time and effort to organize the event. If we devote more time to such an event we can definitely continue this on an annual basis or monthly basis. Let me know what your thoughts are and suggestions by commenting below or by visiting me on Twitter. Thanks for reading. I will look to update more frequently soon.


Anonymous said...

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Make-up Junkie said...

Great post! For the longest time I've been creating relationships online but it wasn't until this year that I started actually meeting the people and putting a face to the Twitter name. I think events like your tweetngreet and twestival have made a difference in getting people to actually connect in person! I know being apart of the beauty community that we've started to plan blogger beauty events and these have been successful.

Love reading tips from other social media experts so keep up the great work!