Best Buy Gamers Club Ultimate Giveaway

Last night, Best Buy Canada launched the release of the PS4 console. The launch in Toronto had various giveaways, a DJ and folks playing on the new PS4. Customers can bring in previously used consoles and trade them in for a Best Buy Gift Card. Check out the estimator calculator to see the estimated value in gift cards you can receive.

To help celebrate the launch of the Sony Playstation 4, Best Buy has given me the Ultimate Gamers Package for one lucky Twitter follower. The package includes new PS4 games, and plenty of snacks to munch on including some chocolate bars to boot! This package is worth over $200.

The PS4 games included are:

Assasins Creed IV

Call of Duty Ghosts


BattleField 4

I have a lot of gamer followers on my tweet streams so make sure to enter for free. Don't share this post with others if you want to increase your chances to WIN! I'm kidding, share away if you can.

Tweet: @clickflickca @BBYC_GamersClub I want to WIN the Ultimate Gamers prize pack from Best Buy. #ps4launch

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