WIN $1,000 at Mohawk Racetrack Contest - North American Cup

I've been to numerous racetracks such as Woodbine & Greenwood Racetrack but this is the very first time I've visited the Mohawk Racetrack in Campbellville, Ontario which is just 1hr away from Toronto.  It is only recently that I'm learning all the intricacies of horse racing but it's been an exciting way to learn & begin!

The Pepsi North American Cup at Mohawk Racetrack is one of the largest Canadian Races in horse racing. The attendance for this event was at capacity as a $1 million purse was at stake. Mohawk Racetrack has numerous entertainment activities for everyone to enjoy. Some of the highlights include live music,  Rib & Food Truck Corral and "Beerville" Beer Gardens. The atmosphere at Mohawk Racetrack was amazing with so many different activities to participate in. My first experience at Mohawk was to try the variety of food options available. They have an area dedicated to Food Trucks and a BBQ stand. The mouthwatering BBQ ribs are amazing and you must give it a try the next time you visit Mohawk Racetrack.

Bad Wolf BBQ ribs & Food Truck Corral at Mohawk Racetrack.
My plan is to learn all the betting options available in horse racing for future strategic planning ;-). I made a simple $2 bet for a horse to WIN but I lost! It was a great feeling of anticipation to cheer my horse on! It's hard to explain, you just have to be there to experience it.  I look forward to learning about "Triactor, Exactor & Daily Double bets." If you have any tips on horse racing feel free to tweet me or leave a comment below this post.

An evening at Mohawk Racetrack leading to the main race.

The atmosphere at the Pepsi North American Cup was like being at a big backyard party. Join me in this blog series as I experience & learn more about Horse Racing at Mohawk Racetrack. The winning horse of the Pepsi North American Cup was Wakizashi Hanover-Breeders are from Halifax. I learned that the breeding of the horse can also play a factor in the betting. I bet you didn't even know that horses sweat. All of this plays into the betting of a horse race, see I'm learning here!

Terrace Dining Room

I had the opportunity to see the reserved seating and dining area at Mohawk and look forward to this experience on my next blog. They have a terrace dining room so for those who know me, know that I will definitely be placing bets on that one!

WIN $1,000 from Mohawk Racing! #OffToTheRaces

Thanks to Mohawk Racetrack you could WIN a $1,000 Mohawk racetrack Giftcard. Snap a selfie at the racetrack & post to Twitter using hashtag #OffToTheRaces These selfies must be taken in front of the racetrack. Good Luck and start clicking away! Click, click, click!

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Disclosure: This post was created in partnership with Mohawk Racetrack. however, all opinions expressed are 100% my own.


Floorplay Socks Father's Day Giveaway

Floorplay Socks made in Italy.

Floorplay Socks is my "go to" spot for all my socks! I have blogged about them numerous times before and enjoy the customer service I consistently received at this family owned company. Since the last time I blogged about Floorplay Socks, they have expanded with a secondary location near Yonge & Eglinton. They consistently provide the same exemplary service if you are a business man buying 20 pairs or a teenager buying a pair of $5 socks. Floorplay has no barriers when it comes to providing customers with a smile.

InStance "no show" socks- Popular item at Floorplay
Floorplay socks collection is quite extensive. One of the key factors to their success is the support of local or Canadian vendors and manufacturers. They only carry quality socks at affordable prices. Janet, the owner, will not only select the socks but will see how they hold up after a wash in the laundry. Floorplay has the largest selection of InStance socks. These socks are high quality & stylish. They have a silicon gel inside the top of sock that keeps your socks from sagging. How cool is that? Floorplay socks carries mens, women's and infant socks & women's underwear/activewear.

Artist Collection from Hot Sox

Floorplay has an amazing wide selection of designs & styles. They really have the best & exclusive selections paired with knowledge of quality materials. Checkout the art inspired socks above from HotSox

WIN this collection of socks from Floorplay & Good Luck Socks - Value over $100
Thanks to Floorplay they have given me the opportunity to giveaway Floorplay Socks & Good Luck Socks with a total value of over $100.00. This would be a perfect Father's Day Surprise! Enter for free and good luck!

Floorplay Socks has 2 locations:

762 Queen Street West
Toronto Ontario M6J 1E9

2585 Yonge Street
Toronto, Ontario M4P 2J1

Twitter: @floorplaysocks

Facebook: Floorplaysocks

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Just for Cats Film Festival - April 17th

Is the cat going up or down? This seems to be the viral internet discussion at the moment. I will let you decide the proper way to view this optical illusion. Since the topic is about cats, I would like to inform you of an event for cat lovers called the "2015 Just For Cats Film Festival."

The 2015 Just For Cats Film Festival is all about supporting & giving awareness to cats and the community of cat lovers. This event also encourages the adoption of cats to avoid euthanization. It will involve a fun screening of the "Top Cat Videos" you'll find on the internet. This will be showcased at the TIFF LightBox theatre in Toronto. Deadmau5, an owner of 2 adopted cats, will also be at the screening. On that note, thanks to Temptations, I will give a pair of tickets for the April 17th screening at 7:00pm. I will randomly pick a winner on Wednesday April 14th. Good Luck to everyone that enters the contest. For more information:

Info on Temptations

Info on Canadian Federation of Humane Societies

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Disclosure: I like dogs more than cats but I really think cats are cute too. Also, I've been given tickets to be randomly chosen in exchange of an invitation to the Just For Cats Festival. See I like cats too!


Let's Be Frank Media Preview was Juicy!

I recently was invited to the Media Preview of a new hot dog bar called Let's Be Frank. Let's Be Frank is located in an interesting area located just north of Chinatown in Toronto at 460 Spadina Ave. It's a cool little spot located among some late night Chinese food joints and quick service chains such as Popeye's Chicken, Burger King and a 7-Elleven. It's also located next door to the infamous El Mocambo Tavern - Toronto's legendary music venue and adjacent to Kensington Market & U of T.

Left to right- Christa Muio, Julie Ford, Simon Coyler-Owners of Let's Be Frank
I had the pleasure to meet the owners of Let's Be Frank and I was curious to hear how they started in the food/bar business. The it's no secret that their complimentary skillsets from marketing, business and the general love of food and drinks would find them with a product that can't help but redefine gourmet street meat. It all started off with a food stand, progressed to a Food Truck and Pop-Up location, to the final hot dog bar they visualized since 2009. I was also curious to know what made them think they could succeed in this competitive restaurant/bar business. It all comes down to having that visual drive and an execution plan. And if you look through many of Toronto's nooks and crannies, it won't be surprising to find some sort of food hub that you would consider a hidden gem...Let's be Frank could become one of them. Co-owner Simon responded by stating that their attention to their customers and being receptive to customer needs is key and important.
Pulled Pork Po'boy
The Full Menu of hot dogs use Nathan's famous beef franks. They're considered the best hot dogs weiners. Let's Be Frank offers hot dogs in 3 different sizes: 3.5" slider / 6" regular / 8" big dog. Pictured above is the 3.5" slider pulled pork po'boy. It had pulled pork, coleslaw & hickory sticks with BBQ sauce on top. Is your mouth watering yet?!? I did make the recommendation to have their slider versions....toasted with butter to give it that little boost of flavour from the bun. That's my recommendation & hope they incorporate that in future menu iterations.

Tom Green Beer from Beau's All Natural Beer is available at Let's Be Frank

Stiegl Grapefruit Beer

The owners mentioned that they wanted a place they can just go and have a quick bite coupled with a beer. Yes, beer!! Emphasis on their beer selections is evident with a great selection from Stiegl to local Beau's Brewery. The owner did mention they have a secret drink mix menu so make sure to ask for that next time you visit. They might even have a secret hot dog menu ( wink! wink!). The staff & feel reminded me a little bit of the famous Crif Dogs in NYC.

Media Preview Night.

Bring your own records to play at the bar.

Let's Be Frank is fully licensed. They're another; different option to late night food in the Chinatown area. They encourage customers to bring in their own records to play in the bar which is a unique touch. They will also have live perfomances in the bar which bodes well since they are neighbours to El Mocambo, that will bring more late night crowds to their bar. I wish them the best since the owners are genuinely nice and down-to-earth people. It's always nice to support local. They opened quietly over the 2014 holidays and are open for business. Would you visit them or still go for street meat? Give them a try & tell me what you think. :-)

For more information: Let's Be Frank

Disclosure: I was invited to this event & given complimentary samples of the menu.

Celebrating Craft Beers in Toronto

As far as I remember, back in my youth, Molson Canadian or Budweiser were always the beer of choice. Through the years, I have found that taste palette has changed.... or as I would like to say, evolved. Being in the forefront of many social gatherings, my choice of beers would evolve buying beers in green bottles because it appeared fancier (you know the Stella Artois and Heineken bottles, remember those?) This past week I put my beer palette to the test! I was invited to try sample beers including Beau's Beer - Ontario, Erdinger - German and Stone Brewing - USA. Oh how the times have changed!! The landscape of the beer market has never quenched my thirst on so many different levels!

This is a great time to be a beer fanatic because their are so many choices and options available. So long are the days when your choices were Canadian, Bud or Coors Light. To be honest, my knowledge of the beer industry & process is lacking. The number of independent and local breweries is a great indication of the thriving craft beer market and what I've been missing out on. One favourite that comes to mind is the Flying Monkey's line of beers...goes down nice and easy!

As mentioned earlier, I was invited a few days ago to the launch of Stone Brewing Co. from California at Bier Markt. I had the opportunity to try the Stone IPA and the Arrogant Bastard Ale. I enjoyed sampling both beers paired with the new menu offerings from Chef Michael Cipollo, Executive Chef for Bier Markt. I have to admit, I have never heard of the beer company before but they are apparently one of the biggest craft brewers in the USA. ( I learn something new every day!) They have been distributing in Ontario which is becoming a crowded space for Craft beers. I love and favour support of any local beer so this is a bold and smart move for Stone Brewing Co. Stone Brewing is already an established Craft Brewer; they couldn't have entered a market at a better time! Craft Brewing will be one of the food and drink trends this year in my opinion. In Toronto, with so many beer & food events it will be an exciting year for beer.

On that note, the folks at Bier Markt have given me the opportunity to let my readers WIN a $50 Gift Card to be used at any of their locations. Good Luck!

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Valentine's Day Moto 360 Giveaway


If you haven't noticed all the heart decorations popping out in stores or the red, white, pink colour 
schemes...or noticed the air feeling different lately (not the cold air but LOVE in the air?) well Valentine's Day is just around the corner!! Yes it's that time of the year again (*sigh*) For all out there who would like to get your special someone something nice this Valentine's...because what to get someone who has everything, right?...need to find that perfect spot to buy flowers or plan that romantic dinner out? Motorola has made that accessible all from your Moto 360! This is a cool gift to give to anyone that they will be thinking of you every time! It can update you with weather, traffic and also has voice commands. Thanks to Moto 360, life just got easier... And to show how easy it is, they have given me the opportunity to give my readers a Moto 360 Smartwatch. Moto 360 is powered by Android.

PhotoCredit: TechCharger
Wearable Tech has been one of the hottest trends of late. Motorola is one of the first companies to come out with a wearable technology watch, Moto 360. One of the cool things about this watch is the base charger. The watch can double as your alarm clock. For more info & details where to buy Moto 360:  Moto 360

On that note, I have a Valentine's Giveaway for you! I will be giving away a Moto 360 to one lucky person. All you have to do is enter the contest below or send me a tweet what you love most about the Moto 360 at @clickflickca. Contest entries begins at 5pmET.

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Disclosure: I received compensation for this post. However, all opinions expressed are 100% my own 


North American International Auto Show with GM Canada

Part 3 of 3 NAIAS blog Series.


This is the new Chevrolet Bolt Electric Vehicle Concept car which is designed to offer more than 320+ kilometres on a complete charge for under $30,000. I think once people understand the amount of money that can be saved in gas alone; this vehicle will be one of the popular EV cars to look out for especially for city driving. So in comparison to a Tesla which has a higher 420+ kilometre range at double the price tag at over $75,000, you're getting value at much lower price point. A smarter option if you ask me. Although I'm not really familiar with Electric Vehicles, saving money is only common sense, and I'm sure we'll see an influx of these cars on the road as a result!

Exterior headlight of Chevrolet Bolt EV

Media frenzy surrounding the Chevrolet Bolt EV in Detroit

It's fascinating to see the Buick brand evolve. I remember driving with my friend in his parents' Buick Regal years back. It was one of those comfortable and quiet rides with nice leather interiors. Looking back, the Buick we grew up with in the past is no longer daddy's car anymore. The introduction of the top down convertible Cascada has redefined the Buick image to include a broad range market. I can envision the convertible Cascada along the Pacific Coast Highway while the skies are blue and the wind blowing in my hair(LOL). A trustworthy brand for the well-seasoned yet eye-candy for even the young professional. I was unable to confirm if this will only be available in USA at time of posting.

Overall, what intrigued me the most is the positive direction GM is going in terms of understanding the consumer and their expectations. Having access firsthand to the President, designers and support staff behind the GM brands creates positive outlook. GM has endured recalls in past with great strides by going above and beyond. I think they have learned from a few bumps on the road that their creative wheels just keep on turning! Their take on the "Connected Car" is what I like most of the GM brand and their creativity. Cadillac understand it's just not about a car but rather a lifestyle as an example.

Dinner with GM Canada President Stephen Carlisle(left)
Overall, I didn't want to focus on the aesthetics of the car because that's easy to find on the web. I wanted to give you a glimpse of the technologies & people behind the brand that make GM today and those who are behind building their vision. On that note, I wanted to show a quick video of Mark Reuss- Executive VP of Product Development at GM which pretty much sums up what GM has planned for the future and their customers.

Disclosure: I was invited by GM Canada to attend the NAIAS Media event in Detroit. All opinions expressed are 100% my own.