The NAIAS with GM Canada

Part 1 of 3 NAIAS blog Series.

2015 NAIAS- Technology & Connected Car

This is my 5th year attending and 3rd year in a row covering the North American International Auto Show(NAIAS) in Detroit with GM Canada. I want to set it straight that I'm not an auto journalist or expert on technical aspects of a car.... I am a consumer and an average "Joe" as that saying goes; and appreciates the design, colour and features of a sexy car when I see one! In 2013, the NAIAS had a focus on environment and introduced their line of eco vehicles. The year 2014 became a banner year for Chevrolet winning the Car & Truck of the Year with Chevrolet Corvette Stingray & Chevrolet Silverado. In the 2015 NAIAS a focus on Technology and the Connected car. GM is definitely leading the way and raising the bar in the technology/connected car along other manufacturers, to follow later this year. Audi A3 was the first vehicle to have Wifi/4G LTE incorporated into the vehicle but GM is the first & only car company to have built in 4G LTE Wifi in almost 30 models in 2015.... that is the most for any car brand.

Personally, I'm very excited to see the emergence of the technology/connected car because we're all connected with smartphones. GM cars have WiFi. Let me repeat this, GM has WiFi. Amazing right? GM cars can become wifi hotspots that are even stronger than your phone. It can allow up to 7 devices to be connected. Imagine going camping or on a long road trip & having a WiFi connection throughout your road trip. You can tweet, update your Facebook status without worrying about roaming charges. This is a game changer and one of the many benefits to purchasing with GM portfolio in my opinion.

Concept Car - Buick Avenir

I had the privilege of attending the launch of the Buick Avenir concept car. The Avenir is a sedan that is conceptualized on design and comfort with emphasis on technology. This is definitely one sexy looking car. The rear of this car reminds me of the Porsche Cayenne with nicer contours and details.

The Avenir which actually means "Coming Soon/Future" in french is definitely one car that I look forward to in the Buick line. No plans for availability in Canada, US only for now.

Front & passenger seat.
Digital Display for rear seat passengers.

Digital dashboard.

I wouldn't mind being a back seat passenger in the Avenir (maybe to catch up on my tweets, lol or just to enjoy the ride...) Check out the back seat screen display, reminiscent of an airplane seat display. The rear seat design felt so comfortable I felt like I was in a lounging chair. You can tell their was an emphasis on comfort and use of space with the interior of the Avenir.

Buick Avenir Concept Car

Make sure to visit my site tomorrow to read Part 2 of this NAIAS series.

The 6th Annual Regift Event

Hello and Happy New Year to everyone. I'm happy to announce the 6th Annual Regift Event which will be hosted at D.W. Alexander. We will have more info to announce in the coming days but for now start finding and wrap your gift. The gift must be a unisex gift (minimum value of $10.00). RegiftTO is a social and fun way to exchange gifts with a twist. RegiftTO is like Kris Kringle for people you socialize with on Twitter. If you don't think you have a use for your opened gift the social aspect continues by asking others if you would like to exchange your gift, hence the social fun continues. We will countdown and unwrap the gifts all together at 8:30pm New Year's Eve Style! It's going to be a great casual evening to meet and greet with people you socialize with online. Walk away with a gift and dance the night away!



D.W. Alexander

19 Church Street. The main intersection is Church Street & Front St. Located near St. Lawrence Market. Casual and cozy atmosphere in the heart of Toronto.



Wednesday January 14th, 2015 at 7pm. Gift exchange begins promptly at 8:30pm

Admission: Free (1 ticket per person) 

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Toronto Festival of Beer is BACK!!

Two of my favourite times of the year are the Christmas Holidays and Beerfest! Yes, Beerfest! If you've been living under a rock - it's the summer party of the year! The Toronto Beer Festival will be held again at the BandShell Park at Exhibition Place in Toronto July 24-26th, 2015. Every year that I have attended, it gets bigger and more diverse; with over 300 brands representing. With the popularity of craft beers, BBQing and musical entertainment all packed into 3 fun-filled days in July- what better way to spend a summer weekend?  Trust me - you don't want to miss out. Beerfest is a hot ticket and ALWAYs sells out!

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2015 Cadillac ATS Coupe Drive – Prince Edward County

Just a few weeks ago, I was invited by Cadillac Canada to experience the 2015 Cadillac ATS Coupe in the picturesque Prince Edward County along Lake Ontario which is approximately 2 hours from Toronto. I had the opportunity to stay at the newly renovated Drake Devonshire Prince Edward County to enjoy an immersive experience of Cadillac and lifestyle.

ATS Coupe in Prince Edward County

The perception of Cadillac has definitely changed from a vehicle that used to be more geared to an older demographic, to a young professional demographic. Fast forward to today and Cadillac is totally different and has elevated the brand. Cadillac has an emphasis on the dynamic design and has a fun to drive performance with lots of new technology. Cadillac is one of the first to have 4G/LTE WiFi. That in itself is a game changer and major innovation. WiFi in the car #FTW!

Why do I like the Cadillac ATS Coupe? 3 reasons: 1. Technology 2. Safety 3. Lifestyle

The ATS, as mentioned, has WiFi that can enable up to 7 devices to connect. It also has Wireless Charging. Charge your phone without fiddling and wrestling with wires or plugs, amazing right? Also the full - colour and reconfigurable Head-Up Display. Receive text message alerts and turn by turn direction by viewing straight ahead with your driving view. No distracted driving here! That's a good thing.

HUD - Heads Up Display Technology-Lane Assist button

Heads Up Display is a great feature.

The other benefits are the Safety features of ATS Coupe.  The Lane Keep Assist, Lane Change Alert, Adaptive Cruise Control and automatic safety belt tightening are just a few of the cool features of the ATS Coupe. The ATS Coupe also has the OnStar Vehicle Diagnostics. The car notifies you when you need to fill air in your tires or how full your gas tank is. This can be viewed on your smartphone too by using the OnStar RemoteLink mobile App. Did you know you can even start your car from the App? You can start your car in Toronto if you were physically in Russia with your smartphone. How cool is that?

OnStar Service

Encompassing all the Technology and Safety features is the attention to details and comfort of the ATS Coupe. It's definitely a car that attracts attention - from the front trademark grill design, to the sexy interior finish. From a finger swipe of the dash to the comfort of the steering wheel(sport mode), it felt good and powerful to be behind the wheel of an ATS Coupe. The car is luxurious and quiet with the various driving modes.

Swipe and touch screen on ATS Coupe dashboard

On that note, here is a fun commercial that encapsulates the forward direction and momentum that Cadillac is gaining by understanding their consumer.

I consider myself an "average-knowledge" person of cars. I've driven many vehicles and this is one of the  top vehicles specifically in the technology and saftey sense for me. For more info: Cadillac Canada

2015 ATS Coupe

The Campaign to End Junkface.

There is a disturbing epidemic concerning hygiene ethics happening in Canada Right now. First of all, have you ever encountered the word Junkface? Let's make this simple…it's when you use the same bar of soap to wash your man parts, package, below the belt, junk whatever you like to call it and use it to clean your face too (you get the picture!?) According to an Ipsos Reid Survey with 1,400 respondents; 72% of canadian guys have…. Junkface!!

Why is it gross to have Junkface, you ask? Washing your junk area and your face with the same bar of soap just leads to cross contamination…(just use your imagination!!) Does your girlfriend, wife or partner know of this Junkface problem? They would definitely be grossed out! Only 38% of Canadian women would consider not marrying a guy with Junkface let alone kiss one. I want to help bring awareness to this stigma and end Junkface for your sake. Stop using a single soap bar to clean yourself. Man up! Start using a face wash like Neutrogena® MEN® Face Wash.

Thanks to Neutrogena® MEN®, they've given me the opportunity to help one of you end Junkface. Enter the contest for FREE to WIN a #StopJunkface Kit that includes Neutrogena® MEN® Face Wash. Good Luck! For more info: #Stopjunkface

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Disclosure: I received compensation for this post. However, all opinions expressed are 100% my own


What is value to you?

What is value to you? Is it monetary? Is it a standard of living? For everyone the perception of "value" is different. Value isn't a monetary thing all the time. It can be something that adds richness or meaning to your life. I just wanted to share this video because it speaks volumes and puts the importance of how we as a society need to be more giving and sharing. I see so many people who take and don't give back. Give to others with no expectations. Surround yourself with positive people and good things will happen. The relationships you build with this understanding will help you grow and build a support system. It's also important to know your own self worth. Do not sell yourself short in life. Everyone has influence and can make a difference. Even you reading this can make our world a better place. Do something good today! Your inner conscious and mind will thank you. :-)


Samsung takes on the NBA

**Updated June 27th: Andrew Wiggins was selected 1st Overall in 2014 NBA Draft by Cleveland Cavaliers.**

Last month I was invited to an exclusive event with Samsung Canada and a couple of NBA Pros. I had the opportunity to meet Tristan Thompson and Anthony Bennett. I was able to join both players on the court in a skills competition at HoopDome.  These 2 NBA Pros are both from Brampton, Ontario. Anthony Bennett was actually the #1 NBA 2013 Draft pick last year. The 2014 NBA Draft commences tomorrow and it is expected that another Canadian Andrew Wiggins will be drafted first overall. That is quite the achievement for NBA Canada

Tristan Thompson doing a selfie with a Samsung Galaxy Note 3
I met with Tristan and Anthony prior to the skills competition, I must admit basketball players take the best selfies because they've got the long reach as seen in the above photo. The event was held in conjunction with the NEW release of the Samsung Galaxy S5. I had the opportunity to check out the Galaxy S5 and was pleased with the smartphone. The key feature that impressed me with the Samsung Galaxy S5 is the camera. It has a function that allows you to have a photo in focus and the background blurred. It's an option that creates depth of field which I find lacking in other smartphones. It also has a very fast camera. With my Galaxy Note 3, I have to wait a bit to see the photo process; with the Galaxy S5 it's almost instant capture with no lag. I wish they could have that camera option on the Galaxy Note 3. The other cool and distinguishable feature of the Samsung Galaxy S5 is the Heart Rate Monitor and sensor on the back of the phone. Place your finger on the sensor and it will read your heart rate. I thought that was a unique option on a smartphone I haven't seen before. Cool phone!

Samsung Galaxy S5
Overall, it was a unique event to showcase the Samsung Galaxy S5 to a younger and active demographic. Very cool to meet two Canadian NBA players in a relaxed environment in Toronto. Thanks to Samsung and NBA Canada for a fun evening! I'm hoping Anthony Wiggins is selected first overall in the NBA 2014 Draft! Good Luck!

Tristan and Anthony signing autographs.