Why do you love driving?

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Why do you love driving? It's a pretty simple question. I actually had to pause and reflect on the many reasons why I love driving. Everyday most people commute and drive to work. When you think about it we spend most of our times sitting or stuck in traffic especially if you live in Toronto like me. Many times it's hard when frustration gets the better of you when it comes to driving in these conditions. Detours, accidents and road closures are part and partial to driving but overall it has been a positive experience for me.

Driving gives you the opportunity to be free! It enables you to travel wherever you want from various distances and locations. It opens the opportunity to explore areas you may have never visited before or knew existed. I really enjoy road trips.... it conjures up old memories with friends & family in the car and playing "Punch Buggy No PunchBacks!" Do you remember this car game?

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Another reason why I love driving is being in control. Hence the term being in the "driver's seat." Having control of a car is an empowering feeling. The joys and comfort of steering through hairpin turns on the road and listening to your favourite tunes on the radio is just one of them. One of my favourite times to drive is by backseat noise or someone directing me to turn this way or that way. I'm able to be at peace, enjoying the car windows open, a nice breeze, and feeling relaxed until I reach my destination. It can't be more relaxing and liberating than that! Thanks to the folks at Schick, they have a cool contest & opportunity to drive free for a year! Another cool reason to drive!?!

Enter this cool contest! The Schick Drive Free Contest. Purchase any specially marked Schick product ( look for a yellow Drive Free for a Year sticker ) & register for the contest online or on your smartphone at Two ways to enter. Schick will also be doing weekly giveaways from Twitter @freeyourskinCA  throughout the duration of the contest until September 2015.

1- With purchase. Once you've registered, enter your unique PIN code. You could WIN instantly! Also every entry automatically enters you for a chance to Drive Free for a Year.

Look for the specially marked Schick products with Yellow Drive Free for a Year sticker.

2 - Without a purchase: Write a 50 word essay on "Why Schick" is your favourite brand and mail it to: Schick Drive Free for a Year Grand Prize Draw & Instant Win Promotion (Request for No Purchase unique PIN number), Dept 3112, Box 9500 Lakeshore West PO, Oakville ON L6K 0G4. You'll receive a unique code and you could visit for your chance to WIN instantly!

Over 2,450 instant prizes that include GPS systems, pre-paid gas cards and sunglasses! The Grand Prize winner will have Schick pay your gas, insurance & depreciation for a year! Good Luck everyone! 

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Disclaimer: This post was created in partnership with Schick and I received compensation for this post. All opinions are expressed are my own.

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