Prodigy game makes math enjoyable!

Prodigy Home Screen

Do you love math? I was never good at math growing up. I remember going up to the chalkboard in front of the whole class to fumble the chalk and cry when I had to solve a simple math question. It was an embarrassing and nerve racking moment back in my youth.

Today with the abundance of technology such as mobile devices and tablets and ipads, kids can learn in an environment outside of the classroom and in the comfort of their own home.

 I had the opportunity over my family visits to watch my nephews and nieces play a lot of video games. To incorporate math learning, my nephew Jairen's Grade 4 class uses "Prodigy Game." It allows Jairen to play the game at school and at home. Jairen would play Prodigy Game on his ipad with his younger sister and brother too! Not only do they get the benefit of learning math, they also build social skills through in-game interactions with classmates and siblings who also play the game. As a parent you are able to track and review reports that show your child's progress and where they need help. It's all free too! It's a great way to use video games and learning math together. Don't you wish we had this when we were kids?

I asked my nephew Jairen what he likes most about the Prodigy Game? In his own words he said, "It's a math game and it's challenging. It's fun when I battle my friends." Being allowed to play video games and learn was something I didn't have growing up. With the advancement of technology,  kids are now empowered to take their math education in their own hands and it makes it easier  to learn anywhere, anytime.

Prodigy Game Home Screen graphics on ipad
As a cofounder of a large/tech meetup community in Toronto, one of the great things I love about Prodigy Game is that it was created by two Burlington natives, and has become one of the top ten start-ups in Canada. It's great to support local talent and see it grow. If you or any one you know is interested in starting a career in the tech world, check out their job openings here JOB OPENING
They're looking to add more developers and designers to the team, and its a great team to be a part of. Not to mention you'll be helping make a big impact in math education around the world.

Prodigy learning from home.
For more information on Prodigy Math Game visit: prodigygame.com
Twitter: @prodigygame

This post was sponsored by Prodigy in a partnership with Joallore A. to provide you the most up to date facts, helping you make informed decisions. All opinions in this article are my own.


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