Dentyne ICE baby!

If you follow me on Twitter than you know I talk a lot about #ICE. #ICE stands for Interact, Communicate and Engage on Twitter because it makes it more fun to use. It only made sense for me to talk about Dentyne ICE and their new promotion that ends December 15 because of the obvious word correlation and well it's a fun promotion.

So what is the promotion by Dentyne? Dentyne is offering a spur of the moment trip to Las Vegas for you and three friends. All you need to do is grab a pack of Dentyne gum and bring it to life at Only one trip is open for boarding at a time, so keep checking in before December 15, 2010 for the next departure. If you do miss your boarding call, don't worry! There are lots of chances to win. Follow @dentynecanada #dentynepar on Twitter and visit for more information.

As you all know, I just recently visited Las Vegas and was fortunate to experience the sights and sounds of Nevada. I'm hoping if one of you win you can extend the invite to myself. I know it's wishful thinking but what do I have to lose. So go out and get some Dentyne #ICE and get "Packed and Ready". Good luck to all of you :-)