What are your Pet Peeves during the holidays?

December always seems to be a time of stress with all the holiday parties and family get-togethers and the rush to get things done before the end of the year. Here's a quick post of various "Pet peeves" from my Twitter friends. So funny and so true!

@ekochman The fact that as soon as Thanksgiving is over, all the radio stations insist on playing Christmas music all day.

@Amanda_Fraioli Getting 75 different boxes of Panettone that last until Easter.

@portu_gal shoppers who stop full force in front of street front store doors and on escalators and i realllly love when they glare at you when you end up slamming into them

@jgrdnr when someone gives you a lame secret Santa present (recently happened to me)

@SteffieEhm At anytime of year...people being rude to their grocery store cashier. A smile and a thank you go such a long way.

@clickflickca buying a gift before Christmas and find the same item after Boxing Day for half the price but no price match.

@briguy100 not being able to afford what people want for xmas!

@gwenstyles outlet and warehouse sales being so inaccessible to those without cars.

@sadiethefoodie People who leave their Christmas decorations up wellllll into March/April

@wellthatsdumb hearing the same 6 songs regardless of what store you shop in.

@jennelizhicks not a fan of the secret santa!

@Entripy My #petpeeve during the holiday season is crazy the parking lots...everywhere!

@nympsam I think it's the competitionish feeling about getting gifts that's my #PetPeeve. We put so much emphasis on it. Chill out ppl!

@mads_kassinger people bringing their 4 seat strollers w/no kids into stores when they're packed and running over people. Why.. Just why.

@TheRounder When Santa doesn't eat all the cookies I put out! Rude! LOL!

@jdojc when people start them too early. Like the first week in November

@KBTaylor Slow walkers on busy shopping days - seriously people, keep to the right if you plan on a leisurely stroll.

@Nancyjt My #Petpeeve: how crowded every place gets and how people forget about politeness and consideration.

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