Does Technology have anything to do with this?

Watching all the news reports online and on television, it seems alarming all the talk is about the recession. Analyst state that this recession is deep and will continue through 2009. If the average Joe hears this info then they would act accordingly right. Save a bit more than normal. If analyst stated that the economy was robust and improving and people are spending, then we would act that way too. Unfortunately media/internet have a way to influence our decisions makings. The phrase of the year seems to be "Stimulas Package". This was one of the reasons I created this blog. This was to compliment my website which is still "Under Construction". In the event of any layoffs from my full-time job I had a secondary option to generate income. I'm not generating any income from my blog and is not my intention, but my actual site will hopefully generate some sort of monetary income for me. So stay tuned. Here's a depressing look at the state of the economy in the image above right now!

The green line is our current recession. Yikes!

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