It's Christmas Eve.

Here in Toronto, it is raining this evening, but it has also snowed in previous days. The weather here is not so much a white christmas but more of a big grey slush. This is also a time in which many are travelling to visit family and friends from close distances to far. Today is also one of the busiest travel days in the world so the airports are busy hubs tonight. It would be nice to travel somewhere hot with Palm trees, but one can dream for now. Here's another link to help make the right choices in travelling. Ever wanted to pick the right seat on an aircraft or learn the special privileges you can get on certain airliners.
Check this link: SEATGURU

Merry Christmas to all!


I'm craving food....

If you are ever interested in a unique dining experience that is out of this world then try this place. This company has a unique dining experience in which you are served dinner in the sky. It has only been used during the summer months but they plan to have heated seating and also overhead heating for an exclusive dining experience in the winter as well. This has been located in the Yonge and Dundas Square in Toronto but they are located all over the world. Here's the link:
Dinner in the Sky


Share your Itunes Library !

Check this link out Deusty

This allows you to share your music on Itunes with others.
This was voted as one of the best Mac downloads of 2008.


Free TV.

Tonight in Toronto the Raptors game is not being televised on local tv due to problems with TSN and Rogers. Which basically leaves the regular paying fans no way to watch the game unless you are at a bar or have BELL. To everyone's dismay you can get away with this if you don't mind a slight 5 sec. delay and sometimes the games are broadcast in a different language. The good thing about this site is that you can catch any game around the world and I think it works for televisions shows as well.
You can watch shows in Europe,China the states and the list goes on. Check it out at Free tv . You need to download a software.There is no cost for this, it's all FREE.


Speed dial the Iphone way

Here's how you do it:

Go to your Safari browser
In your URL area enter in the phone # of the person you want to add to
speed dial and the following description

Example: then hit GO

Then it will ask you if you want to Call or Cancel, so hit Cancel

Then hit the + sign on the bottom of your screen

Then hit Add to Home Screen, then you can label it, then hit ADD

This will add a speed dial to your home screen


Go Elf yourself....

Since Christmas is just around the corner, here's your chance to get into the spirit. Share you link with others and maybe help Santa spread the JOY!

Who's needs Amazon or Chapter's?

A fellow co-worker had sent me a link that contains various links to magazines in pdf format. Take a look at this link If you search you will find Adobe Photoshop magazine as well as Macworld for all you Mac freaks.

Happy Reading!