The Campaign to End Junkface.

There is a disturbing epidemic concerning hygiene ethics happening in Canada Right now. First of all, have you ever encountered the word Junkface? Let's make this simple…it's when you use the same bar of soap to wash your man parts, package, below the belt, junk whatever you like to call it and use it to clean your face too (you get the picture!?) According to an Ipsos Reid Survey with 1,400 respondents; 72% of canadian guys have…. Junkface!!

Why is it gross to have Junkface, you ask? Washing your junk area and your face with the same bar of soap just leads to cross contamination…(just use your imagination!!) Does your girlfriend, wife or partner know of this Junkface problem? They would definitely be grossed out! Only 38% of Canadian women would consider not marrying a guy with Junkface let alone kiss one. I want to help bring awareness to this stigma and end Junkface for your sake. Stop using a single soap bar to clean yourself. Man up! Start using a face wash like Neutrogena® MEN® Face Wash.

Thanks to Neutrogena® MEN®, they've given me the opportunity to help one of you end Junkface. Enter the contest for FREE to WIN a #StopJunkface Kit that includes Neutrogena® MEN® Face Wash. Good Luck! For more info: #Stopjunkface

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