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100,000 tweets and keep on clicking..

I've been on Twitter for more than 2 years and originally used the tool because I was curious and also afraid I would lose my job at a communications company due to the economy at the time. I thought Twitter would be the best means to facilitate networking and job opportunities in my field. Fortunately I'm happy to be employed and have found that Twitter has become more than just a tool. It has become a Swiss Army tool for me. It has done more than I can imagine. From a free trip to San Francisco to the use of a free car and numerous events/gifts and most importantly being able to interact, communicate and engage with you. To you reading this post and following my tweets I "Thank You" sincerely.

For those that know me or have met me in person, I try to set an example of being someone that is a positive member to the community especially online. We all have our faults but trying to overcome them is the challenge. Having you all follow my "day to day" adventures is an outlet to share and learn from our experiences both bad and good. It cultivates conversation and instigates dialogue and just being social. I've learned a lot from many of you that I follow on Twitter. I am thankful for that.

To those that I have met IRL (In real life) at events and tweetups this is the true benefit of Twitter. The friendships and relationships I have gained are truly rewarding. To those that I have not met yet, I continue to enjoy the tweets and our exchanges online. Twitter is a tool that allows for freedom of expression. I respect everyone even if I agree or disagree with tweet(s). I continue to learn and evolve with all of you! It has truly been an experience and I look forward to more tweets! Maybe 100,000 more :-)


The Body Shop for Men. Father's Day gift Ideas

Disclosure: I have been given the opportunity to try out some Body Shop product for Men.

At first thought, I did not know that Body Shop had Men's products for sale in store. I always thought of Body Shop as the great smelling store your mother or girlfriend would spend hours in shopping. The last time I went into a Body Shop was probably to buy their popular gift baskets for those last minute birthdays or celebrations.

It is great timing to try the Men's Body Shop line because I'm in the midst of trying different products but at a reasonable and affordable price. I'm the type of guy that will use Edge shaving cream for $2.99 or to the other extreme in price value of Kiehl's or Anthony for Men for about $20.00 a product.

The products I'm testing are Maca Root Deodorant, Maca Root Eye Serum and Maca Root Shave Cream. Maca Root from my understanding is like a creatine that helps boost skin vitality and firmness. More details on Maca Root can be found at

I like the deodorant because it's actually smells good and is very similar to the Old Spice products. If you want a unique smell from all the other guys you might want to try the Maca Root Deodorant. Be different right? The cost of the Maca deodorant is $6.00

I'm still using the eye serum while writing this post. It suppose to help tired eyes which I definitely have over this past week with so many events and late night parties. I like this product because I never knew this type of product existed for men. I don't know to many men that use it either but i'm using it now. I can use all the help I need. It's an antioxidant and I'm sure this product will get rid of my bags under my eyes(in progress). If you seem at events, let me know if I got bags under my eyes. I hope Maca Root eye serum will help me. :-)

This is Edge Gillette shaving cream. Messy and foamy if you like that type of shaving cream.

This is Maca Root shaving cream. Not messy and not foamy. Better lather on the skin. IMHO.

My favourite item is probably the shaving cream. I'm not a fan of the whippy and messy shaving cream that are available at the cheaper price points. Waking up in the morning and having to shave should be a quick clean and simple process. I like how it lathers with just a small amount in hand. It does not get all messy and it truly makes for a better shave with razor. It coats your skin with a thin layer so you can see which areas you need to hit unlike foamy shaving creams. The Maca Root shaving cream is very similar to "Anthony for Men" but at half the price. I would recommend using this product for sure. Best value for $10.00 a bottle.

As Father's Day approaches and you need that last minute gift hopefully this gives you some ideas. It's a gift that will definitely be used for awhile. To purchase and get more info on the products check out
Follow them on Twitter at @Thebodyshopca