AppsFire for the Iphone

This is a new application that is in "Beta". It should be interesting to note if this will become popular. It will enable you to share your apps that are downloaded on one Iphone to another users Iphone to share.


Twitter Etiquette

As I continue to use Twitter, I'm continually changing the way I use this internet tool. When I first began to use Twitter I used it similarly to Facebook updates. Now it has evolved to interesting tidbits or links of information. Unfortunately there are many etiquette faux pas that I probably should correct as I continually to learn how to use Twitter. I don't confess to making these mistakes on Twitter but no one is perfect and I'm sure we all done it once or twice.

Here are some quick examples of proper Etiquette on Twitter when leaving a message/Tweet(Source:

1-Obscenities-The use of bad words. Freedom of Speech is great on Twitter but you will lose followers if you continue to use foul language.

2-Tweeting to Frequently-Too much Tweeting will result in followers also Unfollowing you.

3-Tweeting about your job-Don't do it! You can get fired for releasing confidential information about your company.

4-Using CAPS LOCK- WHEN SPEAKING IT CAPS MEANS YOU ARE YELLING something. Use sparingly for emphasis only.

These are just a few of the etiquette's that should be followed when using Twitter. Please view the site mentioned above for a more detailed listings. Remember to tweet with responsibility! Happy Tweeting everyone. You can follow me at @clickflickca.


Networking Tips

I'm organizing an event with a bunch of friends tomorrow. You can RSVP here on this site or at TweetnGreetThis info might be able to help you in your career journey.

12 Dos And Don'ts Of Successful Networking
Networking is easy and fun! Just bear in mind the following tips to make the most of your networking sessions:


DO Adopt The Right Attitude About Networking
It is about meeting people and finding out how you can help them or they can help you. It is NOT just about how you alone can benefit.

DO Your Homework
Prepare ahead by asking yourself: who do you want to meet and what you would like to achieve from the networking event?

DO Listen And Learn
Many people love to talk about what they do, so take the opportunity to listen and learn. You might just find out how you can work together with them.

DO Think Before You Speak
Present your thoughts and ideas clearly.

DO Follow Up
Make the effort to follow up promptly after meeting the person you want to get to know. Drop him a note or an email within the same day, if possible, to make a first impression that lasts.

DO Show Gratitude
Thank the person who gave you a referral. A little gesture goes a long way.

DON'T Choose A Networking Group By Its Size
It is not the quantity, but the quality of contacts that the group can offer you.

DON'T Dish Out Your Business Card To People Before A Conversation Occurs
Get to know them first, and vice versa, before giving them your card.

DON'T Offer Unsolicited Opinions
Before you know the other party’s opinions, stay within neutral territory with yours, so as not to put yourself in a potentially awkward situation.

DON'T Be Shy
Don't turn aside compliments – that insults the giver. Acknowledge the person by saying "Thank you".

DON'T Expect Instant Results From Your Contacts
Be patient. It usually takes a while before people are comfortable enough to offer you a referral.

DON'T Ask For More Than What People Can Give
People generally avoid takers.


Google Chrome

Yesterday, Google announced that they will be introducing their own OS. It will be called the Google Chrome OS. This will easily add a new competitor against Microsoft and Apple. Google mentioned some of the features of the OS

•Open Source and therefore will be free

•Google is partnering with Adobe, HP, Qualcomm and Texas Instruments

• 80% of the OS will deal with Google Applications

It looks like Google is slowing making the whole web integration a much easier way to use which will make this popular.
I'm a diehard apple fan but have been thoroughly impressed with Google so far. Maybe we can see a joint venture with Apple and Google in the future? right now I think this will affect Microsoft the most. It will be interesting to see how they react.

On a side note, with the recent passing of Michael Jackson he has broken so many records. He has the #1 album of all time.
He has been on the number 1 charts for 37 straight weeks which is a record. Now he can add $1 million downloads from the internet in one week. No other artist has been able to do this in this interenet age.


MJ Tribute in Toronto

Just wanted to say, Happy 4th of July to all my friends in the USA. Now in keeping with the theme of Michael Jackson
I had to post some videos that shows how much love there is for MJ. This was an event created by MANIFESTO in basically 1 day of viral advertising on the news and internet such as Twitter. Approximately 5,000 plus withstood for several hours listening and dancing to Michael tunes. I can't wait to view the live special of MJ's Tribute at the Staples Centre in LA. That should prove to be an interesting time for the internet during that time. I must admit Torontonians are a very friendly bunch at least this evening they came together young and old.


Air New Zealand Funny video

Here is a funny video on Air New Zealand Airlines. They have created a passenger safety video in which the flight staff are all painted in their uniforms. It's a unique way to make a presentation that's for sure. The video has gone viral on the internet.