Mike Bullard interview on NewsTalk1010

This afternoon I had the opportunity to talk about politics and Twitter. I was interviewed by Mike Bullard who is a radio personality here in Toronto for NewsTalk1010 radio and we briefly chatted about Politicians using Twitter. Is it a good or bad thing. What do you think?

Mike Bullard interview on @CFRB1010 by clickflick

You can follow more radio news talk here at Newstalkradio or here Newstalk1010

By the way congrats to CFRB on getting 4,000 followers :-)

Do you like being listed?

This was nice to see. #1 on Hashable website for Canada.

I've been #1 on Wefollow and don't see the credibility to this. This site does not update in my opinion.

This is not a post to brag about being #1 on a website. I just wanted to highlight that so many of us using Social Networking tools such as Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin get carried away with followers, likes etc. I think the important thing to remember when using these online tools is about the relationships and conversations. It's about being transparent and true to yourself. The best person to me at this moment is exemplified by Gary Vaynerchuk or better known as @GaryVee He must be one of the busiest guys in the circuit of Social Media with speaking engagements, wine videos and selling books. But he still finds time to converse or dialogue with his fans. This is how you use Social Media by engaging with your audience.

The above pics are for Hashable and Wefollow It's nice to be recognized by websites but sometimes the validity can be misinterpreted. I'm not one about followers or accolades sure it's nice but truly engaging is more fun too me. Whatever comes of the engagement is just icing on top! Do you believe in Klout, Leaderboards etc.? What ever happen to just having real clout?


Love Songs

I thought I would create a crowdsourced Playlist from my Twitter friends. I asked them to select a "Love" song and here is the list. Enjoy! Quite the variety of choice.

@ree_i "Always" - Bon Jovi

@AmberTraffic These Arms of Mine -Otis Redding
At Last- Etta James
The Very Thought of You- Everyone
The Air That I Breathe- Hollies

@partymomma stay with you-John Legend

@Jaypishere forget you Cee-Lo
with you - chris brown

@scrcrider two less lonely people in the world by Air Supply

@kellyldewolf My song is Living on a Prayer Bon Jovi

@dezignated what's love got to do with it?! Tina Turner

@NicoleRashotte Hold You In My Arms - Ray LaMontagne

@Shawworldwide That's my kinda love song.. Tu Pac - how do you want it.

@mads_kassinger No Air Jordin Sparks

@ThatRachelH My favourite love song? "Simple", from k.d.lang's Hymns of the 49th Parallel.

@vsalus "Moonlight Mile" by the Rolling Stones

@lorettalouise Money is my bitch - Nas ... does that make me bitter
Kidding! Stolen - Dashboard Confessional (feat. Juli) is my fave

@jurego "Breathe" by Angels and Airwaves

@chieflemonhead Lucky by Jason Mraz

The Sewing Studio Panty Party

From The Sewing Studio:

Get frisky while you learn how to sew! Make your very own pair of undies in this 3-hour workshop from 9 a.m. to noon on February 20th, held at our Toronto location AND our New York City location. We'll teach you sewing basics while you complete a pair of hot panties or comfy boxer shorts from start to finish that you get to take home. All supplies are included, and The Sewing Studio's Panty Party is co-ed, so bring on the boys! (We've always known that TSS is the best place to meet girls!) Spaces are limited, so grab your spot and invite your friends. Let's get our craft on! Yay, panties!! Follow us on Twitter at @TheSewingStudio Hashtag is #TSSparty and visit us at http://www.LoveSewingToronto.com

I will also be giving away a pair of tickets to the Premiere of GSP of UFC movie StrikingTruth to a lucky person attending the Panty party. Panties, boxers and GSP. We will also be giving away 50% off hairstyles to Evoke Salon for all attendees to the Toronto location. It should be a fun and unique experience for all. Both men and women are welcomed. Purchase tickets below.

For Toronto event tickets. Click here

For New York event tickets. Click here


The Striking Truth with GSP of the UFC

So what's the Big Deal about this movie? It's a movie that follows two fighters Georges St-Pierre and dynamic MMA fighter David "The Crow" Loiseau over the past four years. The film juxtaposes their two careers with GSP's rise in the UFC and Loiseau personal challenges. It's a behind the scenes look into both their worlds and how they become figures in the sport of Mixed Martial Arts. Here's a quick video snippet of what to expect.

If you would like more info on the movie you can also visit Facebook
Buy tickets you can visit Buy Tickets

Now this movie is being released in Toronto on February 25, 2011 at The Sony Centre for the Performing Arts at 9pm and will sell out. I'm going to invite 4 lucky people to join me. Did I mention that GSP will also be there?

I will randomly select 4 people by using random.org all you have to do is the following:

To win send me a tweet at @clickflickca: I want to see The Striking Truth and GSP #TSTTO #ICE

That's it, I will favourite every tweet and that enters you into the random draw. I'll will draw a ticket tomorrow at 5pmET This draw is only for Toronto GTA residents. Thanks and hope to see you there!


Dentyne Fire or Ice ?

Do you like to "kiss" in private or public? That's the question Dentyne would like to have you answer. A recent survey by Dentyne states that 77% of Canadians like to kiss in public. It's seems to be the debate just prior to this Valentine's. I'm a private person and would rather "Kiss" in a more private setting. Public display of affection may work for some but most times it's just not right, in my honest opinion. I think the best way to think of a "Kiss" is to "Keep It Simple Stupid" wherever you kiss :-)

On that note, Dentyne has created a Facebook page Dentyne Facebook which allows you to send a complimentary pack of gum to your loved ones. Do it before they run out.

I'll be giving away some gum to some of my followers and readers. I want you to tweet the weirdest location you have kissed your partner and you'll receive a pack of FIRE or ICE gum courtesy of DentyneKissingDebate Use #DentyneKissingDebate in tag.

Now go ahead and Kiss or Tweet. To any of you that follow me on Twitter my favourite gum is Dentyne #ICE and I'm sure you know why :-)

Here's some tips on How to Kiss!


Want to go for a coffee or beer? Hashable can help!

Social media apps such as Facebook and Twitter have made "meeting" new friends, business contacts so much easier. It's great to post connections via a Facebook wall post or a tweet but "Hashable" which is a App simplifies all of these connections. Hashable makes connecting so much easier. It's basically in a nutshell a way to track your interactions and connections via the website or the Iphone App. In consolidates all your connections from Twitter, email and phone.

Using the iphone app (Free in Itunes App store) you will be greeted with a simple interface with 3 different ways "Connect" 1. Introduction 2. Just Met Someone New 3. Connecting via an activity such as beer or coffee.

Let's say I was at a business conference or meeting and just met someone new. I just have to click "Just Met" enter their email or Twitter handle and "Voila" they automatically get dropped into my address book which can be synchronized with all your social network connections.

One of the features i like about the Hashable App is the ability to see your own connections and others in a streamline view via the web or the Iphone App. It gives me an ideal of who is connecting. This gives me an ideal of possible lead contacts or who might have similar interest to me. The integration with Twitter is the most attractive thing to me because I'm a heavy user of Twitter. Using various hashtags to connect via Hashable makes it seamless. The funny drawback is you might see that one person who goes for #beers every other day :-) on your streamline. Joking aside this App has made me more aware of my connections and encourages me to meet more people.

On a final note, Hashable has other features such as "Hash Credits" which gives you a point system for your connections. I like this idea because it's like "Gamification" which is very popular at the moment in Social Networks. By the way you can use Hashable with Foursquare shout outs too! I also like that Hashable sends you an email every several weeks to update your connections you've made. If you are a consumate connector this is one App you should start using. For more details on Hashable you can visit their site here Hashable

As an update, I just realized I'm 1st in Canada on the Hashable Leaderboard as of Feb. 10, 2011. It's been fun connecting with all of you :-)


Evoke Salon Contest for a Free Couples Hairstyle

It's February 1st and it's dreaded and grey outside here in Toronto. I want to spruce it up with a simple contest. I want to giveaway a free hairstyle/haircut to a couple lucky readers to be selected this Friday just in time for Valentines. Send me a tweet at @Clickflickca telling me why you should receive a style from @EvokeSalon Add the hashtag #Evoke to the end of the tag or leave a comment at the end of this post. The most creative tweet or comment will win. This contest is only eligible for Toronto residents.

Visit Evoke Salon at Yonge and Eglinton. Thanks and Good Luck!