Are you going to OysterFest?

I was recently invited by Environment Defence for an Oyster 101 learning session. Environment Defence is an organization that inspires change in government to ensure a greener, healthier and prosperous life for all. The Oyster 101 event was hosted at Rodney's Oyster House in Toronto.

The event began with a showcase of various types of oyster pairings with wine and sake instructed by Oyster shucker extraordinaire Eamon Clark @ROHShucker I definitely have a better appreciation for oysters after this session. The Kumamoto and Kusshi oysters are my favourites. I encourage you to visit them to get a better understanding of the different types of oysters. They're pretty friendly and family owned so you get that personalized feel of customer service at Rodney's Oyster House.

Salmon jerky. This was amazing.

Meaty lobster roll.

Learned to appreciate oysters without any sauce or mignonette sauce.

The friendly staff at Rodney's Oyster House teaching us about oysters.

The Annual Oyster Festival now in it's 25th year is coming July 21st. The proceeds for this event will be going to benefit Environmental Defence. For a good shuckin time eating oysters and enjoying some live music check out the details here:

When: Sunday July 21st. Gates open at 2pm

Where: Rodney's Oyster House alley at 49 King Street West

Cost: $35 a person. Includes 2 drinks and a plate of oysters or Coq au Vin. You can buy tickets at the gate or by calling 416-363-8105 ext. 0

Why: To crown the best Ontario Shucker and to raise funds for Environmental Defense.

Amazing food experience at Nobu Malibu.

Photo source:

This year I enjoyed my best food experience ever at Nobu Malibu in Los Angeles. This restaurant is the epitome of great service and the art of food. Don't get me wrong, the food was simply amazing but the experience from our food host to the explanation of the dishes and pairings was amazing. Nobu Malibu recently moved to a new location and it's exquisitely located on the edge of the Pacific ocean. I ordered the Omakase menu offering which is basically the Chef's choice. I was lucky to experience chef Matsuhisa's cuisine.

Sashimi wih Jalapeno pepper.

Tuna with caviar yama momo Japanese berry.

Napa Valley Cabernet for the Wagyu beef to come. Not part of Omakase menu.

Japanese Wagyu beef. This was amazing!

Black cod in miso. So fresh and juicy.

Assortment of desserts. The dessert in cup was amazing.

Overall, if you ever end up in Malibu it's the spot for celebrity sightings and great vista. The ambience and staff at Nobu compliment the whole dining experience. For more info: Nobu Malibu


Brooklyn Smorgasburg is a food market heaven.

I recently re-visited the Smorgasburg in Willamsburg, Brooklyn. It's located across the river from New York. It's my second time visiting this food fair. Admission is FREE and numerous food vendors are selling food items at reasonable prices. Lowest price: $2 drinks-Highest price: $16 lobster rolls. I enjoy visiting this market because of all the different cultural foods that are available.

One major change from last year, the location has moved 10 metres next door to an even larger area by the water. I noticed more vendors this year compared to last year. It seems to be getting bigger every year. Keep in mind that an even larger open space is adjacent to the current location. I highly recommend you visit Williamsburg and many other food markets in the NYC area. The DUMBO and Seaport food markets are on my bucket list next time. Don't stick to the obvious tourist destinations and explore some of the more obscure locations the city has to offer. I'm not going to keep on talking here and rather show you the visuals of some of the food and vendors at the market.

Chicharon is pork rinds, popular in filipino culture.

Most of the food pricing was on average $5-$7. Highest was lobster roll at $16

This is Bolivian food. It's called Saltenas. It's pastry encased in juicy stew. Similar to empanadas. Served with cheese and hot sauces. $6.00 each.

I wanted to try this but did not get a chance because I had the Bolivian Rose Petal Lemonade Soda pictured below. That was a treat!

I love the simplicity and chicness of this Indian treat.

The last 4 photos are from Bon Anchovies-Bon Jovi play on words. I tried the deep fried anchovies with dipping sauce and enjoyed it. Not the biggest fan but it was good. I think the two seafood sandwiches would have been a better choice.

It was nice to see another Filipino booth " Lumpia Shack" representing. They specialize in "Lumpia" basically a spring roll. They had different variation made fresh on the spot. It was tasty and a different take on a traditional filipino food.

This is a Persian Fusion dish? Chips with Persian yogurt and Iranian Shallots with bacon. This was very savoury. $4 bucks

This was a unique and created the most attention. It's like sticky rice in a sugar cane. Creative presentation and tasty.

It's wings from Buffalo in NYC. Nothing better than traditional Anchor Bar style wings.

I thought the "People"s Pop" was the best simple but effective vendor on the sunny, humid day at the food fair.

I hope you enjoyed my quick and rough review of my recent visit to NYC Food Market.
For more info, check the website for details: Brooklyn Flea


New York Celebrates Biggest Social Media Day Party

What a party! I recently attended the Social Media Day party in the trendy Meat Packing District held at Milk Studios. This event was hosted by Mashable, VICE and Milk Studios. This was an event collaboration amongst 3 big companies that are very heavy in the Social Media spectrum.

Anticipation grew as the doors were about to be opened. The crowd was a mix of industry and groovy looking people. It felt like a big lineup for a concert.

As soon as you enter you're whisked away into a very large elevator into an open space area full of fun loving peeps. Everyone is tweeting, vining, drinking and enjoying the company of social media enthusiasts and fashionable new yorkers.

I want to give the organizers and Jennifer Diamond @Nifer of Mashable credit for actually making the event a socially engaging event. Let me explain, In Toronto the tendency I find is more of a "Networking" style of event at a bar with some giveaways and that's it. Don't get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with this type of event but NYC seems to have the upper hand when it comes to creativity.

With multiple sponsors such as Home Depot( #HDhacks ), they created an element beyond the event. They created a hackathon for the Mashable interns. It was a challenge that was showcased at the event. Mashable interns had to create or make something awesome from everyday household items. For example one of the interns created an instagram filtered mirror which was cool.

This is a cool activity they had that was socially engaging and made it interactive and easy to meet other people at the party. Object of the game is to not be the person to let the balls fall down.

I'm sure you've heard of 'Beer Pong' well the folks at Mashable and Home Depot created Bucket pong.

During the evening they showcased the GIG-IT virtual concert with Kendrick Lamar. Other sponsors such as SWOON had a kissing booth station that took photos. They also had a lounge with snow cones and pretzel to relax and enjoy conversation. They even had a dance floor to dance the night away. Did i mention it was open bar all night?

Overall it was a great night to meet many new New York friends. I had a great conversation with some PR and Social Media minded peeps and even met Adam Ostrow @adamostrow Chief Strategy Officer at Mashable. I did not get to meet Pete Cashmore but aware of his presence; maybe next time. Overall as a visitor from Toronto Canada, I was very impressed with the party and event. Let's hope we can bring this level of excitement to Toronto! Toronto's Social Media community deserves this type of celebration!

Photos from Social Media Day in New York courtesy of Mashable: SMDAY


Cap a Day

I want to wish all Canadians a "Happy Canada Day." In the month of July, I will be posting a different cap from my own collection of hats for each and everyday. I like to collect caps of teams I enjoy such as the Blue Jays, Raptors and Los Angeles Lakers to name a few. I also like to collect unique and hard to find caps. I will be showcasing brands from New ERA, Lids, NIKE and Mitchell & Ness. To follow along with my collection, please follow me on instagram at 'clickflick' or on this site. I hope you enjoy my collection of caps. #CAPaDAY If you are from any of the brands mentioned above and would like to participate let me know. This will be a fun and random showcase.

Photo:Day 1 is Toronto Blue Jays New ERA cap. SnapBack

Photo: Day 2 Brooklyn Nets New ERA cap. Fitted.

Photo: Day 3 Hall of Fame New ERA cap. Fitted.

Photo: Day 4 Yankees Gold stitched New ERA cap. Fitted.

Photo: Day 5 Illest Boutique SnapBack from San Diego.

Photo: Day 6 Lakers Official fitted Addidas NBA Draft cap

Photo: Day 7 Blue Jays Original Fitted NEW Era cap

Photo: Day 8 Star fitted NEW Era cap

Photo: Day 9 Illest Boutique Worldwide Grey Snap Back from San Francisco.

Photo: Day 10 Blue Jays Nike Limited Edition Staff cap

Photo: Day 11 Indians Official on-field fitted cap from NEW ERA.

Photo: Day 12 Cal Custom fitted New Era Cap.

Photo: Day 13 Paul Rodrigues Nike Fitted.

Photo: Day 14 Brixton snapback

Photo: Day 15 Laker Snapback Mitchell & Sons

Photo: Day 16 Twizzlers NEW Era fitted Cap

Photo: Day 17 LA Dodger white on black fitted NEW Era cap

Photo: Day 18 Black Mamba Nike Kobe snapback

Photo: Day 19 Official NBA fitted NEW Era Cap

Photo: Day 20 NBA Summer League Addidas Snapback cap

Photo: Day 21 Notes to Self Custom NEW Era fitted cap

Photo: Day 21 Bonus: CRSVR Hippoesthetic LV cap

Photo: Day 22 Lakers NEW Era straw cap fitted

Photo: Day 23 Gmail snapback from Google

Photo: Day 24 SWAG cap

Photo: Day 25 Fitted NEW Era Golden State cap.

Photo: Day 26 Justin Bieber Believe Tour Fitted Cap

Photo: Day 27 Real Sport Bar and Grill Custom NEW Era fitted.

Photo: Day 28 Callaway Golf fitted cap

Photo: Day 29 NEW Era fitted Cap

Photo: Day 30 Cooperstown Classic fitted cap

Photo: Day 31 Crossover Las Vegas Fame cap.

Thanks to everyone that followed and participated in #CAPaDAY for the month of July. I have many more caps to showcase but that will have to wait until next time. Cheers and thanks for following along! #CAPaDAY