Public Transit is the Way to Go!

Being a car owner and living in the city my frustration has been growing over the years. I don't think anyone is a fan of traffic or gridlock, not to mention, the cost of fuel and rising insurance premiums; make it more favourable to take public transit. Thankfully, Toronto is one of the most transit accessible cities in North America. The transit is made accessible and easy enough so that you can navigate your way throughout the city thanks to Metrolinx. Metrolinx is an agency under the Ontario government that was created to plan, build and deliver an integrated transportation network in the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Region. With the merging of Metrolinx and GO transit, GO buses and GO trains are capable of moving more people in a single day. Surely, this contributes to an easier and reliable way of commuting in and around the city. It is a dependable way to link people to the GTA and to the surrounding areas by delivering mobility solutions that are seamless in integration.

Metrolinx is making it very easy for individuals like me to forget about the car. It's basically another option. You can live downtown and travel outside of the GTA comfortably with an option such as Presto that is becoming more prevalent at TTC stations now. Transit has the accessibility and convenience which makes living downtown manageable. It helps alleviate the gridlock and frustration experienced living within the GTA. It's faster, reliable, and more convenient. It's exciting to explore outside of the city and see the urban sprawl. Some of the best-kept secrets are on the outskirts when it comes to food and dining. Expansion of public transportation by Metrolinx will help alleviate congestion and make us all move better! Exciting times are just around the corner quite literally!

TTC streetcar on Bathurst line.
Improvements and upgrades to our public transit systems with Metrolinx makes for the better way in my opinion. For example the TTC has one of the most simplified grid systems for travel and it's seeing improved growth. The new UP Express and Presto systems makes it even easier to travel beyond Toronto. I can get across the city much faster via transit than on our highways in rush hours. Buses and subways makes distracted driving much less of a factor and safer way to travel. Core subway stations have built in Free WiFi which is nice & comfortable addition. Living in the city has made me really change the way I think of how I use my car and transit. It's more economical for me to use public transit especially within the city than ever before. Having that peace of mind in travel is also important. Public transit is the way to go!

Disclosure: I received compensation for this post. However, all opinions expressed are 100% my own.