SXSWi Designica

Designica is an Art Management Software that would be used in an Art Dept or any type of design house. I'm not familiar with this software but if you visit the site at Designica you'll be able to find out more details. Designica is free during the beta period.



I really found this group interesting because it's using Social Media for Social good. I'll be the first to admit that prior to the use of Social Media Apps such as Twitter and Facebook I did not contribute as much as I do now. The internet has brought more awareness to the plights of others around the world and locally. I enjoy a site that rewards you for doing something good. I've just signed up and hope it lives up to expectation. It is available in Canada and Toronto so I'll start using it! By the way the guys that started this are originally from Calgary and Toronto. Kudos to them on a great site and idea!

Here's the link to the site

Here they are on Twitter TheDailyFeats



As you know I made a visit to Austin Texas last weekend and I got to see new and emerging technologies. It was exciting to showcase some new startups and emerging companies. This week I will try and feature a different company showcased at SXSWi. In this video we have the group from

It's interesting to see how Sports and Technology are merging. It's playing a bigger part in almost every sport. We usually see athletes of our beloved home teams using Twitter and Social Media but this application is taking it to the next level. Competition levels with professional and non-professional leagues have raised the stakes for everyone. looks like a great way to get the extra edge on your competition. Hudl can be used by coaching and game staff to breakdown and analysize game situations. Hoping someone from Canadian sports leagues might take an interest in the site. CFL or Canadian university football might be of interest. You listening Argos?

For more info you can follow them on Twitter @Hudl


I met Gary Vaynerchuk in his condo.

I had the opportunity to go to SXSW Interactive event in Austin Texas with the evoke salon crew which is a Hair Salon in Toronto with 2 locations. I was also representing as one of the 20 evangelist being sent to Austin. The highlight for my trip was the opportunity to meet many of the people I follow online via Twitter and also the new and old faces I met at the conference.

It's funny but the first person that I said "Hi" to was Gary Vaynerchuk on the street corner in Austin with my luggage still in tow. It was just a random coincidence to meet him on the street. One of my highlights later in the trip was being able to meet Guy Kawasaki and also Gary Vaynerchuk again. I've tweeted with Gary the odd time and he has really adopted the true interactions i believe are reflective in growing online relationships. Having the opportunity to hang with Gary in his condo and be able to film him in his bathroom is a unique and different experience. I was able to ask him questions with regards to Social Media and social networks. He is very smart with his knowledge but it was also interesting to see the mentality and business savvy that evoke salon has with regards to business and One on One relationships. Overall I had a great time with those around me during the this trip. I can't wait to do this all over again in 2012.

Just want to give thanks to Evoke Salon (Jason and Jon) and to the Hashable crew! Memorable trip.

Here's the video I recorded on behalf of Evoke Salon:

I thought this was great explanation of Twitter by Gary. "Treat Twitter like a cocktail party"


SXSWi and Hashable

@clickFLICKca goes to @SXSW from clickryan on Vimeo.

I'll be at the SXSWi event being held in Austin Texas. I'll be the only Canadian ambassador for Hashable which is a great app to track your relationships. If you would like more info on this App come say "Hi" to the Hashable crew at SXSW. You won't be able to miss all 20 of us there! Hashable

Here is an article on Hashable in Mashable :-) Top 20
So during my time in Austin, I hope to meet many new faces and to hash it up! :-)

Scion Canada and Family Day!

Just recently I had the chance to drive a vehicle from Scion Canada and Toyota. This opportunity arose when Scion Canada and myself had exchange "tweets" online. It was a unique way to experience the vehicle. Scion let me choose from various models such as the XD, XB and IQ and TC models. I chose the XD model because it was small and compact and perfect for driving in the city of Toronto.

This is the exact model I drove. The Scion XD:

Here are some more views of the Scion XD:

Overall, I found this vehicle to be the perfect ride for the downtown core. It's small and compact. It's a funny thing because a lot of my female friends seem to really like this car. The word "cute" seem to be popular when talking about this car.

I just want to "Thank" Scion and Toyota because the car was given to me for my use during a time that was most needed. It was the long weekend and Family Day. It enabled me to spend time with family and a chance to visit my grandmother who is in her 90s. You cannot put a value on that and I'm grateful for this unique chance. Scion has also granted me the opportunity to utilize this vehicle again if needed. Now that is what you call "Engagement" and smart marketing! So if you have any ideas to put a Scion into use, let me know. Maybe a roadtrip or a fun buzz around the town? You tell me.

If you need more info on the vehicles, check it out here: Scion and you can follow them on Twitter here: Sciondowntown


Raptors Social Media Night

It's the one and only Mark Cuban. Owner of Dallas Mavericks and Reality show superstar.

This past weekend I was invited to the 1st ever "Raptors Social Media" event. As you know I'm a fan of the Toronto Raptors and Social Media. To combine both interest was just an ultimate and unique experience for me. I find it interesting and smart that the Raptors organization has reached out to the fans using the Social Media channels. It's a level of engagement that is unprecedented within major sports organizations in Toronto. You will begin to see other teams follow suit. Open to anyone at a special discount via Social Networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook you had a chance to be invited to pre-game shootaround before the general public. This exclusivity brings value from a "Fans" perspective. We also received t-shirts from the @rtzfans who spearheaded this event in conjunction with the Toronto Raptors. If that wasn't enough we also got the opportunity to meet one of the players post game. In this case we met @Jerryd Bayless better know as the emerging young point guard for the Raptors. It was only fitting that he be the player selected for the postgame interview because he himself is an avid user of Social Media. He maintains his own blog and Twitter handle.

Shootaround. Practice makes perfect, right?

Here is Jerryd Bayless talking about playing in Toronto

Just want to Thank @RTZfans @Joelreilly @Nat77 @Bigthinkerjon @Raptors for making this all come together! Here's a quick look into the shootaround with Joel Reilly.

For more info on the night, check out RTZfans