Hello Everyone,

The Leafs in conjunction with Coke have a great promotion for the Coke Zero Fans First Game. They are giving away tickets to the 1st Pre-season game against the Ottawa Senators on September 21, 2010. You have an exclusive chance to WIN before they release to the general public via my site. It's never too early to talk hockey right? All you have to do is leave a recorded message to the right of this blog post on the Wag Cast for a chance to WIN (Click Red button). Most creative attention getting message will WIN a pair of Leafs tickets. Leave a message and Good Luck! A winner will be chosen by end of day!


And the Winner is.....

Earlier on Twitter today I ran a contest for a pair of tickets to the Bon Jovi concert(See previous post) being held at the Rogerscentre in Toronto. I've been lucky to have a bunch of tickets at my disposal. I had one last pair to giveaway and decided to be creative with the giveaway. I'm as social instigator and enjoy creating conversation via #ICE. ICE stands for Interaction, communication and engaging on Twitter. It makes it more fun. What better way to giveaway tickets than to have followers tweet the most creative/intriguing tweet that would get my attention. This contest was based on the fun aspect of winning tickets. Considering the 2 most creative tweets, I selected both @Nympsam and @Cellguru. I decided that the winner will be judged by Twitter people on the mentions/DMs and considerations of the two finalist. I decided to choose 4pm as a designated time to allow conversation to continue and to overall/count and see who was favoured in conversation and mentions during this time period. The early remarks were even but eventually lead in favour to @CellGuru. On that note I congratulate him on winning the tickets. That said, I want to "Thank" @Nympsam who've i followed and have enjoyed her tweets continuously. My condolences go out to the untimely death in her circle. It puts Life and things into perspective. This situation made it difficult because it was becoming a contest based on emotion for me. It is very difficult to separate emotion when i've personal experienced death in recent memory; this is hard when Twitter is based on this premise of evoking emotion. I had to focus on the initial understanding that this was a fun contest. On that note, there are no losers here. Based on @Cellguru 's tweets he will award myself and @Nympsam a prize pack from his company. I will also give @Nympsam a gift pack for her funny and laughable tweets too. My initial aim is to reward my followers and to engage my followers at my own expense literally. I will also openly invite @Cellguru and @Nympsam to drinks to continue the future of possible new friendships/networks with each other. This should be valued more over a ticket or a prize but the friendships we can share in this thing called "Life". Considering the tweets of both of them they are all genuine people. Thanks to everyone who tweeted and engaged in this unique social networking contest. During the contest it also became a Trending Topic which was interesting to point out as well as the attention it received. If you have any questions feel free to tweet or comment :-) Thanks guys!


Bon Jovi Ticket offer

Here's the details of the contest! The 5 W's

Who can win? Anyone who Retweets the #ICE tweet on Twitter: "Interact, Communicate and Engage on Twitter. It makes it more fun to use."

Where: The draw will be drawn by me from all the names in a hat. Simple and basic.

What: You will win a pair of tickets to Bon Jovi concert. Seating locations vary for each pair.

When: The draw will start at 8pmET for the concert on July 21st in Toronto.

Why: Why am I doing this? I'm doing this to give back to people I follow and to continue to use #ICE because it's fun! Hopefully new followers will learn and spread the word! It's makes Twitter fun too!

I made the purchase of tickets at a discount so these tickets cost me my own money. I hope you do not resell the tickets for profit. I would really like to use these tickets for those that are true fans. Why would I do this? Simple, Twitter has rewarded me more than the cost of these tickets so giving back is simple and easy decision. I'm not working for a company or PR firm. I'm just giving because that's how i roll! No hidden agendas here. Sharing is caring :-) Now Good Luck to all. Arrangement to pick up tickets can be discussed via email after!!