Freedom Fridays

Those of you that follow this blog, know that every Friday I will add a video that is somewhat Funny or weird. Today I posted a link from Youtube. The Toronto Metro Police are now posting videos to capture criminals hoping someone might have some info that can lead to an arrest. It's great to see our police force using every tool they can use. So much for Freedom Friday!

Don Tapscott and Social Media

Who is Don Tapscott? Don Tapscott is a business executive, consultant and speaker specializing in technology and business and society. He has written over 11 books including the top seller called "Wikinomics". Don Tapscott had made a presentation yesterday with a showing of a documentary/movie called "Us Now". It is about a movie in which the internet or social media can affect social change and how this can change the way we live. Here is a quick preview below:

You maybe wondering why I would venture to this event. The reason is quite simple. I think we are now in a phase in society where there will be change coming and we can already see it with the economy and the way governments are changing. Technology has made a big influence on this change. Don Tapscott is visionary in the way technology will influence us and our surroundings. What is happening around us in 2009, Don was already talking about it in 2007. So I knew he had the knowledge and forsight. In the movie he basically states how we as an internet nation can create change socially.
The internet is full of information and has basically become one big computer of information. For example, you can go to a doctor and ask for a recommendation on an ailment, but you can also ask the same question on the internet with hundreds of people responding. Would you trust the judgement of one doctor or the judgement of various people who may have experienced your ailment already? This is just an example of how powerful the internet has become. This leads to the question, Why do we need to re-elect government every 4 year in which those running for election pick the platforms they think are important to society. Why can't we just choose what is important via the internet and go with majority think is important? That sounds more like democracy right? Don showed examples of how the internet can create social change. He showed it through how these sites work: Couchsurfing This site allows people to use other registered users couches in other countries in a Ebay ratings style format. Interesting right? Or how about a bank that lends you money by the other users in the bank like this site: ZOPA These are just a few examples of how internet has been changing things around us. Before the internet was all about "HTML" which is presentation, how a website looks. Now the internet is all about "XML" which is computation. It's like mapping the whole world digitally now. Everything now is becoming digital. Your id card you use to swipe in to work has a chip with an IP address. Your cellphones can now geo-tag your location.
We are living a new era of change. This is why it was interesting to listen to Don Tapscott. He made a point that we are seeing live before our eyes on tv. President Obama is not only the first black president but he is the first president to embrace the internet. He has decided to make everything transparent for all to see through his platforms and decisions on the internet.So you can view on the internet where the money is being spent and leaves little room for mistakes by our politicians.
This will be an interesting time for all and can't wait to see what the future holds for all of us.


Are you organized?

Are you an organized person? You can tell a lot by the way your personal desktop or computer screen looks like. If you have your icons in a very linear way, it shows you are very organized and like to keep things in order. If by chance your desktop looks all messy it can show that you are a very busy person and needs some order in their life (LOL). There is no scientific evidence to this revelation but you may want to look at your desktop again and do some organization of the desktop. Are you neat or messy? I would like to think my desktop above looks pretty neat and organized.


3D movie glasses obsolete?


With all the Oscar buzz in the past couple of days, movies seem to be a hot topic. My Mac Genius from New Jersey "Mr. Currie" has suggested these new sunglasses that showcase your movies through your sunglasses provided by "MYVU". The experience through these glasses are almost just like being at the theatre. It has also been shown on CNN. If you visit the site above it showcases samples with the glasses on. This is only available in the States at the moment.

Mini Projector for your Iphone

Order it here

Here's a little neat gadget for iphone/PSP owners. It's basically a mini portable projector that can fit into your pocket.
This would come handy if you need to make an impromptu presentation at your next networking event or meeting.
It contains 1GB memory and microSD reader. It can play Mp4.mp3,avi,jpg and wmv. It has a resolution of 640x480.


Extend your phone battery.

If you find that your battery for your iphone or blackberry is getting drained very quickly , you may want to purchase one of these inexpensive units. I know there are many different types of rechargeable units out there and I have not had the chance to test others. I'm biased because I've already been using the Richard Solo battery. I placed an order online for a group order which made it cheaper by 15%. Here's a video on the iphone battery. They also have a new model for Iphone 3G and Blackberry. Shipment was quick and hassle free.

Here's the link RICHARDSOLO

Twitter is FULL right now.

Twitter is one of the mainstream applications that seems to be taking over the internet just like Facebook and Myspace. It will be overwhelming to see another big website go down temporarily like GMAIL, Facebook and now Twitter. Hopefully I can go back to Tweeting soon!

Gmail down.

Just this morning, the popular email service of Google known as "Gmail" was temporarily down. It was only down for a limited time but it made me wonder how vulnerable or self reliant we are to email and technology. Email is now one of the most popular forms of communication besides the phone. No more are the days we would actually write a letter and put a stamp and actually walk to the post office. Can you imagine life without email. Would we all be more productive and more fit as a nation? Most of our time is being spent sitting in front of the computer typing away. If we didn't have email, we would have to buy stamps and walk to the closest post office, mingle with your local neighbor on the way. Email has become very quick and to the point where even r grammar is short and misspelled, but at least u get to the point. Email has definitely made our lives easier, but it also has it's drawbacks. If we didn't have email at all; I would have not been able to send this email post. Life without email, just imagine.


Post-Oscar Party.....twittering...

Oscar Party Link

Did you watch the Oscar awards? As millions watched "Slumdog Millionaire" sweep the awards there were also millions online watching via internet or even their mobile phone. If you are on Twitter and follow Demi Moore (Twitter User) she did not attend the Oscar's but she did host her own big Oscar party. This a different perspective of the Oscar parties that happen that night. No "shoe cam" here. I wonder who was at this party....? This basically gives celebrities a different outlet to engage with their fans. It should be interesting on how this evolves in the future. Is this Twitter a fad or here to stay, especially with celebs?


Toddlers at work.

Charitable Mission

This year with the economy down and financial outlook looking glum. Charitable organizations suffer the most in time of need. My friend Aldous Silva owner of JuiceBox Creative will be going on a mission in 10 days to the Philippines and Cambodia in support of Crosslands Church. Aldous is an extrodinary photographer and visionary person, he was quoted " Only 10 more days before we head out to the Philippines and Cambodia to do our mission. I'm pretty excited. This is my chance to challenge myself and be the person I know I can be. Someone who makes an impact. Someone who leaves the world a better place. Someone who faces their fears and acts for others. That's me. Thank you for being part of it." If you can help support Aldous and his group, you can visit his Facebook group "Crosslands Philippines/Cambodia Mission 2009" for more information. Here are some sample photos from his last mission. Hopefully you can help this good cause by purchasing a calendar for only $5 or any monetary donation. Photos by: Aldous Silva

For more information/donations
please feel free to visit Crosslands Church

Freedom Fridays

Absolutely Hilarious Bathroom Mirror Prank - Watch more Funny Videos

It's another Freedom Friday. Hope you all enjoy your weekend.

T-Mobile Commercial Part 2

Yesterday I posted about the T-Mobile commercial and how creative and imaginative the use of advertising and technology was implemented in the process of creating this commercial. This commercial began a viral broadcast on the internet receiving more than 4,300,000 views on youtube alone. Here is a short clip on the "Behind the Scenes" creation of T-Mobile's "Life's for sharing" commercial. I'm sure there will be many more commercials that will adapt the use of social media and the use of internet and technology. It is already being adapted in music with the likes of Kanye West using a "Youtube" style of video footage in his music videos.


T-Mobile Commercial Part 1

Do you think they could ever pull this off at Union station ? This commercial for T-Mobile is an American and European phone carrier just like Bell or Rogers is for Canadians. Everytime I watch this commercial it peeks my interest because of the social media aspect in which they use 400 trained dancers,several hidden cameras and regular patrons using technology to take pictures of the event with their cell phone and camera phones. They filmed this commercial one early morning and in less than 24 hours launched the commercial. The commercial went viral on all internet video sites including youtube. It's a very catchy commercial, especially with the music and the very unassuming choreography that is popular with most teens who watch shows like "So you Think You can dance" or "The Next best Dance Crew". It's cool to see how subway goers start pulling out their cameras and phones. Tomorrow I'll post on how they came to creating this commercial.

If you are viewing this blog and don't have the time to type in a comment, I've added a voicemail option on the right side of the this blog. Here you can leave any general comments or feedback. You can make suggestions on about anything. You can point out spelling mistakes or even recommend future topics or post for me to cover. Or you can just say Hi! Just click on the icon and press "record" and your microphone on your computer will do the rest.No installation required , just leave your email and that's it. Your recording can be played over and over for everyone else to hear. Thanks again for visiting my blog.


***UPDATE*** TrapCall

I sent an email to TrapCall with regards to a Cdn. version. They emailed me back stating they are working to have TrapCall work with Rogers. No ETA has been given. Just recently SLASHDOT also posted information on TrapCall.

Unblock "Blocked" calls.

Have you ever received a phone call where your call display shows "Block Caller". This person has probably called you like 5 times in 1 min. This website called TrapCall will allow you to know who is calling you even if it's blocked by the other user. This program (Beta) takes less than 2 minutes to install. Unfortunately if you live in Canada this is not available yet but they are working on making it available. Right now if you are in the States this works for you!
No more crank calls.

Use your Ipod Touch as a phone

This free application allows you to make phone calls abroad with your cellphone at a cheaper cost. It is basically VOIP on your phone which is enabled by the application. You would be making the calls over the internet. This can also be used by the Ipod Touch and also the new G1 phones from Google. If you want to save on roaming cost and long distance charges, this is one way to go.


Tinychat..Who needs MSN Messenger.

Come chat with me!

This is a neat little site I found in which you can instant message with other people without having to install anything. All you need is a browser and type in a name and you should be good to go! Just copy and paste the link to others to share in the conversation. This one is really good if you are not allowed to install applications on your computer at work (LOL). The neat thing about this site is that you can sign in using your Twitter account if you want a different option.

Twitter Tips

If you haven't used Twitter yet then you better start soon! It's hard to explain to people when they ask what is "Twitter". Basically, it's like a micro-blog/status update site. But really it's up to the user to create the functionality they require on this site. Some use it just to update there status others use it to network or seek information/links or ideas. It all depends on how you want to use it. But for a quick and simple explanation check this site out: Twitter


TMZ for the Iphone

You all hate to admit it, but we've all surfed on celebrity papparazzi sites such as x17video, TMZ, PerezHilton. Well now you can get that information brought to you via Apple Itunes with the new application for TMZ. You can now have Lindsay Lohan delivered to you daily!!! Download the app in Itunes.


I'm a mac addict.

I've been asked these past couple of days if I have unlocked or jailbroken my iphone. I originally bought the 1st generation iphone and had that jailbroken but experienced numerous issues and crashes with that particular phone. I have used the new Iphone 3G and have enjoyed it with no problems or issues. There are additional functionality with "Jailbreaking" the phone in particular the video recording capabilities. I'm still pondering if I should jailbreak my iphone. In any case, here's a site that has an online tutorial on how to unlock your 3G iphone. Tell me your results....and maybe I'll decide in a couple of days. This site also contains other tutorials relating to anything "Mac". So browse and enjoy! Thanks to Mr. Currie from New Jersey for this link.

Unlock Your Iphone3G here


Happy Valentine's Day

Just want to wish everyone a Happy Valentine's Day! Here's a link of a guy who met a girl on the subway and created a site for her.
This is a different type of personal ad. Hope it worked out!

Found Her


Post Twestival 2009

This was an amazing event in which a downtown nightclub was turned into a Technology Circus. There were numerous people from all walks of life. You had media types, students, geeks and even your average "Joe". Twestival 2009 to recap is an event held at over 175 cities on the same day where all the money goes to charity. It is organized by volunteers and students. The money raised will help bring clean water to developing nations. This event was promoted through various websites including Twitter. Actually most of the people at the event were Tweeters! The festivities began with a complimentary beer ( can't go wrong with that ). There are also 2 adjacent rooms with large projected screens with live feeds and live twittering. Most attending used there iphones or cellphones to text messages on the screen for all attending to see. It was quite funny because you would have some weird messages posted like "Free Beer" or "Who's the stripper with the short skirt?", so you can just imagine the later the night went the more interesting the messages. This was all streamed live and over the internet too. The true social aspect of this event was that it truely a networking event in which I've met numerous people who pursue similar interest as me. It also helps spark interest and ideas for future collaborations. To add to the event they had Dj's spinning cool music, Raptors cheerleaders taking pictures and also various media filming this event. I'm sure the event next year will be bigger and better when big sponsors find out about this event. Some pics and videos will be posted soon


Live from Twestival Toronto


Skype is VOIP or "Voice Over Internet Protocol". You can basically make phone calls using your built in microphone or speaker on your computer or laptop. You can also buy an actual phone that attaches via usb to make calls. The benefits of using this is that if you and the other person you are calling are both subscribers than the call is free. If you call someone who is not a subscriber than the cost will be minimal. The software, also allows file transfers, texting, video chat and videoconferencing.
Download the software here: SKYPE SOFTWARE

Twestival 2009

Twestival 2009 will begin tonight in over 100 countries. They are hoping to raise money for developing countries that need clean water. I look forward to viewing how technology and social charity combine to help a good cause. I'll post updates on the event tomorrow

Sent via Iphone


Does Technology have anything to do with this?

Watching all the news reports online and on television, it seems alarming all the talk is about the recession. Analyst state that this recession is deep and will continue through 2009. If the average Joe hears this info then they would act accordingly right. Save a bit more than normal. If analyst stated that the economy was robust and improving and people are spending, then we would act that way too. Unfortunately media/internet have a way to influence our decisions makings. The phrase of the year seems to be "Stimulas Package". This was one of the reasons I created this blog. This was to compliment my website which is still "Under Construction". In the event of any layoffs from my full-time job I had a secondary option to generate income. I'm not generating any income from my blog and is not my intention, but my actual site will hopefully generate some sort of monetary income for me. So stay tuned. Here's a depressing look at the state of the economy in the image above right now!

The green line is our current recession. Yikes!

Fire Meets Desire.

I was watching the local morning show this morning and they introduced something that caught my attention. They had introduced a cologne that "Burger King" is selling exclusively in New York.
It's basically a cologne that has influences and originates from the "Whopper". I'm not sure if that would be a "Turn on" for the opposite sex, but it would be interesting to actually smell. This is being sold online at this site . The site will redirect you to a 3rd party site that actually sells the product. Yesterday, I had also posted a "touched up" image of Rihanna. For those of you not aware of the story, let me recap it for you. Rihanna and her boyfriend were set to perform for the Grammy awards. The night before they were invited to a party hosted by Clive Davis. During that night there have been reports they both got into a domestic dispute in which Rihanna was bruised and injured. I thought to myself, "How come there are no photos to prove this?", so I decided to make one up for fun. It took me 5 min to make one up and I posted it online to friends and across Twitter. I definitely had over 75 unique hits within 1 hour of posting. This was a viral type of marketing of a different kind for me. It was shocking for the response I got in such a short time for this blog. Now I'm just waiting for Chris Brown or Rihanna to sue me !!! It's all about Fire and Desire, right!


Exclusive Picture Of Rihanna-Post Grammies.

Ok, so I thought there was so much hype about Rihanna and Chris Brown's domestic dispute that I thought I would spread this initial image of her. Ok, It's photoshopped, but Imagine the hype and publicity this can cause with this photo. You heard it here first! LOL

Iphone like a SLINGBOX

If you ever wanted to stream all your pics/videos and music on to your iphone from home, you can do it with this site You basically can get your files from anywhere on your iphone. A friend of mine is running a 1 Terabyte drive from home loaded with all his movies and watching via WIFI. This is similar to the SLINGBOX but for the iphone. Unfortunately there is no "Mac version" yet. If you can't wait there is this software you can use:

Time Management

If you are spending too much time on the internet with information overload, or stalking people on Facebook and Twitter. You might feel you are neglecting the simple things in life. What happen to grocery shopping, or getting your haircut at the barbershop. Here's a fun pic to overcome the situation. Sometimes old fashion "to do list" will do just fine. I wonder if they sell this at Walmart.

Twestival 2009.

Twitters all around the world and in different cities have join forces to raise funds for charity. Tickets for the Toronto event will be held at Circa Nightclub.The cost is $20. Twitter organizers hope to raise $500,000.
What's expected at the event: Drinks,music, interactive media, networking, prizes.If you want to donate to a good cause and have fun while doing it. Check it out here: I'm sure this will get media coverage on the local news, as for myself I plan to check it out too!


Photo Retouching

This is just another example of some retouching that I would eventually like to create online for anyone looking to fix their images. This shot was taken at Niagara Falls this past weekend.

Twitter and Celebrities!

I've recently signed up for Twitter and have been on it for a couple of weeks. It is very beneficial because it enables you to socially network with others that have similar interest. You can also find interesting links or articles that others maybe reading.
I have notice a lot of celebrities using Twitter which seems to be trendy now. It enables celebrities and their fans to maintain an online relationship, even though the celebrity will never respond back (in most cases) but at least you are kept posted on there status which is a different kind of "Papparazzi" of the online version. I actually have Shaq,Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore on my TWITTER. It's been kind of cool reading there updates. There screen names are posted in the above pic. If you add the Kutcher and Moore you can also see there twitpics they have actually uploaded to each other and for all to see.

Here's another random shot they have uploaded recently....

GPS is everywhere

There has been all this talk in the media lately about GPS systems in which you can basically be tracked anywhere on earth now. Google has introduced
"Latitudes" in which you can broadcast your location to a list of friends(that you give permission for). Twitter on the iphone also has the option to broadcast your location via Google maps, so viewers on your site know where you are located. I was on a photoshoot this weekend and updated via Twitter which directly linked to my blog.
There are also other new sites such as which is only available in the states right now. I guess there are some advantages to having everyone know where you are at any given time. Here's a site that tells you where certain crimes have occured with your area:


Facebook "Status Updates" T-shirts.

You can now order t-shirts via facebook with your status quote.
The cool thing about this site is that it shows the "Top 10 Facebook" quotes. They are cool to read and to see what others have to say.

Visit Site here

Thank You! Readers!

As of this morning, I've had exactly 1,000 page views to my blog. I'm sure I make up for 25% of the visits but at least it's a start. This blog was created to compliment my website that has not been released yet. I'm impressed with the feedback so far. I know there are a lot of spelleng mistakes but these blogs are made "On the Fly" and are update frequently during the week. If there is any specific content you might like to see let me know. Just leave a comment below. I've decided to add SiteMeter which determines how many users visit my site. So "Thanks to all" for visiting and hope you continue to read and be inspired with Technology.

Google Books and Create your own "Ebook".

What is an ebook ? An ebook is a digital version of a conventional book. Such documents are usually read on computers, by using ebook readers or devices. Many mobile phones can also be used to read ebooks. You can download various ebooks from many different sites for free. Some sites such as Amazon and Chapters charge for ebooks. You have the convenience of reading or learning while listening to your ipod on your way to work; or when you are working out. Great way to learn a different language too! I have added a link that can create your own ebook in a matter of seconds!

Also of note, Google has intoduced a BETA version of an online repository of books and magazines. Check out there site here:

Freedom Fridays

The Japanese are always amazing with technology. They are always more advance then north americans. Sometimes they can be a bit out of the ordinary. I find this technology oddly strange. Thanks to Brian for sharing this link.

Since the technology involves a women android. I thought why not continue the theme with woman drivers! Have a great Friday!


Are you hungry for a burger??

This really has nothing to do with technology, but from time to time you don't mind indulging in some great food after a long day on the computer. Please feel free to comment below.

Twitter for your phone.

I've just installed Twitterator on my iphone and you can actual "Tweet" your location. So anyone following me can determine my location if I decide to let them know. Just click on the rightside of this blog or click HERE I AM.For all you blackberry users, you can use an application called "Twitterberry".
Download the application here:Twitter for Blackberry

Once you learn to use twitter online you will definitely be hooked on Twitter on the phone. Enjoy!

Iphone watch coming.

Did the title catch your attention. Well, it's not true for at least now but who knows what could happen in the near future. Remember seeing those cheap Inspector gadget watches and calculator watches. Fast forward to 2009 we now have LG making new touch interface phone watches that are also bluetooth enabled. Would you be comfortable using your phone on your wrist? I can already see the future uses of this product. Baseball players talking to their coaches via a watch while at home plate.
Drivers in a car talking while they drive safely. The opportunities are endless. Enjoy the video!


Anyone like Shopping?

A cohort of mine from New Jersey had passed a link:


This site is like a free personal shopper for you! This site has connected with various vendors that sell various brands. You select the brands you like and the site will mail you a "Salemail" which you can have delivered to you daily or weekly. It tells you when there is a sale on the particular brands you like so you don't have to do anything making your life easier. Please comment below
and tell me what you guys think of this website. Happy Shopping!

Why Blog??

Why Blog?? It's a simple question, right? The reason I'm blogging is to share information with all my readers or casual viewers. I hope you learn a thing or two from visiting my blog. I'm a big fan of tech stuff and how it can make your life easier. I'm very interested in the social networking aspect and the transparency of information. This will eventually compliment my website that will come out in the next month. Other people blog to express themselves, generate an income or just like to write and share there thoughts.
For example, a guy started a blog called
Stuff White People Like

This site Stuffwhitepeoplelike has generated lots of hits and lots of money. Readers would read this site and tell their friends, who forward them to lots more friends. Newspaper columnist would steal quotes from his site. Big companies notice this, so they offered him a book contract for over $300,000. So blogging can be successful for anyone. This guy is now going on tour everywhere. If you want to blog like I do, just go to:

These are just a few, but there are other sites for blogging. If you are not the type that likes to write, they have picture blogs, where all you do is post pictures. You can post pictures or videos from the internet or just upload pics from your camera or phone instantly. Here is a site that is popular right now Tumblr You can create a site without any web programming. You can be up and running in about 2 minutes or even less. Good Luck! Join the blog bandwagon.

Here's a Funny Pic.

Kentucky School News and Commentary: Another Good Reason to Check Your Child's Homework

Credit:Tara House

What's your Family Tree like?

If you ever wanted to know how many people have your "Last Name" this website will determine that for you. It will also tell you where most people with that last name reside in the world. I thought it was a neat little site to check out. There is more functionality and you can ask family members to add to your genealogy.


Happy Birthday Facebook

Can you believe it is the 5th year of Facebook as of today. Time flies
when you read other people's status.Or maybe when you search your old friend's photo albums. You don't want to admit but you know everyone is doing it. The original use of Facebook was meant to share notes with students in college. It has now evolved to the largest social network of sharing information. You can transfer files, exchange notes, pictures and videos. Ask yourself " Why is Facebook important? ". It is important because it makes everything transparent and opens the lines of communication between friends and even strangers. The more information we have the better we are as a world. When we were young we would have to memorize history, math equations etc; now you can get all the info on the Internet. Now we live lives in which we need to control the information recieved. No longer do students really need to memorize facts and formulas because you can find that information online and sometimes get it faster than you think.Too much info not enough time.

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Tuesday Commercial

As commented in one of my post yesterday, here is a video of a commercial aired in Canada during the SuperBowl.

Colour Inspiration

The weather is so grey and dark right now. Add some colour to your virtual world to give you inspiration. This site is both educational for adults and kids. I'm sure you will enjoy this site. Visit it here:


If any of you use MySpace or Facebook, then you will definitely enjoy using Twitter. Twitter is a social networking and micro-blogging service that allows it users to send and read others users' updates (otherwise known as tweets-limited to 140 characters). If you have used Facebook it's like changing or reading your friends "Status Updates". Within these "tweets" you can post links, websites and emails. The majority of people just post a quick short statement like a response to "What are you doing?". You can follow particular people or people can follow you with your updates.
This has become so large now that companies are beginning to use Twitter to update there own customers. As an example hotels, airlines and airports are joining the Twitter community too, to pitch services, update travel conditions and respond directly to individual needs of customers. For the average user, this is a great way to network with like minded people. Let's say your a "DJ". You can search other "DJ's" and choose to follow them. Other Dj's may recommend a particular equipment, while you read there tweets; or they may post a link to an archive of music samples. So you can see the possibilities here. They also have which is the same as twitter but just using pics.



Post SuperBowl

Click the above link for the full video coverage.

You don't have to be a big sports fan to enjoy yesterday's Super Bowl game. There were pre-game festivities with Faith Hill and Jennifer Hudson singing the American National anthem with the jet fly-by. There was also an interview with Barack Obama prior to the game. The interview by "Matt Lauer" was very jovial and comedic at times which was conducted at the White House. Matt had asked questions like " Do you have your Blackberry on you ? "; "Can other world leaders call you on that phone ? " or "Does Oprah Winfrey have your phone number too ? ". The true interest to most watching on tv is the commercials and the half time show. This year they had Bruce Springsteen and the East Street band performing the halftime show. If you live in Canada you had to either watch ads which included Russell Peters or for websites such as this new one by CTVGlobemedia called . If you want to watch the expensive american commercials you can view them on this site
2009 SuperBowl Commercials
Referenced by Sean Percival.

Here's another link More Commercials

New iPhone coming?

There have been reports circulating on the Internet that a 3rd version
of the iPhone will becoming out soon. There are also reports that some users are already using the new phone with the recent release of the latest software upgrade. Apparently the coding of new software opens for the possibility or hints to a new version of iPhone which had happened in the past with the previous software upgrade.

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