Experiencing the Nintendo Wii U GamePad

I have nephews and nieces ( 5 in total ) but never know what to get them for the holidays. They're literally playing games all day and all night. Since I'm not a video game player and most parents don't know much about video games the WiiU Gamepad can be a gift idea for you this holiday season.

I recently had the opportunity to play and review games from Ubisoft and try out the NEW Nintendo WiiU GamePad.

SD card and 2 USB slots in front.

I have never seen a gamepad with a screen before so this is different for me. It enables you to interact with the game and tv in a new way. It has a touchscreen functionality and comes with a stylus as an optional use. The best feature I think most parents would appreciate is that you can use WiiU Gamepad to play on your tv but if you want to watch a movie on the tv, your child can just directly play from the WiiU Gamepad unit while you watch the movie. The WiiU Gamepad control acts like a universal remote as well. Another feature that is interesting is the NFC capabilities for future use.

There are 2 different units being sold:

8gig White unit with gamepad and stylus for $299.00

32gig Black unit with gamepad and stylus for $349.99

Specific pricing can be found on the site: Nintendo WiiU GamePad

If you ask me for my recommendations for a game that the family can enjoy, it would be the ESPN Sports Connection game. Why? It's interactive and has all the different sports you can play. Enough of the guns and shooting games, right? On a side note when I tested this game I played against a 7 year old girl and she struck me out in baseball. So everything is fair game. :-)

Football ESPN

Soccer ESPN

Ubisoft has released many new titles including:

Marvel Avengers: Battle For Earth
Rabbids Land
YourShape Fitness
Just Dance Disney
For more titles for WiiU visit UBISOFT

So if you are a parent/uncle/aunt looking for a Tech gift this a great gift idea. It's new. It's different. So good luck on your search and gift shopping.


Celebrating the Holidays with Forty Creek Whisky

Thanks to the folks at Forty Creek Distillery, I've been given the opportunity to sample and enjoy the Barrel Select Whisky and the newest Forty Creek release of Copper Pot.

Forty Creek is a Distillery located in Grimsby, Ontario, Canada. It's a small distillery owned by whisky maker John Hall. I read his bio and he is a former winemaker with over 30 years experience. He now brings his experience to the whisky world. I tend to favour local business especially in food and drinks industry. Help support local business, right?

This past weekend i celebrated a holiday party with friends and family so this was a perfect opportunity to try both bottles of whisky. I would be considered a novice when it comes to the appreciation of whisky. Only until this summer did i get introduced to whisky. I always thought it was too strong of a taste for my tastebuds. Over the past couple of months i have tried many whiskies and have gained an appreciation for whisky. I actually favour my whisky with a single large ice in glass. I personally like to savour the taste this way. That evening I had whisky with snacks such as popcorn and nachos. It's not your typical combination but a great drink to have to celebrate the holidays! I look forward to trying different concoctions of Forty Creek Whisky. That will be next.

Barrel Select Whisky

I tried both but really enjoyed the Copper Pot Whisky. It has a silky flavour for me. I like the mix of ice and Forty Whisky. I like my whisky straight with no hassles.

Forty Creek Copper Pot

For more information on Forty Creek visit them:

Follow them on Twitter: @FortyCreek_John

*Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Forty Creek Whisky. I will receive compensation for this post but all opinions are my own.


2nd Annual TdotTO Fundraiser

Last year I decided to organize an online fundraiser to raise funds for 2 charities. With the Twitter community we were able to raise $1,260.00 for Heart and Stroke Foundation and the Daily Bread Foodbank. For each day for the next 10 days the highest bidder by 10pmET will WIN a custom, "I Love Twitter" t-shirt. This year it will be a black t-shirt with white type and red Twitter logo.

I've decided to pick one charity this year, The Heart and Stroke Foundation. All you have to do is tweet your bid to me with the hashtag #TdotTO1 for the first day. The next day would be #TdotTO2 and so forth.

Example: @clickflickca I bid $25.00 for the @TheHSF #TdotTO1

The highest bidder each night will need to give me their mailing info for delivery of tshirt and for tax receipt purposes. Each shirt will have your Twitter name with the hashtag. 100% of funds will go to @TheHSF. Please allow time for tshirt process to be completed since each search will be custom. If you have any questions tweet me or ask me here. Good luck and let's see if we can raise a little for some good during this holiday season.


Virgin Gives Back.

Virgin Mobile has launched Re*Generation phone, the Samsung Galaxy Ace II x, which is expected to raise over $200,000 for at risk and homeless youth programs in Canada.
It's a limited edition phone where 15 bucks from each sale of this phone will go to help these programs in Canada. Over 65,000 thousand Canadian Youth don't have a home.

So in a unique way if you are still undecided on a purchase of a phone this season maybe the Virgin Re*Generation is a good reason to purchase. Do good by buying this phone. If you already have a phone plan with Virgin then you can still help by agreeing to have $1 added to your mobile phone bill every month to make a difference. Every little bit counts. This is just a nice way that Virgin is helping in the community.

For more details on this phone you can visit here


A Toronto Christmas in support of GlassFrog

I attended the Oxford Beach Halloween party and had such a great time that I thought I'd share another event by them. They are hosting the 3rd Annual "A Toronto Christmas" party in support of GlassFrog. GlassFrog is an international aid organization. The party takes place on December 15th at Steam Whistle Brewery.

So if you aren't in the festive spirit yet, I hope this video gets you into that mood. The party starts at 9pm.

To purchase tickets: A Toronto Christmas

It's going to be a fun evening of dressing up and dancing the night away. If you want to join in on the fun, i'll be giving away a pair of tickets to the party.

Tweet to WIN:

@clickflickca @OxfordBeach I want to celebrate A Toronto Christmas party. #ATOxmas

The winner will be chosen on Wednesday December 12th. Good luck!