Use #Twintro in Tweeter.

If you have read my blog in the past, I’m an avid user of Twitter. When friends or family ask me “What is Twitter?”, It’s a difficult question to answer most times. Twitter can be easily explained as a simple “Status Update” similar to Facebook Updates but I tend to disagree. I think it really boils down on how the person using Twitter uses it. There are some users who only use it sparingly to update the question asked by Twitter “What are you doing?” and responding by “I’m having peanut butter and jelly sandwich for lunch”. Other users may use it to promote their business/blog or events with direct links to a site. I definitely use it to network with like-minded individuals who share similar interest as me. It’s great if you are for example a photographer and would like to learn more about various techniques or tricks with photography. All you have to do is a search on the term “Photography” and it will list a whole bunch of users who mention photography in their tweets(Updates). You can then decide if you would like to follow certain people depending on the content or if you feel they have something of value to you. This brings me to the idea that I will introduce and hopefully takes off with this blog post. I had mentioned about using “Search” in Twitter for the use of listing specific “topics” or “terms”. The use of hashtags symbol “#” is a more specific way to do a search on a particular or obscure subject. If you notice on a any particular Twitter users(s) stream they may have a tweet like #iphone or #SXSW. The important thing to note is that the “#” is in front of the word. This is a way of tagging a tweet so that people can track a conversation or specific topic. Events and important topics usually receive a hashtag. This allows various user(s) to reply or participate in the conversation. It’s a good way to find out who is in a particular conversation. It shows who shares similar interest. It’s a fun way to meet people.

It is very true that it is easy to meet people just using Twitter for professional and non-professsional situation. I’m a social person and like to use the acronym “ICE” . ICE to me stands for Interact, Communicate and Engage. I just thought of this and it sounds pretty simple right. I believe the interaction and relationships you create online via Twitter will give more value to you if you are actively engaging or communicating via your tweets. This is where I will introduce a hashtag called #Twintro . #Twintro is a Twitter Introduction. I could have used a #twintroduction but we only have 140 characters to use and keeping the message short is key. Anyone can use this hashtag to introduce two different Twitter users that may have similar interest or might benefit from each other via virtually or in reality. The spontaneous engagement can snowball into anything which can lead to lasting relationships or a greater network. I’m not a social media expert but the simplicity of this evolved when I introduced two people who had a similar interest in Fashion. The instant surprise and interaction between both members was quite liberating for both including myself for the introduction. So I’m hoping you start using the #twintro in your tweets!
You heard it here first! So give it a try! I will update you and see how this goes.


Social Networking in Toronto

If you noticed I have not blogged in several weeks. I have shown a key interest in Social Networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter. I have tried to cut my time on these particular sites to truly interact, engage and communicate with various individuals I meet via Twitter or non-internet users in real life. Being able to balance your relationships online and in real-life is quite easy for me. Taking your online relationships to create everlasting relationships is very beneficial. It enables you to put a face to the person you speak with online. You are able to expand on ideas that maybe limiting due to site limitations such as Twitter. The most important thing is that you are truly being social. It also builds community among your local interaction with individuals.

Ever since I held my last event at their has been an abundance of events specifically in the Toronto area. It is great to meet various people in various disciplines but find the events redundant. I’m looking to hold another event in the future if interest persist and want it to have a unique feature to differentiate it from the rest. If you have ideas , let me know. I have had many people over time asking me when the next event will be...Only time will tell and timing is the key. Please follow me at @clickflickca or @tweetngreetca to keep posted on future happenings in Toronto. Your feedback via Twitter/Facebook is highly anticipated. What event would you like to see in you area? Our 1st event was “Word of Mouth” which started from scratch. It was a combination of friends and family meeting up to create a social networking event. It was the 1st event for all of us and we felt it was sucessful considering the limited time and effort to organize the event. If we devote more time to such an event we can definitely continue this on an annual basis or monthly basis. Let me know what your thoughts are and suggestions by commenting below or by visiting me on Twitter. Thanks for reading. I will look to update more frequently soon.


Facebook and Twitter Integration

First off, It has been awhile since I have posted an update. I have found it very difficult to find time to just blog or post updates due to a busy schedule, especially during the summer. To be honest Twitter has taken much of my time for blogging or micro-blogging as others have called it. I will try to update daily as much as I can. If I don't update everyday it will be at least 2-3 times a week. If you like you can always follow me on Twitter at "@clickflickca".

As I peruse the tweets on Twitter I have found an interesting link/video on the Integration of Twitter/Facebook while watching television simultaneously. I must admit that my workflow consist of Tweeting from my desktop to viewing my television across the living room on the other side. I will often "Tweet" about a show while it's on "Live" all done on my desktop computer. Now Verizon has introduced a way to integrate Social Media and Television all in one. It's called Verizon Fios. I personally think this will gain popularity with social media junkies and television viewers. It allows you to post updates and tweets while watching tv at the same time. You can also post tweets related to the current showing you are watching. This is great for viewer feedback and taking the experience to a whole other level. What do you guys think of this technology? Here's a video clip with an explanation.