Next is Now! More than Ever.

I had the opportunity to get a sneak peek of this "Next is Now" video. Watching the video it showcases and illustrates how important the internet and technology have become in our lives even more for those that are born recently. Can you imagine that a child born recently might not even see paper money at all? Purchases and currency will be exchanged via digital wallets and mobile devices. Remember when we use to watch tv just on a tv? Now we can watch from our laptops, smartphone and tablets. Watching the video I can imagine watching tv from the fridge but imagine ordering food from the fridge? Anything is possible now. See the future is here and evolving. The internet is surrounding us when my own parents who know nothing about texting, web surfing are now using it too. It's become more than mainstream. Remember when you had internet at home and we would all surround that one computer with the dial-up modem. Currently today the internet surrounds us everywhere at home. Almost every device is internet enabled. You can turn lights on and off from your home on a smartphone. We use to surround the internet now it's around us! This video illustrates that with social media and internet we are coming together. The internet is a society now. We make decisions based on our online communities. We spend more time on the internet than we do watching a 2hr tv show.

Here are some more facts and figures from the video that I found interesting:

Nearly 4 out of 10 Canadians value the internet more than coffee, chocolate or wine.

38% of us want smart appliances

54% of watch movies on computers

30% of students can work!

Mobile payments may replace cash and cards by 2020

So what does the future of the internet hold? It could mean so many things. It means we can understand individuals better. Imagine walking by a local store or business and the owner sends you a discount or offers on the spot just because you walk by the store with your mobile device. This is already possible. Imagine that recognition technology like xbox kinect will continue to evolve. Imagine stepping into your car and it already knows what you like or dislike. Cars now can park itself. Imagine having location base info sent to you more than just GPS. It's like Geolocation customized to your needs. The future is here more than ever!

*Disclosure: "I work for Rogers companies and participated voluntarily for this campaign. The opinions on this blog are my own."

I'm inviting you to a Blue Jays game.

Plain and Simple. I love meeting new people especially those I engage with online. It's always great to meet/network with the people IRL "In real Life". This gives me an opportunity to learn and understand different types of people. What makes them tick, what motivates them all in a relaxed and exciting venue most of the time. It also establishes a sense of community and trust. If this peeks your interest, send me a tweet on Twitter at @clickflickca and add #ClickFlick to the tweet and you and 2 other random person(s) will join me this Friday for a complimentary Jays game. Good luck!


Art of Leadership. Are you coming?

What is the Art of Leadership? It is a one day conference that features 6 international bestselling authors and visionaries talk about leading by example. The list looks like a who's who of some interesting books and reads. I'm going to be honest and tell you that I haven't read any of these books. Joining over 1,300 leaders in their respected line of work is an opportunity that cannot be missed. Just look at the companies below.
This event has peeked my interest because it's about "Leadership". Leadership doesn't usually mean leading a group of 50 people in a business or just being the boss. Leadership is much more. Leadership in your actions and what you do in your life or community are probably more important. At least that's what I think for myself. You can be a leader to many people or even just to yourself or a single person. I'm hoping to attend the event to learn more about being a leader and overall positive and contributing member to the community around me. So I hope you can join in or attend and find some inspiration or maybe you just need that kick in the butt to get you motivated.

For more details on this event, visit TheArtOfLeadership or REGISTER for the June 5th event at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre. Here is a CODE to give you $50 off your ticket admission: TOSOCIAL

You really need to check the site to see the authors lineup in detail. Here is a quick list of author/visionaries that will be scheduled to present.

Marcus Buckingham

Vijay Govindarajan

Chester Elton

Susan Cain

Stephen Shapiro

Leonard Brody

I look forward to this event and hope you can attend and learn something new! Let me know if you are going. :-)

Emergency Preparedness Week - May 6 - 13

In conjunction with @RedCrossTalk this week starting Sunday is known as "Emergency Preparedness Week. Are you or your family prepared for an "Emergency"? It's important to define what an "Emergency" is first. An Emergency can be defined as " A Serious, unexpected, and often dangerous situation requiring immediate action. "

So what type of emergencies can occur here in Toronto or GTA for you? Maybe a serious weather warning? Have you noticed that the weather seems to be unpredictable lately? As the weather get warmer we are outside more and more susceptible to conditions outside. We can be by the water and conditions can suddenly change without warning. Are you prepared? If not read this blog post/Twitter Stream and get prepared. We all don't think it will ever happen to us but you never know. What if? Since I'm learning about Emergency Week stuff with you, I want to know what you can do to better prepare yourself for an emergency.

The Red Cross has given me a fanny pack full of stuff that can help in the event of an emergency. It's a fun way and portable way to be prepared. Red Cross is bringing the fanny back! :-) On that note, I want to give some of my readers/followers an Emergency fanny pack. Send me a tweet via Twitter at @Clickflickca and tell me your own tip or ways of how you prepare for a possible Emergency. Or tell me an example of a possible emergency. Hopefully through our social streams we can all learn a tip or two! Tag your tweet with #SaveYourFanny and I'll select a few winners this coming Sunday May 13th! You'll get to win one of these packs below to keep you prepared for an Emergency!