My visit to Twitter Headquarters in San Francisco

As you know I'm a very big fan of the Social Tool Twitter. Twitter has literally changed my life in a very positive way. It has allowed me to interact, communicate and engage with so many new friends. I do not think there is anyone else in the Toronto/GTA area that has tweeted more than myself. This should be the first indication that I enjoy Twitter; also it reveals the level of engagement I use with this tool. It brings forth a kind of spontaneity…tweets are never scheduled… they are "tweets" on-the-go!!

I had a vacation planned to visit San Francisco with friends and family and I had reached out on Twitter prior to my trip to see if anyone would be able to give me an opportunity to get a look or tour of the San Francisco offices. I want to "Thank" a fellow Canadian named Mark @shinypb who welcomed me, and made me feel being a Canadian, even prouder! On that note, I just want to point out that Mark is the only person at Twitter that does not wear shoes at work, literally!! Sorry Mark but I had to share this..what can you expect from a fellow twitterer?!

Upon entry to Twitter, I see this cuckoo style clock. This station takes a pic of you visiting the office and tweets it out that you've visited the Twitter Office. You can see other guest here: @Twoffice

I'm like a kid in a candy store visiting Twitter. I visited on a Friday evening at approximately 6:00pm. It was surprising to see a full house of people at this time. It seemed like know one goes home from work. The main foyer had ceviche and nachos for everyone to enjoy including unlimited beer for anyone to enjoy. Mark continued to give me a tour around the office. I was simply amazed because it looked like a really fun place to work. Here are some pics of the space at Twitter:

Play area.

They have a shuffle board. Toronto needs more of this!

The exterior of Twitter Headquarters is an oasis and space of quiet and fun. Check out the pics:

During the tour I learned that Twitter was in the midst of construction and expansion of the San Fran office space. They are also continuously looking for developers, engineers and much more. If you're ever interested in working with them check out Twitter Jobs

So why would you want to work at Twitter? Well, to start, they offer a very flexible vacation policy. I do not want to elaborate on this but it's amazing!! They have catered breakfast and lunch; they get free drinks and snacks anytime. They get paid maternity and paternity leave and most importantly, they offer a challenging and very social community of people who are eager to learn and be challenged. This is something I find lacking in our Toronto community and why we lose so much talent to the US; it should be noted that many Canadians work at the San Francisco office. This is just a short list of advantages to working at Twitter and I'm sure there are many more additional benefits to be discovered.

If you look at the above picture that is King James and JAYZ with Dick Costolo the CEO of Twitter. I was lucky to meet and have a beer with Dick @dickc. He's a very nice guy… a very first good impression. My first day on my vacation and what are the likelihood that i get to meet the CEO of Twitter! That was one of the highlights of my trip.

In a total coincidence, Twitter Canada is opening up an office in Toronto which is exciting to hear. I'm looking forward to hearing and seeing what they have planned. A big thanks to Mark @shinypb and Ian @Chanian for making me feel welcomed to the Twitter office.

More photos of my visit to Twitter San Francisco:

Stay tuned as I blog more about my visit to Google, Apple, Facebook and the Silicon Valley.


Virgin Mobile HTC One Giveaway


Spring is here and the summer is just around the corner. Virgin Mobile Canada has created a cool infographics with some fun and cool tips on cleansing your phone. What do they mean by cleansing the phone? We've all got old text messages and we might even have old phone numbers of people we don't talk to anymore like your ex. Get rid of awkward or unwanted photos. Clean up your address book. This will help you be more organized and efficient. Simplicity breeds clarity is what I say.

On that note, thanks to Virgin Mobile Canada, I'll be giving away an HTC One phone. Now we've been talking about cleaning and detoxifying your phone. To WIN an HTC One phone I want you to tell me your most embarrassing phone moment. Just add @clickflickca and @VirginMobileCan with your most embarrassing moments and add the hashtag #HTCSpring in addition to the tweet, enter via rafflecopter for additional chances. Good Luck!
For info on Virgin Mobile Canada
Follow on Twitter: @virginmobilecan

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Do you Smallenfreuden?

Do you SmallenFreuden? You're probably wondering what the word "SmallenFreuden" means ? SmallenFreuden is a fun word that refers to putting the small everyday purchases you would make on your Visa Credit card. I'm sure you've seen the commercials and billboards all around town as my social streams can attest.

I have a VISA Dividend credit card and I've always reserved purchases for large priced items. Since the inception of the "smallenfreuden", I've started to make small purchases. All these small purchases culminate to more of a convenience, control and rewards. My small purchases on the VISA all lead to a percentage of cash back which is specific to my particular credit card. Since I base my purchases on smaller totals, I may as well earn some money back right? To me it's more of a convenience without having to spend more while making cash in the interim.

VISA is the official partner and credit card of the NHL in Canada. In partnership with the NHL, VISA is challenging Canadians to identify the small plays of the game that make the difference. VISA isn't looking for the BIG plays but the small plays that lead up to these great plays or moments! Visit here for specific details:
Small Play of the Game

The NHL and VISA is currently running this promotion if you smallenfreuden using your VISA card, you can WIN an ultimate experience for your family at the 2014 Stanley Cup This includes round trip airfare, accommodations and much more.

Stay tuned for more contest and begin to "smallenfreuden" for a chance to win a giveaway! You've been warned. :-)

Follow @smallenfreuden for all the updates on Twitter.
Follow Ultimate NHL Experience for contest details. Good luck!

Disclosure: Disclosure: I received compensation for this post. However, all opinions expressed are 100% my own.


Remote Control fun with the Sphero

I'm sure you've started to see this glowing ball around on the web or popping up in your local area…. Sphero! What is Sphero? Sphero is a robotic ball gaming system that you control via your smartphone or tablet. This is kind of similar to RC cars that we grew up playing with but even better. The Sphero enables you tilt, touch and swing your smartphone for play. This robotic ball will amaze your friends and family. I had the perfect opportunity this long weekend to show my family the Sphero and they were all amazed and confused in a good way. Why? To be able to control a glowing ball from your smartphone is cool and that's just remarkable advancement in technology.

To begin using the Sphero all you have to do is charge the robotic ball and download the Sphero App which is FREE, into your smartphone. It works with iphone, ipad and Android. Currently you can download several FREE Apps in conjunction with the Sphero. Using the additional apps makes using the Sphero even more fun and enhances the social aspect of the Sphero. I've only had the opportunity to use the single unit and experiencing it firsthand has brought back those fond memories where a kid can be a kid again but as an adult. You can do tricks, record and even take photos while playing with the Sphero.

In this video, I had my nephew test it out. We had the neigbourhood kids watching him play with this glowing ball.

The Sphero can also become a joystick which enables you to experience something very different. Here is another example of Sphero game flexibility using a game called Exile.

The Sphero has a whole Gaming Network "SpheroVerse" so you can track your achievements with your Sphero. It will track distance travelled, tricks you've completed etc.

This is one of the interfaces on the iphone for the Sphero.

I can't wait to give this a try! Augmented Reality with Sphero.

Overall, my favourite part about the Sphero is that it was really exciting to see my nephews and nieces' faces filled with enthusiasm and awe. They were so intrigued that they couldn't wait their turns to take over the ball and controls of the Sphero. Another cool thing about the Sphero is the flexibility that everyone can enjoy their own entertainment and of others. I haven't played the social games yet but that will be next in my blog updates.. having a ball for now. For now if you need more details on Sphero visit here: GOSphero

Where to buy: Best Buy Canada Retail Value: $129.99

Best Buy Canada and Spheros have given me the opportunity to reward a lucky winner. Tweet me and you can WIN or Enter below with various ways to ENTER. Good Luck!

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Toronto Maple Leafs are in the Playoffs.

The Toronto Maple Leafs are in the playoffs for the first time in 9 years. If you live in Toronto this is a very big deal. Why ? Toronto is a hockey city and the city has been waiting to WIN a Stanley Cup since 1967. From the streets of Toronto to the rural roads of Sudbury the city bleeds "White and Blue."

In celebration of the accomplishments of the Leafs this season I want to giveaway some Gelaskins for Toronto Maple Leafs fans. I'll be giving away Samsung Galaxy 3s and Iphone 5 covers with the Maple Leafs logo. All you have to do is tweet me and I'll randomly select a few WINNERS this week. Good luck and GO LEAFS GO!!!

Just tweet me and send me any pictures relating to the Toronto Maple Leafs. Add #BeLEAF I will randomly select a winner for each Gelaskin cover each night they play in the first round.

Cold Stone Creamery Ice Cream Cake Giveaway

What are you doing for Mother's Day? Are you going to get her flowers and chocolates? Are you taking her to the spa and dinner? All of these examples are great ways to celebrate Mother's Day but why not change it up or sweeten the deal even more. Get your mom a customized ice cream cake? Enjoy a cold treat with mom and the family. Cold Stone Creamery located at 2005 Avenue Road can make custom cakes for all occasions. Mother's Day is coming up and you can get a cake made within 24hrs. Add a personalized phrase on the cake at no extra charge. If you are looking to have a customized cake in a special design or shape they can do this too! Call Cold Stone Creamery at 647.330.8467 to ORDER NOW.

Custom cake with phrase.

This Mother's Day, treat your mom to a delicious ice cream cake from Cold Stone Creamery. The cakes feature layers of thick, moist cake and premium ice cream with mix-ins. Pre-Order your cakes for Mother's Day or any upcoming special events. Birthdays, Baptisms or Anniversaries they can do any cake for any celebration!

Baptism Customized cake.

Last year Amir Johnson celebrated his birthday and Cold Stone Creamery made a Customized Cake in the shape of a basketball. Cold Stone has also made a Custom cake with Twitter logo which is cool.

Amir Johnson ice cream cake

Custom cake design(Twitter logo)

For more info and locations on Cold Stone Creamery visit them at the following locations:

Dufferin Mall

644 Dixon Road

1094 Bloor Street West

2005 Avenue Road.

To place an order for a cake and to get pricing and details you can call: 647.330.TIMS

Thanks to Cold Stone Creamery at 2005 Avenue Road, I'll be giving away a 6" ice cream cake to one of you. Follow instructions below to ENTER. Winner selected May 15th.


Tweet: @clickflickca @TOcoldstone I would like to order a Custom Cold Stone ice cream cake at 2005 Avenue Rd. Order: 416.330.TIMS #TOColdstone

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Emergency Preparedness Week Contest

What is an Emergency? An 'Emergency' is defined as a "Serious situation or occurrence that happens and demands immediate actions". This blogpost brings awareness of Emergency Prepardness Week which runs from May 5th until May 11th.

I recently returned from a vacation in Malibu California and faced the unsure reality of my safety during my trip. On my vacation I had experienced an earthquake and one of the largest emergency evacuations with bush fires in California that were only metres from my location. At the time, i relied on Social Media and tv for updates but what happens if i did not have power or access to these resources? What would I do? This demonstrates that emergencies can happen unexpectedely at anytime. According to Red Cross Canada, an emergency has occurred in each province with over 2,300 disasters in the last year. So have you done anything to be prepared for an Emergency? Do you even know what to expect or do in the event of an Emergency? According to Red Cross Canada it can take up to 72 hours before emergency responders attend to you. So are you prepared?

The Canadian Red Cross has many helpful resources to help you and your family plan for an emergency. To learn more about how to make an emergency plan, what to pack in an emergency kit, and about the risks in your area, visit Red Cross Canada Emergency Tips

In addition the Canadian Red Cross has partnered with ETON to give a couple of prizes/radios to my readers: An Eton Radio solar crank powered radio. The ETON MicroLink FR 170 Weather Radio and the ETON SolarLinkFR370 Weather Radio. All you have to do is spin the crank and it generates power enough to even charge a USB phone charger.

Photo Credit @Rosalesj

*** CONTEST ***

I'm giving away one of these gadgets to you. All you have to do is tell me how you would prepare for a disaster. Just tweet me with your answer at @clickflickca and add #BeReady to the tweet to be eligible. I will pick a winner on Saturday May 11th. Good Luck and Be Ready!!
*Canadian Residents Only are eligible for contest.