What are your Pet Peeves?

It's a simple but fascinating question that stimulates interesting responses. I posted the simple question "What are your Pet Peeves?" on Twitter this morning. Here are some of the responses:

People that don't "Move Back"on ttc buses/streetcars

ppl who don't clean the toothpaste tops of the tubes and leave them gunky....yuck lol

Nosy people and cops giving tickets just to fill their quotas

my pet peeve is that they don't have cheese for street meat anymore

PETS. People should care for "homeless people" instead... Feed, wash, pamper them...

my pet peeve is when the ttc buses take forever to come, and when it does finally, there are 3 of them coming your way. grrr

hot dog vendors that scratch back with tongs

my pet peeve is that #peeves isn't trending... #shouldbetrending

hmmmmmmmmmm....... know it alls.

My pet peeve in general? DJs who play pop music and do not even try to mix their tunes.

I have tons.. lines... taxis that don't take the best route.. slow walkers.. hypothetical situations.. Ben Mulroney.. u?

1 of mine is ppl that dont get pedestrian traffic: keep right unless passing!

People who whistle. I effing hate when people whistle. #petpeeves

People who walk OUT of the elevator and then stop right there in front of the doors & block it.

when you are in line to buy something and the person in front is doing an exchange/refund/override that takes forever!

Another one of my pet peeve are brown nosing rats

These are all funny and interesting Pet Peeves. I'm sure there are more but at least we can enjoy and laugh at these comments. It's a light hearted Friday. Enjoy the weekend all and enjoy the list.