Wing It Contest Entries.

This is a follow up to the random contest I had online yesterday on Twitter. I had ask Twitter to submit an "airplane wing shot". You know that shot we all take on the airplane when we go on vacation. I thought for fun I would throw in a "chicken wing" voucher to @StLouisWings at the Atrium or Yonge street location in Toronto. Since this is a Twitter submitted contest I will have the winner decided by votes via Twitter poll. If you look to the right side you can vote there. Winner selected at 6pm today.

These are the pics with no descriptions. I want you to base your selection just on the composition. If you want to see the details behind the photo please visit the Twitter pages of the individuals who have submitted a photo. Good luck to everyone.
















Just wing it contest.

I'm randomly running a contest on Twitter for the best wing photo. I'm looking for a photo that has an airplane wing in the composition. We've all ignored the flight attendant instructions to put our electronics devices away to take that "wing shot". You know we are all guilty of this pleasure shot. I thought it would be a fun way to build a collection of photos that I'll showcase
on my blog tomorrow. All eligible entries will be posted for everyone to see. The best photo will win a wing voucher to @StLouisWings Atrium location. Send the pics and tweet me at @clickflickca and tag it with #Wing Deadline for entries is 12pm midnight. Winner will be chosen by votes by you.

Tweet in Toronto auction. #TdotTO

*** UPDATE: BIDDING WILL END AT 10pmET every night. Highest bid at 10pm wins. Winners will be posted on this site. ***

I have been inspired lately by the holiday season and also through reading stories such as Twitter Stories that the best way to give this season is to give back. I've spoken with some people and thought of repercussions. If my heart is in the best interest that is all that matters, right?

I'm going to try and raise some money for the Toronto Food Bank and Heart & Stroke Foundation through my own funds. I'm going to try and extend the money I donate by selling these "Limited Edition" t-shirts to the highest bidder on Twitter. The limited edition t-shirts are going to be customized with your Twitter handle on the back with the issue #. I'm hoping to create 10 shirts since this cost is coming from my own pocket. I have never done anything like this before so I'm not sure what the reaction will be. I'm here to set an example of doing some good and the best interest of the Toronto community. I hope you can donate generously. All 100% proceeds will go to the mentioned organizations. I hope with the use of Social Media and the local Toronto community that we can make a difference even if it's small. This is a limited time offer for the 10 days left until Christmas

I will begin tomorrow by auctioning off the first t-shirt starting at $20.00. I will ask you to tweet me with a bid amount with #TdotTO1 . Highest price after each day gets the t-shirt. Payment via paypal or Estransfer will be the only form of payment. For more information on the supported organizations: Daily Food Bank and the Heart & Stroke Foundation All proceeds will be tallied and kept transparent and donated on a 50/50 split. My goal is to bring awareness and to raise some funds to help. That is all. If this is not successful then I will still donate an amount to the charities. So to me it's a win situation no matter what the outcome. I hope you can be supportive and know my thoughts are in the best interest to anyone this may affect. Again 100% of the proceeds are going to the organizations. Bidding will begin tomorrow. Thanks for reading. :-)


HP Envy 14 Beats Edition laptop winner announced.

Congratulations to Alex @Ahhlekz on Twitter. He was announced as the winner of the HP Envy 14 Beats Edition laptop.
With over 1,000 entries for this contest I utilized an application created by Nael Shawwa @naelshawwa called @Twtrtwtrchkndnr

I look forward to doing more contest in the future. If you are a business or company interested in partnering on giveaways or would like to do a similar contest. Please feel free to contact me at


Are you a winner of the HP Envy 14 Beats Edition?

I'm about to announce the winner to the HP Envy 14 Beats Edition laptop. So I wish you all Good Luck and "Thank You" for entering. Since the beginning of the contest a couple of weeks ago, I've been using the laptop myself. As mentioned on my previous post I was confused on using the laptop because of my lack of PC knowledge since I've been using a Mac all my life. I've made the adjustment and I'm getting use to it now especially with the "right" click button.

The most obvious and attractive thing that caught my attention was the inclusion of Beats By Dr. Dre into the concept of the laptop. This meant that the sound should be good so I had to try it. To be honest I've primarily used it to surf and listen to music. I actually use 2 different types of headsets on the HP Envy. I used the Beats Edition and BOSE headphones. Both headphones used sound amazing. Actually the HP Envy is more superior in sound than the Macbook I own. I could definitely see this laptop in the hands of the music or gamer type. It's got all power you need. For everyday use with surfing or projects this would also be perfect. I have to admit that I've become a hybrid user now with the edition of this laptop to my arsenal of gadgets.

For more info on the HP Envy 14 Beats Edition and line of products you can visit here HP Canada


Have you entered the HP Envy 14 Beats Edition contest?

I wanted to give you an update on my use of the HP Envy 14 Beats Edition. I want to let you know first that I've been brought up using an Apple computer all my life. I was always scared to use a PC because it seems to complicated back in the days. I've been dabbling with the HP Envy a few hours a day surfing and actually creating drafts. I must admit that I had to get use to the keyboards and functions. I'm so use to "shortcuts" on a Mac that I got a little frustrated. That is to be expected when transitioning from one Operating system to the next. Upon playing with the HP Envy I notice 2 buttons that are cool. The actual "B" button is the Beats logo. Also there is a backlight button that enables the laptop to have a red back lit keyboard. I actually like the look and design of the HP Envy. Another interesting thing I noticed is the double headphone jack input. I assume this would be useful for multi person listening or gaming. I'm not a gaming person but could see how this would benefit students or gamers. The HP has an input that can allow up to 6 monitors to attach to the laptop. That is what I call "Desktop Real Estate". If you are a gamer this is definitely a laptop to check out. I don't know much about graphic cards but my friend told me it's a good one.

Here are some specs for all you geeks to check out on the HP Envy 14 Beats Edition:

Genuine Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit
Fast, easy, trusted Web browsing with Windows Internet Explorer
A second-generation Intel Core i5‡ processor with TurboBoost Technology, upgradeable to Core i7 with Quad Core
A 14.5" (diagonal) edge-to-edge, high-definition BrightView Infinity LED display (1366 x 768)
Outstanding 3-D graphics: 1GB DDR3 Radeon HD 6630 switchable graphics with HDMI 1.4 and Mini Display ports
A slot-loading DVD burner2
Crystal-clear sound with deep, controlled bass
Wireless LAN (802.11a/b/g/n)3 and Bluetooth
Built-in hard drive protection: if the PC is dropped, the drive automatically locks to guard against damage
Up to six hours of battery life (or optional extended-life battery; up to 13.75 hours†††)

Upon purchase of this laptop. It comes with a 2 year warranty and support. Here are some more features of the laptop:

Adobe Photoshop Elements and Premiere Elements for photos and movies
Video production in HD or standard definition
Our high-quality TrueVision HD webcam, which optimizes video for any light setting
The ability to connect a monitor or HD TV4 via HDMI 1.4 port
USB 3.0 (data transfer up to 10 times faster than USB 2.0) and USB 2.05
A Mini Display port for super HD display
File sharing with iPAQs and cameras via 2-in-1 digital media card reader
Movie watching or app loading via SuperMulti DVD+- R/RW dual-layer7 optical drive
The ability to remotely lock down your PC if lost or stolen with Intel Anti-Theft Technology (available on Intel Core processors; enabled with purchase of LoJack for Laptops)


I just want to "Thank" everyone that has entered the contest for the HP Envy 14 Beats Edition. You can continue to enter up until Tuesday Dec. 13 at 7pm Eastern time. I will draw a winner on Dec. 13 at 8pmET using Twitter: @TwtrTwtrChknDnr It is one entry per person per day. You can enter once if you like or submit a tweet once everyday to increase your chances. Multiple tweets in one day will be disqualified. Make sure you "Like" HP or HP Canada on Facebook to complete the entry as stated from the previous post. If you have any questions give me a shout on Twitter. :-)


1- Tweet: " @clickflickca @HP HP Envy me. Give me an HP Envy 14 Beats Edition. #HPEnvyMe

2- "Like" HP or HP Canada on Facebook

Good Luck to everyone.


The HP Envy 14 Beats Edition Giveaway.

If you have been following me on Twitter at @clickflickca you know that I like to giveaway things to my followers. It's the holiday season and always a good time to give. The generous folks at @HP have given me the opportunity to review and play with an HP Envy 14 Beats Edition laptop. I'm going to be using this laptop in the next couple of weeks to find out the feel and response to it. I'm going to give you a detailed play by play on my use of this product straight from the get go. I just received the product the other day and was very impressed with the packaging. The Envy 14 comes in a very nice shoe box style box. Inside the Beats by Dre logo is very prominent and nicely designed. The detail of the packaging and foil lettering shows a lot of care went into the production and presentation of this product.

I will giveaway an HP Envy 14 Beats Edition laptop on December 13th to one lucky Twitter person. Canadian residents only. One entry per person per day. Must follow/LIKE HP on Facebook to complete contest entry. This is a laptop with Beats Edition sound audio which make this a very attractive laptop with many more features to be exposed in the coming days. Follow me on Twitter at @clickflickca and @HP and enter.


Tweet: " @clickflickca @HP HP Envy me. Give me an HP Envy 14 Beats Edition. #HPEnvyMe

One entry per person per day. The winner will be selected via a random number generator. Good luck to all. I will have more updates on my use of the HP Envy 14 Beats Edition in the coming days. For more info on HP products including the HP Envy 14 Beats Edition go to HP Info

This actual blogpost was created using the HP Envy. Tweet to win! :-)


New Toronto Blue Jays logo.

Just announced by the Toronto Blue Jays baseball club is the new Blue Jays logo. Take note that the logo took over 2 years to conceptualize and design. I like the "Old is new look" What do you think?

“Updating our original logo, the strong affinity to go back to ‘Blue’ and returning the red Maple Leaf to the primary mark recognizes the classic look of which we feel baseball logos and uniforms should consist. This new look represents what the Blue Jays mean to our players, staff and most importantly, from the sentiment expressed by our fans.” – Paul Beeston, President and CEO Toronto Blue Jays Baseball Club and Rogers Centre.

Here is the detailing of the new font changes on the back.

Here is the Road uniform

Here is the Home uniform.

With the new look this will definitely increase Sports merchandise purchases for the team. Hopefully this carries off to the Blue Jays momentum for the 2012 season.

Win a pair of tickets to Cookies and Champagne

My friends at Hip Urban Girl have given me the opportunity to giveaway a pair of tickets to the 2nd Annual Cookies & Champagne party on November 29th being held at the Arta Gallery in the Distillery District.

This is a "Ladies Only" event. Mix champagne and various types of cookies and you have yourself a definition of a good time!
So if you are a baker this a great way to show your culinary skills. If you don't have the time to bake you still can enjoy the cookies and champagne too! From what I'm hearing the Hip Urban Girls have a lot of surprises to come!

Buy tickets here

To win a pair of tickets all you have to do is tweet:

" @clickflickca I want cookies and champagne! #ClickFlick "

I will select a winner on Monday November 21 at noon. Ladies can only enter this contest. I will use @TwtrTwtrChknDnr to randomly select a winner.
Good luck ladies! For the guys reading, don't worry! My next giveaway is just for the men. :-)


Have you ever seen ipad magic?

This is a cool video I took when I went to Austin, Texas last year for SXSW Interactive It showcased a gentleman doing cool tricks with the ipad. Take a look for yourself. If you ever have the chance, I highly recommend you visit South by SouthWest event. This year it will be held during March 13-19 in Austin, Texas.


Take Drake and Take Care.

November 15th is the Official release of Drake's 2nd album called, Take Care. I do not usually giveaway music related items but thought an exception can be made because he's from Toronto my hometown. Drake, if you like him or not has definitely put the city in the spotlight. From his humble beginnings on Degrassi Junior High to the top of the charts in hip hop music he's taken over and making a name for himself. In that respect, I'll be giving away a Drake "Take Care" cd to one of my Twitter followers.

Another reason I want to do this giveaway is to test and promote a neat little application that was created by @naelshawwa called:


You can follow on Twitter @TwtrTwtrChknDnr

Here are the details of the Giveaway:

Tweet: " @clickflickca This is a piece of cake let me have some @Drake #DrakeCare "

Contest is open to GTA residents only. I'll open the contest until Thursday November 17th at 12noon. I will select the winner using TwitterTwitterChickenDinner :-) Good luck everyone. Here's another video where Drake talks about his song with Stevie Wonder. **All video sources from Youtube**


Heart & Stroke Calendar Lottery

The 5 winners will receive 2 calendars each. One to keep and one to "Pay it Forward" The winners are:







**DEADLINE for the Twitter entries is 11:30am on Nov. 12, 2011. Good Luck everyone!**

To help spread the word and make a difference I'm doing a giveaway again. I'm going to select 5 winners. I'll be giving calendars that make you eligible to WIN money.

Simply Tweet:

"@Clickflickca @TheHSF I want to make a difference. Get a calendar, give a calendar. #GiftAndWin"

For a 2nd chance entry tweet: Tell me how Heart&Stoke has affected you. Add @clickflickca @TheHSF and #GiftAndWin

So you have 2 entry chances at winning via Twitter. I will select the 5 winners on Saturday Nov. 12th at 12pm via The winners will each receive 2 calendars each. Sharing is caring. This contest is only valid to Ontario residents. Good luck!
The contest will end on November 12th at noon.
Details of what you can win with the calendars are mentioned below.

The Heart and Stroke Foundation is back again this year with the Heart and Stroke Calendar Lottery. This is a perfect way to give someone a gift and pay it forward just in time before the holiday season. It's a great gift idea. The Heart and Stroke Calendar cost $25 and gives you a chance to win CASH prizes every day of the year. There are 3 chances every day for the year to WIN cash. I think these odds make it better than buying lottery tickets at the convenience store. If you even win you are re-entered into the draw to win again. That includes the Funtastic Friday $10,000 draw and a month end $100,00 draw and much more. To purchase the calendars online visit here

With the numerous chances of winning the calendars make great gifts. You can "Pay it Forward" by gifting a calendar to a friend or family that is dear to you. It could even be a nice idea to give to a Twitter friend you friended and it's a nice gesture. Truly making it the perfect "Social Gift". The idea is to get a calendar and give a calendar all for a good cause.

I know that we all probably have experienced someone or know someone that has lost a loved one through heart disease or a stroke. Heart disease and strokes are not talked about much because it's a disease you can't see. With my following on Twitter I hope some awareness can be brought to the attention so we can help educate and bring support to heart and stroke research.

If you buy a calendar before November 10th you'll get an extra chance to win $25,000 on a early bird draw. Buy before Dec. 15th and you are entered in a $250,000 draw too! For more info you can visit HeartandStroke

To also find out more info on Heart disease and the lottery itself visit them on Twitter at @TheHSF or search the hashtag #GiftAndWin for more details.
Visit the Heart & Stroke Foundation on Facebook at Heart&Stroke


If you can email it, you can print it. HP Eprint

*** ENTRIES WILL END AT 10:30am *** Winner announced at 12 noon on Nov. 9, 2011 Good Luck!

This past week I was invited to the HP ePrint at Boehmer restaurant hosted by Karen Sealy who is a decor expert and can be scene on "Summer Home" on the HGTV network. This event gave me and other guest the chance to experience ePrint and HP line of printers and technology in a relaxed party atmosphere which was very fun. Who doesn't like cocktails, hor'd'oeuvres and great tunes from DJ Tilt who previously hosted President Obama's inauguration private party for 2,000 of his closest friends.

DJ Tilt plays the tunes for the HP party crowd.

Karen Sealy from tv show "CityLine" and "Summer Home"

Artic Char on some hickory potatoe stick and arugula.

I arrived at the party and met with an HP rep who showcased the line of various ePrint printers. An ePrint printer is a web-based printer. It will allow you to print from your iphone, usb or wirelessly without any hassles. If you can email it, you can print it. The particular model I was shown was the Envy100. I actually downloaded an Iphone App from HP called "HP home&Biz" which allows me to use with the ePrinter(s) Download

So imagine if you have a grandmother who doesn't know how to use a printer at all. If you bought her a printer (Christmas gift idea) and set it up at her home. You can easily send photos of you and your family via an email or through the App and it will automatically print from your grandmother's printer with no hassle. Just remind your grandmother to refill the paper.

Now before I arrived at the party I was walking down the street and took a picture with my iphone. It was a picture of old fashion movie posters and lobby cards that are very colourful and interesting. I just randomly took a pic to add to my photo album. I used this image as a reference to print with one of the ePrint printers. Below is the actual picture and printed piece.

The picture below is an actual ePrint kiosk that is actually now available at the Toronto Pearson airport. It will allow travellers to print boarding passes, maps or anything else a traveller may need to be printed.

Overall, the event was entertaining and lots of fun. It was cool way to see HP showcase eprinters in a cool spot over drinks food and great tunes!

****** TWITTER GIVEAWAY ******

Now HP has generously given me the chance to giveaway one of the HP eprinter to one lucky Twitter person. The HP eprinter model I'll be giving away is the HP Envy 100 eAiO. It has a touchscreen display. It also has this cool feature with a swivel that comes out when something is being printed. So it's a cool printer that has quite the sleek look that would fit perfectly in a room at your home or office. It's Mac and PC compatible too. Here are the specs. Spec Info

All you have to do is send a tweet as follows:

Sample Tweet

"@clickflickca @HPprint I want an Envy 100 ePrinter from @HP #HPeprint"

This Twitter contest is for Canadians only. I will randomly select a winner on Wednesday November 9 at noon. I will use to select a winner. All tweets must have the Twitter handles and the hashtag #HPeprint to win. Good Luck!
*One entry per person*

For more information on HP Visit HPeprint or follow them on Twitter at @HPprint or @HP

What happens in Vegas gets posted on Twitter.

It's always important to recharge and have some personal time. What is personal time? Time for myself to relax and enjoy some fun with my closest friends and family. Starting tomorrow I will begin my trip to Las Vegas and end my trip in San Diego returning to Toronto later this month. I've been to Las Vegas more than 8 times and have always enjoyed Nevada. It's like the Adult version of DisneyLand. Where else can you indulge in all the pleasures and not feel guilty about it. I'm looking forward to staying at the WynnLasVegas resort while in Vegas. If you've never been you should make this the spot to stay. It's like being in the lap of luxury.

This will be my first time visiting San Diego, California. I'm looking forward to this portion of the trip because this is where I'll get to relax and rest and enjoy the view of the Pacific. It helps that I will be only be a few minutes from the beach front. So I hope you enjoy my updates from Twitter/Tumblr and Facebook. If you follow me on Twitter I will use the hashtag #ClickLV and #ClickSD. Why create a hashtag for your trip? Answer: So that you can filter me out from your Twitter stream or follow my escapades in detail. If you have any suggestions for my trip, please tweet me at @clickflickca and let me know. I'm open to ideas and suggestions from you the reader.

Here is a video clip that was shot with @VegasBill and @24K who are two prominent Twitter users in Las Vegas. They are invited to all the big events that happen in Las Vegas. I thought it would be cool to reflect on the comments mentioned from my previous visit as I speak about "Social Media" in general. To see more videos from them, check it out here @VegasBill Videos


Join me at TOktoberfest Oct. 1-2

TOktoberfest is one of the biggest OctoberFest events in Toronto this year. It's going to be hosted by the fine folks at @Schoolville It will be a large party in the parking lot behind School. It will include steins, hats, chants and lots of wobbly pops! There will be live German bands and part of your $10 admission will go to help local charities including a German International School.

If you want to purchase tickets before they sell out, buy here: Tickets

For more details on the event:TOkoberfest

Saturday October 1st 11 AM - 1AM
Sunday October 2nd 11 AM - 6 PM

Did I mention you can win a round trip flight to Germany? If you win and need a partner, just ask me :-) So I hope to see you there on Oct. 1-2 It should be a fun time for all!

Contest for tickets

Win a pair of tickets from me by tweeting the following: " @clickflickca @schoolville I want to party with you at #TOktoberfest "

Winner will be selected via on Monday September 26. See you all there :-)


TIFF - RealTVFilms Social Lodge

During the past week the Toronto International Film Festival took over the city with over 300 movies being presented from Sept 8-18th. RealTVFilms in conjunction with TCHAD Quarterly, SPINToronto and Vocab Communication presented the Social Media Lounge at FStop Toronto. It's basically a one stop shop for various products from various vendors. It's geared for celebrities, actors, filmakers, musicians and social media enthusiasts. It's was quite the experience with complimentary drinks and foods with the musical interludes of the DJ. It was a unique and intimate experience. I met many new faces and business that are showcasing interesting and great products. Check out the various photos and great people I met at Social Media Lodge.

The first company that caught my attention was @chocolachocola1 They are a wholesaler of various desserts and amazing chocolates. They've recently jumped on the Twitter bandwagon so say "Hello" to them. I really liked the chocolate covered popcorn.

Another vendor that caught my attention was @TreccaniMilano They specialize in luxury handmade and custom made shoes. I think they mentioned they would be opening a location in Yorkville very soon.

I love this pair of shoes.

Now can you ladies wear a pair of these red shoes? It's all customizable from design to colour.

The following is various pics from the great day at the RealTVFilms Social Lodge.

Thanks to @SocialLodge @RealTVFilms @TCHADQuaterly @MissVocab and @GordonVasquez for a great experience.
It was a great event to integrate Social Media and the Film Industry. Look forward to TIFF 2012.