2015 Cadillac ATS Coupe Drive – Prince Edward County

Just a few weeks ago, I was invited by Cadillac Canada to experience the 2015 Cadillac ATS Coupe in the picturesque Prince Edward County along Lake Ontario which is approximately 2 hours from Toronto. I had the opportunity to stay at the newly renovated Drake Devonshire Prince Edward County to enjoy an immersive experience of Cadillac and lifestyle.

ATS Coupe in Prince Edward County

The perception of Cadillac has definitely changed from a vehicle that used to be more geared to an older demographic, to a young professional demographic. Fast forward to today and Cadillac is totally different and has elevated the brand. Cadillac has an emphasis on the dynamic design and has a fun to drive performance with lots of new technology. Cadillac is one of the first to have 4G/LTE WiFi. That in itself is a game changer and major innovation. WiFi in the car #FTW!

Why do I like the Cadillac ATS Coupe? 3 reasons: 1. Technology 2. Safety 3. Lifestyle

The ATS, as mentioned, has WiFi that can enable up to 7 devices to connect. It also has Wireless Charging. Charge your phone without fiddling and wrestling with wires or plugs, amazing right? Also the full - colour and reconfigurable Head-Up Display. Receive text message alerts and turn by turn direction by viewing straight ahead with your driving view. No distracted driving here! That's a good thing.

HUD - Heads Up Display Technology-Lane Assist button

Heads Up Display is a great feature.

The other benefits are the Safety features of ATS Coupe.  The Lane Keep Assist, Lane Change Alert, Adaptive Cruise Control and automatic safety belt tightening are just a few of the cool features of the ATS Coupe. The ATS Coupe also has the OnStar Vehicle Diagnostics. The car notifies you when you need to fill air in your tires or how full your gas tank is. This can be viewed on your smartphone too by using the OnStar RemoteLink mobile App. Did you know you can even start your car from the App? You can start your car in Toronto if you were physically in Russia with your smartphone. How cool is that?

OnStar Service

Encompassing all the Technology and Safety features is the attention to details and comfort of the ATS Coupe. It's definitely a car that attracts attention - from the front trademark grill design, to the sexy interior finish. From a finger swipe of the dash to the comfort of the steering wheel(sport mode), it felt good and powerful to be behind the wheel of an ATS Coupe. The car is luxurious and quiet with the various driving modes.

Swipe and touch screen on ATS Coupe dashboard

On that note, here is a fun commercial that encapsulates the forward direction and momentum that Cadillac is gaining by understanding their consumer.

I consider myself an "average-knowledge" person of cars. I've driven many vehicles and this is one of the  top vehicles specifically in the technology and saftey sense for me. For more info: Cadillac Canada

2015 ATS Coupe