Shop with Aeroplan eStore this Holiday Season

I'm sure as you read this post, you're probably reading this on your mobile in the middle of a crowded mall or hustling and weaving your way through crowds and busy streets. You can avoid this or limit the stress by shopping online at Aeroplan eStore. The Aeroplan eStore is an online hub that connects you with over 150 top brand name online retailers. For every dollar you spend through the Aeroplan eStore you can earn at least 1 Aeroplan Mile.

How do you redeem Aeroplan Miles online? Just login into your Aeroplan account, type in your passwords. Click "Shop Now" and it will redirect you the retailers that you select or choose to shop with. Aeroplan will automatically credit your account with Aeroplan Miles on your purchases. Aeroplan Miles will gain you 3 times more rewards if uses in conjunction with car rentals or hotel stays through the Aeroplan eStore with affiliated financial card. #Bonus

Some of the retailers that you can shop at include:

This is just a few of the 150 online retailers. The best part of this site is that certain purchases can even earn twice the Miles especially if your Aeroplan card is linked through your Aeroplan-affiliated financial card. So make the holiday season an easy one and stress free, or at least know for future purchases that this is an easy way to shop and and earn rewards. Happy Shopping everyone.

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JOEY Markville $100 Gift Card Giveaway

Due to the popularity, I'm happy to announce another giveaway from JOEY Restaurants. Just in time for the holidays and the New Year, I would love to have one of my Twitter followers WIN a $100 Gift Certificate to JOEY Markville location. Read details of my experience at JOEY Markville.

In my tweets and my post, I talk more about the main food and the delicious menu items. I want to focus on the desserts this time. The photo above is one of my two favourite desserts at JOEY.
This is the baked to order apple pie, it's hand folded pastry, toasted almonds, caramel with maple ice cream. It's great for sharing, but I don't like to share this one because it's so good. :-)

My other favourite dessert at JOEY Restaurants is the Italian Donuts. It's lemon curd with vanilla mascarpone cream. It's a great treat to share with a friend or your hot date. I encourage you to try one of these selections and tell me if I'm right. JOEY Markville is a great spot to enjoy a drink with a buddy by the bar or casual dining with friends and family. Visit them over the holidays.

On that note, thanks to JOEY Restaurants they have generously given me the opportunity to giveaway a $100 gift certificate. Enter below and Good Luck. Contest is open to Canadian residents only.

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The Art Of Sales Conference in Toronto

The Art of Sales Conference is coming to Toronto on January 28, 2014. Tickets are expected to sell out for this event. This conference is geared for the sales and business professional but if you have a creative inclination and want to understand and learn some tips from a list of professionals in sales, then this event is for you! It's a great way to learn the best practices, trends and even create a greater network in your respective industry. Want to learn how to generate leads or follow up on contacts and create synergies through collaboration. It will be covered and much more at this conference.

Esteemed Speakers:

Daniel H. Pink: Author of 5 provocative books including a New York Times bestsellers.

Mathew Dixon: Executive Director with CEB sales and marketing.

Porter Gale: Marketing Expert with over 20 years of experience in branding, SM and advertising.

Dan Roam: Author of International Best Seller "The Back of the Napkin"

Stephen Shapiro: Authority in innovative culture, collaboration, and open innovation.

Jim Fannin: Business Consultant, Author

Info on the Conference:

Date: Tuesday January 28th, 2014

Venue: Metro Toronto Convention Centre

Time: 9am - 5pm

To get a SPECIAL OFFER on purchase of tickets use code "TWITTERFAN32"

 Twitter Offer

Purchase from 1-3 tickets- Save $50 per ticket with the code.
Purchase 3 or more tickets- Save $100 per ticket with the code.

For more info: The Art Of Leadership

Twitter: @TheArtOf

Hashtag: #TheArtOf

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Black Diamond Holiday Entertaining

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Holiday season is in full effect...it's a time to gather and spend time with loved ones. Whether it be with family or friends or even tweeps, there's no better way to appreciate each other with heart-filled memories over some festive drinks and food.

We all know that the hustle and bustle of the holidays can be quite hectic...even more so when you are the one planning and hosting!! Parmalat Canada has launched their new Black Diamond cheese spread to help you get started with your holiday menus saving you some time by creating simple and unique dishes! Parmalat Canada has found an innovative way to transpire cheese whether it be used in simple hors d'oeuvres or to the intricate main dish that has everyone wanting more.

I had my sister create some simple canapes style by simply taking a tortilla shell, layer some of the Black Diamond cheese spread on top, sprinkle some minced pitted black olives, and start rolling the tortilla...place in oven for a few minutes then cut them into bite sized servings...voila, yummy hors d'oeuvres your guests will enjoy!! Or try combining breadcrumbs, mash potato, ground beef, and a spoonful of spreadable cheese, roll it up into balls and fry...stick some toothpicks and here's another hors d'oeuvre for your guests to sample...or add them to your main pasta dish for that extra special touch and let it melt in!! You can add your add and share your own favorites by visiting http://spreaditdipit.ca/ or view http://www.blackdiamondcheesespread.ca/#home for more ideas!! Credit to my sister for all the food prep help.

                                                                              Photosource: crowningtouchcatering.com

Whether it be for a small get-together with friends, a special gathering with loved ones, or just that quick snack on the go; Black Diamond spreadable cheese is a quick and easy to use!! It's the cheese that can keep up with a busy lifestyle that i live. Scoop and spread it! Done. Simplicity is key for me.

I will offer a $150 Black Diamond Cheese Spread pack to one of my Canadian Followers. I will select one lucky winner on December 20th, 2013. Good Luck!

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Best Buy Mobile Can Help You.

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Photo Source:Helpdesk.com

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you're fumbling at your phone trying to make a call while you're on the road running late and you can't recall the person's number?

Are you aware of the different features available on your smartphone and do you know how to use them all? 

Do you spend time wondering which plans and contracts are best to support your data usage? Do you even know that you can check and track your data usage with your smartphone?

If you can relate to the above questions then it’s time you spoke with a Best Buy Mobile expert! They can help you with the following:

• Best Buy Mobile experts offer impartial advice and can help you to select the best phone, carrier and plan that suit your needs.

• Best Buy Mobile experts are there for you for the life of your phone so when you leave the store, you can feel confident that you have support for all of your mobile needs for as long as you have your phone.

 “Walk Out Working!" This means a mobile expert will set up your email, your Bluetooth headset, transfer data and offer a free lesson on downloading apps so that your phone is working the way you need it to when you leave the store.

• Plus with Best Buy’s 24/7 Ask a Geek online remote support, you have access to help answer any questions you have, wherever you are! You can also come into a Best Buy store at any time and a mobile expert will be there to help you.

Along with my friends at Best Buy Mobile, I hope to help you sort through and resolve some of the common questions I’m asked by my friends and family. Here are a few examples of questions I often receive:

What smartphone platform should I buy? I tell friends and family to buy the same smartphone your closest friends or family use. Why? It makes compatibility a non-issue and you automatically have a resource of people who already know your phone or could help you if needed. Another factor to consider is your home computer system. If you own a mac it would make more sense to buy an iOS device. If you use a Windows computer then it would make more sense to have a Windows phone... I think you are starting to get the picture here...

Does it take good photos? Let's face it, smartphones have come a long way. The quality of photos and videos are of professional quality. I would make sure to get the highest megapixels for your camera for better image quality or purposes. If you plan to print high quality you might want something that includes multiple shooting modes which is a great feature to have; enabling the user to have better control of the photo. Or you might want a more basic image for posting to social channels online and in this case a high megapixel count is considered necessary.

Which smartphone features do you need?  Since I primarily use Social Media tools such as Twitter, Facebook and YouTube via my smartphone, I would make sure I can use these various Native Apps on the smartphone before I make any kind of purchase. There might be other specialized features you may be interested in when it comes time to purchasing a smartphone - consider a phone with gesture mode or Bluetooth capabilities. Technology is constantly advancing so make sure to pick a phone that suits your own personal needs. Sometimes you don't need all those special extra features, sometimes the basics are sufficient for your personal phone requirements.

Battery Life? Are you a heavy or light user of smartphones? If I'm a heavy user, I would like to have a phone that is long lasting in battery life. Data and video consumption are increasing so make sure to pick an appropriate phone. But then again, Best Buy Mobile has the hottest accessories that can assist with your battery life...Best Buy Mobile make your life easier. Best Buy Mobile is focused on providing you with a far more superior experience like no other...they'll be by your side every step of the way!

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JOEY Markville Giveaway

If you follow me on Twitter you know that I love Joey Restaurants. I frequent the Joey Restaurants because I enjoy the atmosphere and their menu. Joey Restaurant has 4 locations in Ontario with the newest one located in Markham: JOEY Markville

I've always had a great time at any of their locations. Food is great, the staff are beautiful-they really are and it's just a great vibe. If you're looking for a place that is not a club but cool to just chill and enjoy great company and food, JOEY's is your place. JOEY reminds me of a Vegas style restaurants. There is an energy and warm feel to the place. I recently visited the newly opened JOEY Markville location and it has all the same features and feel of the other locations. I encourage you to visit and get a sense of the vibe at the new location. JOEY Markville is located at 1247-5000 Highway 7 East, Markham, Ontario.
Great crowd at JOEY Markville

If you need any help on choosing some great dishes or drinks, here are my choices:

Gringo Ice Cap-Beer with slush

Japanese Gyoza

Mashed potato spring rolls

Ahi Tuna Club

Baked to Order Apple Pie

This is my go to choices when I visit JOEY Restaurants. On a side note stay tuned for the launch of JOEY Eaton Centre Private Dining Area. Coming very soon!

Enjoy a bottle of wine with the meat board. Great for sharing.

The mashed potato spring rolls are my favourite. Must try it.

I'm not sure but this might be new and exclusive to Markville location. Key Lime Pie. Spray the lemon.

Thanks to JOEY Restaurants, I will giveaway a $100 Gift Card to JOEY Markville. Tweet me to WIN!

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Best Buy Gamers Club Ultimate Giveaway

Last night, Best Buy Canada launched the release of the PS4 console. The launch in Toronto had various giveaways, a DJ and folks playing on the new PS4. Customers can bring in previously used consoles and trade them in for a Best Buy Gift Card. Check out the bestbuy.ca estimator calculator to see the estimated value in gift cards you can receive.

To help celebrate the launch of the Sony Playstation 4, Best Buy has given me the Ultimate Gamers Package for one lucky Twitter follower. The package includes new PS4 games, and plenty of snacks to munch on including some chocolate bars to boot! This package is worth over $200.

The PS4 games included are:

Assasins Creed IV

Call of Duty Ghosts


BattleField 4

I have a lot of gamer followers on my tweet streams so make sure to enter for free. Don't share this post with others if you want to increase your chances to WIN! I'm kidding, share away if you can.

Tweet: @clickflickca @BBYC_GamersClub I want to WIN the Ultimate Gamers prize pack from Best Buy. #ps4launch

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WIN an Ipad Air with 155 RedPath

155 Redpath - How do you make it a Neighbourgood? from 155 Redpath on Vimeo.

The folks at 155 RedPath which is a condo project by Freed at Yonge & Eglinton are having an Ipad Air Giveaway. They're promoting a feel good vibe in the neighbourhood by promoting random acts of goodness in the area. To find out more about this initiative visit the hashtag #NeighbourGood to see what others are doing in this area in Toronto.

This is a great way for the new development 155 RedPath to become a great new neighbour in the area. I already know that they are located next door by one of my great friends and one of the most social savvy hairsalon's  Evoke Salon.

To enter the Ipad Air contest follow 155 RedPath on Twitter and register at www.redpathcondos.ca/register. Make sure to include your Twitter handle upon registering. The winner will be chosen on November 28th. To get a bonus entry, post a pic of yourself on Twitter or Instagram with the hashtag #NeighbourGood

Good luck! For more info on RedPath and the contest visit here: 155 RedPath


Haiyan Twitter Fundraiser for Red Cross Canada.

One of the largest typhoons to hit the Philippines happened recently on November 6th, 2013. It is known as Typhoon Haiyan or as "Yolanda" in the Philippines. This Typhoon Haiyan has devastated a region consisting of numerous islands and left many fellow filipinos helpless and displaced from their homes. The early media reports are reporting over 10,000 dead while current documents state about 2,000 dead. No matter what the final count is, it is truly a catastrophe of the human race and I am personally saddened to witness numerous accounts being shared on the news, word-of-mouth, and through social media… this is my family homeland.

I have been sending messages through my social channels and have also made a monetary donation but still feel like I need to do more. I wish I could be in the Philippines to give support in anyway possible but that is not a reality at this time. The only way I feel i can help is by raising funds to support the relief efforts. I have chosen the Red Cross Canada as the organization in which I will donate 100% of the proceeds raised through my 5 day Twitter initiative. It's a small contribution given the magnitude of the devastation… but every little bit counts!!

                                                Before and After Google Images of Tablucan in Philippines.

I will giveaway 1 custom t-shirt everyday for the next 5 days to the highest bidder on Twitter every night at 9pmET. All you have to do is tweet me at @clickflickca with your bid amount with the hashtag #HaiyanTO1.. the next day will be #HaiyanTO2

Example Twitter Bid: @clickflickca My bid is $25.00 #HaiyanTO1

The highest bid amount each day will get a custom tshirt with their Twitter name on the back and a full tax receipt received via email immediate after the donation via email. My goal is to raise at least $500 total which in place will be matched by the Canadian government. This monetary donation will help Red Cross fulfill relief efforts in the Philippines. If you cannot support monetarily, please help by retweeting or spreading the message around. This is just as helpful so that people become aware that their is a need for help. I hope you can support in any way that you can. Maraming Salamat!

The highest bid at 9pmET will fill out donation on this link: Donation

The winner can send me a screenshot or email of their tax receipt to receive their custom tshirt. Thanks again for your support. If you do not want to bid for a tshirt but just want to donate and support,  Canadians can help by donating to the Canadian Red Cross fund All 100% of funds will go to support the Haiyan efforts. Red Cross Canada has 100% transparency with donations. You can also text REDCROSS to 30333 and a $5 donation will be sent.


Community Manager Conference November 14th

Photo source: Google/communitymanagement.com

Are you starting to dabble and show interest in a career in Social Media? You may have heard of the term, "Community Manager" which seems to be a term that is evolving rapidly and being appreciated more by enterprise and small business. This conference for community managers will be the first of it's kind held in Toronto. Get informed and inspired but some of the leading community managers from brands and organizations. Learn about emerging platforms, techniques and real-life case studies and best practices that can occur in community management.

When: November 14th, 2013

What: CM1- Community Manager Conference

Why: Learn and Network with like minded individuals.

Where: The Second City 51 Mercer Streeet

To purchase tickets: CM1 TICKETS

For more info on the schedule and conference: www.cm1.ca

TomTom Nike+ Sport Watch Giveaway.

With the evolving trend of wearable tech the TomTom Nike Sport Watch GPS offers you a new running experience. The TomTom GPS receiver works in tandem with the shoe-based Nike Sensor to deliver highly accurate pace and distance data while running. Adds personalization and motivational features to the running experience, including audible sounds, challenges, run reminders and more. Connects directly via your PC or Mac to www.nikeplus.com. This watch will keep you motivated by keeping record of your run history. You'll be able to see your run history and see your progress according to your goals you set.

I have previously reviewed this watch and you can read here: Nike+ Sport Review

Nike+ Sport Watch Features:

· Complete training tracker

· Tracks mapped route via TomTom

· Personal motivation coach

· Connects you to Nike+ community

· Converts mileage into NikeFuel™

· Indoor/outdoor running

Thanks to TomTom and Nike they have given me the opportunity to give one of my Twitter followers a Nike+ Sport Watch GPS powered by TomTom. All you have to do is tweet for a chance to WIN.

Tweet to WIN:

@clickflickca I want to WIN a TomTom @Nike+ Sport Watch http://bit.ly/1aWdVgl #TomTom

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The PhoneSoap Charger

Did you know that your cell phone is 18 times dirtier than your toilet? We all use our smartphones everyday and enjoy the functionality of our devices. We wake up and the first thing most people do is check their phones in the morning. We live in a connected world but have you ever thought about the cleanliness of your smartphone? Watching the video above gave me the goosebumps because it's really gross right? All these phones have bacteria and germs. We just can't see it through normal human sight. Yuck!

Recently I had the opportunity to review PhoneSoap Charger. What is PhoneSoap Charger? PhoneSoap Charger is a cell phone charger that sanitizes your phone. Two powerful UV-C lights eliminate harmful household germs such as cold and flu. The video pretty much explains the details of this product. Attach your phone with your charger and insert into the unit and let it do it's thing for about 5 mins. Voila! You have a clean phone. Honestly I do not see anything different but according to the PhoneSoap folks it kills 99.9% of the bacteria.

PhoneSoap Polish is another product from PhoneSoap. It is an oleo-phobic screen coating that repels fingerprints. Apply it on your phone by using the stick and smudging it with your fingers. For best results it takes over 24hrs. I did not see a big difference or change with this use but maybe i'm a clean guy already. You can view the products at the link below for more details.

If you would love more information or would like to purchase visit here: PhoneSoap
Twitter: @PhoneSoap

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The Art of Leadership Conference

Col. Chris Hadfield singing in space.

If you attended the previous "The Art Of LeaderShip" then you will be excited for the upcoming conference in Toronto on November 26, 2013. If you want to gain knowledge and have a great understanding on what it takes to be a "Leader" this event will help get your juices and motivation going. Get inspired by the speakers and by other like-minded people who share the same inspirations and goals as you. If you are a business professional, entrepreneur, graduate or have a curious mind to learn and be inspired then this conference is for you.

Esteemed Speakers:

Col. Chris Hadfield: Astronaut & Commander of the Space Station.

General Colin Powell: Retired General of the United States of America

Stephen J. Dubner: New York Times Bestselling Author, Freakonomics

Amy Edmondson: Novartis Professor of Leadership & Management at Harvard.

Adam Grant: New York Times Bestselling Author, Give & Take

Info on the Conference:

Date: Tuesday November 26th, 2013

Venue: Metro Toronto Convention Centre

Time: 8:45am - 5pm

To get a SPECIAL OFFER on purchase of tickets use code "TWITTERFAN32"

 Twitter Offer

Purchase from 1-3 tickets- Save $50 per ticket with the code.
Purchase 3 or more tickets- Save $100 per ticket with the code.

For more info: The Art Of Leadership

Twitter: @TheArtOf

Hashtag: #TheArtOf

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Rock The Boat with Captain Morgan & Classified

The Captain Morgan Rock The Boat Concert Series is a 3 city Canadian Tour that makes a stop in Toronto for a fun night with the Captain and a special performance by Classified - Canadian rapper who hails from Nova Scotia and is a Juno Award Winner. I'm sure you've heard his current hit "Inner Ninja" on the airwaves.

The night will have interactive experiences, sampling of Captain & Cola and special performances/DJs throughout the night at the Phoenix Concert Theatre in Toronto.

Thanks to Captain Morgan, I'll be giving away 4 pairs of tickets to the Concert Series in Toronto. Doors open at 9pm.

To enter the contest tweet:

@clickflickca Don’t miss the Captain Morgan Rock The Boat concert feat. @classified RT to win a pair of tickets #CaptainRocks

Pretty simple right? Good luck to everyone that tweets to enter. I'll choose a winner using random.org on Monday November 4th, 2013. Good Luck to everyone that enters.

Contest is for Toronto/GTA entrants only. Winner will receives admission for 2 to this event. No cash value. Valid ID required and must be 19+ to attend the event. Contest details can change without notice and Captain Morgan has the rights and final say of contest.


5th Annual Burroughes Haunted Mansion

What are you doing this Halloween in Toronto? The 5th Annual Burroughes Haunted Mansion party is in full swing again! It takes place this Saturday, October 26th. Everyone will be dressed in costume. Prizes will also be given out for best dressed costume. This event always sells out, so get your tickets soon!

Date: Saturday October 26th

Time: Doors open at 9pm. Must arrive before 10:30 to avoid disappointment.

Venue: The Burroughes Building

Dress Code: Costume.

Purchase tickets: BUY TICKETS

For more info on the event check out the Facebook Page: Burroughes Haunted Mansion

Buick Bucket List Weekend in Cincinnati

I recently received an invitation to take part in the Buick Media Launch for their newest and sportiest addition, the Buick Regal GS 2014. It was being held in Cincinnati, Ohio. To add a little twist to the event, the chosen activities for all the invited guests left them pondering how they could stand in two states at once...to rediscover a lost art-form that has now been predominated by the digital world...thoughts that produced customized bucket-lists...and so the #BuickBucketList theme came about!!

I was flattered by the invitation being the only Canadian contingent, intrigued by the bucket-list theme, and more excited that I had the chance to be bring one of my sisters along for the ride!! My sister doesn't travel a lot if at all...she's a stay-at-home-mom (SAHM) with 5 kids!!! So you can imagine that it was very difficult for her to leave the kids for the weekend (more on this subject later). It was a bittersweet experience for her! Thank you to Buick and Buick Canada on behalf of my sister and I, for making this weekend trip possible, and for helping us check a few things off our bucket lists!! 

Flying from Toronto to Cincinnati took less than 2 hours. My sister didn't know what to expect given that she hasn't been on a plane since she was in grade 7 and also because she isn't fond of anything that can give you that queasy feeling in your tummy. It's nothing a little sleep on the plane can't cure...her nausea eventually subsided. We finally landed in Cincinnati and arrived at our beautiful 21C Museum Hotel. We were welcomed ever so enthusiastically by the friendly Buick and hotel staff. The hotel in itself is very stylish and hip with all the cool art displays found in the main foyer, hotel corridors, and second level. They also took it a step further and incorporated different types of artistic vision, into the suites as well...bathroom tiles that embodied various body parts throughout! Thanks to the 21C Museum for their hospitality and for the spectacular display of artistic mediums!!

I was also taken aback by how Cincinnati was clean and well kept...I hardly saw trash anywhere on the streets or sidewalks. I definitely would recommend a visit to the beautiful city of Cincinnati...also referred to as "CinCity". 

Day 1: Upon checking into our hotel, we are whisked away into an awaiting bus of various lifestyle bloggers from around USA that took us to the American Sign Museum. We were surrounded by flashing lights, neon lights, vintage signage...giving that good ol' southern feel. The American Sign Museum is quite an experience. It was nice to see all the different signs of years gone by and how they could still be accessible to the public. It was interesting to see how Buick through the years has evolved with the times as well...a perfect venue to reflect on classic models to introducing their newest addition...the Buick Regal GS. We enjoyed a wonderful dinner, had an opportunity to mingle with fellow bloggers and the wonderful Buick staff; and appreciate the progress that Buick has made through the years.

Day 2: At the hotel we enjoyed a morning breakfast and a short presentation featuring a few of the Buick car models, also detailing our adventures to Kentucky using the new 2014 Buick Regal. The drive was estimated at an hour and 45 mins...giving me ample time to experience and get a feel for the handling of the car. The drive was scenic and perfect for a road test. The drive was flawless and comfortable. Enjoying the scenery and beautiful vistas made the trip even more enjoyable.

Upon our arrival to our first chosen activity...the Flame Run. We were given the opportunity to create our own glass ornament made from scratch. We were advised that it would be hot in there and boy was it ever hot I felt like I was in a sauna!! It takes getting a little use to, blowing at different speeds, to perfect a glass ornament. Thanks to the folks from Flame Run who were patient with my blowing techniques.

Afterwards, our group enjoyed a lunch at a farm-to-table restaurant called Harvest.  There were a lot of tempting choices being offered on the menu but I have to say...the Soft pretzel bun burger was one of the best burgers my sister and I have ever tasted!! I may have to go back to Cincinnati just to have that again!!

After our lunch at Harvest we ventured to the HoundDog Press where we participated in an informative workshop, taking us back to the printing process that has become a sought after art form in design. The process and creation of posters/graphics is quite the intricate workload. This brings an appreciation to the quality and workmanship of this craft. We ended the night by enjoying a splendid wine tasting/dinner at the Metropole Chef's Table located at the hotel.

Throughout the different bucket list activities, we travelled to each location with our own 2014 Buick Regal. I admit that this car is actually the most athletic of the Buick line. At one point my sister and I got lost enroute to our hotel...using the OnStar made it very helpful which was nice to have since we were not familiar with the city and its highways. Playing with the IntelliLink screen system was easy to use and pairing my smartphone with the car was very simple to do with bluetooth. Overall Buick has redefined this vehicle, in my own opinion, to target a more younger demographic than what it has been in previous years...an older target audience.

The key things I liked about the 2014 Buick Regal:

- Adaptive Cruise Control - Adjustable for different car lengths.

- Blind Spot recognition in the side mirrors, alerting when any vehicle or moving object is in the blind spot.

- OnStar- Just love having a live voice to talk with in the car when needed for directions or in case of emergencies.

- The car seats vibrates when you get to close to an oncoming vehicle ahead of you. Great safety feature.

It's a luxurious car at its finest.

Now as mentioned earlier, my sister joined me on this trip, here's a quick review of her experience written by her:

As a SAHM (stay-at-home-mom) it's hard to set aside time for myself...and having 5 kids just makes it seem next to impossible. So when my brother sent out an email to a bunch of us with the opportunity of accompanying him to Cincinnati, I entertained the thought in my head but quickly squashed it as I thought of my kids. Thoughts started running through my head...who would watch them (keeping in mind that my kids aren't the easiest)??...Can the hubby handle them?? Would he remember to feed them??? lol...At that moment I envisioned my hubby watching them only to be overwhelmed with all the stress of the endless questions, the rants and the raves, and the horror of disrupting the usual bedtime routine!! I embraced reality and sadly knew I had no chance of going. It was only until my hubby suggested that why don't I take my brother up on his offer (which I never imagined could happen) that i jumped at the opportunity without hesitation!! Thoughts...what thoughts?!?! LOL...I was going to Cincinnati..."CinCity"!!!

As we arrived in Cincinnati, we were greeted by our guide, Jordan...nice guy! He showed us the way to our Buick Enclave (yes, I actually learned a few things about names of the models of cars and such!) that was awaiting us. I now have a new appreciation for the Buick brand. A luxurious car indeed!! We arrive at our hotel 21cMuseum and doors are being opened for us left and right...I felt like I was VIP or a celebrity walking the red carpet!! I had a moment...an "all about me" moment!! Okay...it was more about the Buick...nevertheless, It was an awesome experience!! The hotel itself was a sight to take in as actual artwork had been incorporated throughout its interiors...definitely interesting and unique!

I had the opportunity to meet some interesting people to say the least (although I need some work in the socializing department...can you blame me?!? I'm with my little ones all day!) and would like to thank the GM crew for making this trip possible…Natalie, Patrick, Katie, Sasha, Nancy, and Lauren...and to the "lifestyle group". I had an awesome time creating the glass blown ornaments, going back in time learning letterpress, the wonderful meals shared over each other's stories (a nice break from the kids!) and not to mention, the chance to ride in the Buick Regal GS!! (Beats my 2004 van at home any day!) who knows...maybe I can convince the hubby to purchase one in the near future?!?! (Or far future?)...who am I kidding...back to reality!! (as I start putting the laundry away)...

On behalf of my sister and I, I want to give "Thanks" to GM Canada, Buick and Buick Canada for our BuickBucketList adventure!! It gave us the chance to spend quality time together, it gave her a well-deserved break from the kids, and it also gave me a better understanding of how much GM Canada is dedicated to understanding their community and customers...where different lifestyles can meet!!

Website: Buick Canada

Facebook: Buick

Twitter: @Buick @BuickCanada

Instagram: BuickUSA

Purchase/Info on Buick Regal: Buick Regal