Spinzo Saves Toronto!

This is going to be a fun contest with a spin on it. I want you to experience a whole new meaning when it comes to savings!!! Check out #SpinzoSavesTO and request cash savings on anything you want!! That's right, ANYTHING YOU WANT!!! Find yourself eyeing those shoes or that must-have purse...needing a little getaway from the hussle and bussle of every day life?? Well, Spinzo is here to make life a little bit more exciting and at the same time, we'll help put cash back into your pockets making life "oh, so much more sweeter!!" Check them out and give us a SPINZO!!!

I'm going to give away $50 Gift Cards to the movies, Itunes, pre-paid credit cards or even gift certificates to some restaurants. So what do you need to do to WIN? Tweet me any type of purchase request. It could be anything you want.

Here's an example: Tweet me at "@clickflickca @spinzotoronto I want a new High Definition Television. #SpinzoSavesTO

*You can enter any item you want in the tweet*

If you want to ENTER another contest by Spinzo go to the Facebook page Spinzo for a chance to win a trip to the Dominican Republic.

Now this is the last summer weekend in Toronto so let's have some fun with this contest. I will randomly select a winner on Sept.7th using 1 entry per day. This contest is open to Canadian residents only. Good luck to everyone that enters! For more info on Spinzo:

Web: Spinzo

Twitter: @SpinzoToronto

Facebook: Spinzo Facebook

*Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Spinzo Toronto. I will receive compensation for this post but all opinions are my own. Vacation contest will be chosen by Spinzo Toronto only.


Want to be a Moodie Foodie?

Are you in the mood for food?? If you follow me on Twitter you already know my feelings about this. Look no further as Sobey's has made it quite simple!! Depending on your mood, the creative people behind Sobey's came up with a new Moodie Foodie app!! Download it FREE Moodie Foodie

Whatever mood you're in, you can find delicious recipes that amplify your mood and taste buds, all the while, being able to share them with friends and family!! Can't quite find what you're looking for? Be able to create your own unique Moodie Foodie sensations by posting and matching your own recipes and pictures of how you really able to search for people who are feeling the same way and take home new recipes for you to try… you never know, some may even change your mood and allow you to take your creativity even further!! Now, "orange you glad you're not a banana?!?!"-Womp, womp!

Thanks to Sobeys I'm going to give one lucky Canadian winner a $50 Sobeys pre-paid gift card in exchange of trying this NEW app.

Here's what you got to do to WIN:

Download the App.

Play with it and check it out.

Enter your own recipe and tell me the "name of your recipe" in a tweet that includes the hashtag #MoodieFoodie

Example: "@clickflickca @Sobeys I made a Peach and Prosciutto appetizer using the #MoodieFoodie App."

I will select one random winner on September 6th. You can enter as many times as you like. Good luck to all that enter the contest. Look forward to some unique and simple recipes.

*Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Sobeys. I will receive compensation for this post but all opinions are my own.

Make it Original with Astro Yogourt

Recently I had the opportunity to attend an event with Astro Yogourt at Nella Cucina. Nella Cucina is a Cooking School and store that has a fully completed professional kitchen with everything you need to make that perfect dish. I had the opportunity to create a dish with yogourt. I'm not an expert on yogourt or food preparation but I was a little confused. I usually only have yogourt as a breakfast or lunch item with the fruit bottoms in a cup.

I learned that yogourt can be used in many more ways than my own understanding. You can use it in sauce, marinate or even make chocolate brownies out of it! The results are endless with yogourt. For more details on creative ways to use Astro yogourt, see the recipes here for more ideas: Astro

It's made from natural ingredients
It's Kosher.
No gelatin.
Can be used for ingredients and not just for breakfast in a cup.

I invited a couple @Beachrockinc and @AmandaBlake9 to make a dish with yogourt. They made a Flanked Steak with Yogourt Chipotle dish and a Fettucini Primavera pasta dish: Flanked Steak recipe

This is the sauce made with Astro Greek yogourt for the flanked steak.

This is the Fettucini Primavera dish made with Astro Balkan plain yogourt: Fettucini Recipe

Now I made the saucy mango chicken dish above. To be honest as a person that doesn't cook very often due to my busy schedule it was simple and quick to make. If i can make it you can too! Here's the recipe. Very simple to make. Mango Chicken

This is the kitchen with all the ingredients to use.

I want to give "Thanks" to the folks at Astro Yogourt for allowing us to make tasty dishes using Astro yogourt. They even gave us these coolers with ice packs to keep our leftovers for dinner the next day!

Visit them on the web at

Visit them on Twitter at @AstroYogourt

New York City Never Sleeps - Wrong!!

I had the opportunity to visit New York City recently with friends. Here is a quick overview of our trip with @Canadian88 and @beachrockinc Now I've been to NYC several times but this trip was unique because it was very unplanned and random. The way a trip with guys should be. While exploring the city, I had a smartphone and camera in hand to take photos of pretty much anything that caught my attention. I took a photo of 1 person who was sleeping. I took the pic because of the randomness and let's be honest it's funny at first!

After walking many streets of New York, I continued to take more photos and suddenly noticed a pattern that lots of people in NYC are sleeping. It was not my initial idea to take photos of people sleeping it just became apparent and random. So here is some photos from my observations. It is sad that most of the pics are people who are probably homeless. What began as just an observation became a reality we live. Hopefully this addresses and brings to life the real life issues people are experiencing in the USA and in other cities. I'm not a political guy but there is obviously something wrong with these pictures.

I'm not sure how this post will be received but I'll let you know that it started as a joke and became more of a reality check to me. Going on this trip made me learn not to take anything for granted and to appreciate what life gives to you. Tell me what you think. What's your reaction?