What happens in Vegas gets posted on Twitter.

It's always important to recharge and have some personal time. What is personal time? Time for myself to relax and enjoy some fun with my closest friends and family. Starting tomorrow I will begin my trip to Las Vegas and end my trip in San Diego returning to Toronto later this month. I've been to Las Vegas more than 8 times and have always enjoyed Nevada. It's like the Adult version of DisneyLand. Where else can you indulge in all the pleasures and not feel guilty about it. I'm looking forward to staying at the WynnLasVegas resort while in Vegas. If you've never been you should make this the spot to stay. It's like being in the lap of luxury.

This will be my first time visiting San Diego, California. I'm looking forward to this portion of the trip because this is where I'll get to relax and rest and enjoy the view of the Pacific. It helps that I will be only be a few minutes from the beach front. So I hope you enjoy my updates from Twitter/Tumblr and Facebook. If you follow me on Twitter I will use the hashtag #ClickLV and #ClickSD. Why create a hashtag for your trip? Answer: So that you can filter me out from your Twitter stream or follow my escapades in detail. If you have any suggestions for my trip, please tweet me at @clickflickca and let me know. I'm open to ideas and suggestions from you the reader.

Here is a video clip that was shot with @VegasBill and @24K who are two prominent Twitter users in Las Vegas. They are invited to all the big events that happen in Las Vegas. I thought it would be cool to reflect on the comments mentioned from my previous visit as I speak about "Social Media" in general. To see more videos from them, check it out here @VegasBill Videos