Bon Jovi Ticket offer

Here's the details of the contest! The 5 W's

Who can win? Anyone who Retweets the #ICE tweet on Twitter: "Interact, Communicate and Engage on Twitter. It makes it more fun to use."

Where: The draw will be drawn by me from all the names in a hat. Simple and basic.

What: You will win a pair of tickets to Bon Jovi concert. Seating locations vary for each pair.

When: The draw will start at 8pmET for the concert on July 21st in Toronto.

Why: Why am I doing this? I'm doing this to give back to people I follow and to continue to use #ICE because it's fun! Hopefully new followers will learn and spread the word! It's makes Twitter fun too!

I made the purchase of tickets at a discount so these tickets cost me my own money. I hope you do not resell the tickets for profit. I would really like to use these tickets for those that are true fans. Why would I do this? Simple, Twitter has rewarded me more than the cost of these tickets so giving back is simple and easy decision. I'm not working for a company or PR firm. I'm just giving because that's how i roll! No hidden agendas here. Sharing is caring :-) Now Good Luck to all. Arrangement to pick up tickets can be discussed via email after!!

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