Occipital 360 Iphone App.

I'm a big fan of the iphone and all the amazing Apps that can be used from "Productivity" to "Photographic" Apps. I stumbled upon this App which cost $1.99 in the Itunes stores. It's called Occipital 360 Iphone App. It allows you to create 360 picture views by simply clicking and dragging. This is different from other photo stitch Apps because you don't have to match multiple photos. All you have to do is drag and it creates the 360 image for you. It will automatically save to your photo album. You have the choice of even emailing the pic or upload to Twitter. Check it out if you have a chance :-)

Here is a sample i took. It took 12 secs to click and drag. Not a bad result.

Gives you the option to upload straight to Twitter. I like this option.

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