Ford Canada and the North American Auto Show

This past week I had the opportunity given to me by Ford and Ford Canada to join 150 bloggers in Detroit for the North American International Auto Show. It is one of the world's largest showcase of automobiles and much more. The overall experience that took place over 3 days in Dearborn, Michigan was truly inspiring and a great learning experience. Over the coming days this blog will showcase what Ford the Motor Company is doing socially as a company as a whole. It will also showcase the cars they have introduced at the Detroit Auto Show. To be honest the first thing I think of when the word comes out about Ford is "Rob Ford". For those that do not know he is the mayor of Toronto who has had a controversial role as mayor in the city. What does this have to do with Ford the brand you may ask? Well Rob Ford is in the business of making change in a large city in Toronto for the good. If you live in Toronto you know how difficult it has been in the public face. Switch over to Ford Motor company and they are embracing a new way of business too! They are using social media channels to engage and give a better understanding of the brand and the rich history. I just thought I'd through the Rob Ford in to give it a change up. Yes this is how I write in a weird way.

Going back to the fact that Ford company invited non-auto bloggers is a testament to the forward thinking and the jump into social media by one of the largest american companies. If an automobile company does not do well then the economy as a whole gets affected. If the mayor of Toronto makes a stupid decision then the city is affected. Get where I'm going here so far? Hang tight here with me. Inviting non-auto bloggers to this recent event is smart. It enables you to spread the word to different markets that have not had much penetration. Fashion and Art are a few examples of bloggers that do not talk about cars so much in their blogs. The majority of the bloggers invited are "Mommy bloggers" who have a significant role in purchasing power in the household. Do you really want to read about how much horsepower a car has? Or are you just happy to hear that a car comes in multiple colours like red or blue with black leather interior? Everyone is different but I would assume the latter in this case. Aesthetics and simplicity are key to purchases. So to complete my thoughts in this blog. Rob Ford and Ford Motor Company are in the business of making sure we live in a happy environment with the proper services. We've all heard the saying of FORD = "Fix Or Repair Daily" That is definitely not the case with the Ford Motor Company but with Rob Ford... that still remains to be seen.

I know you are expecting pics and images to the Auto Show but I thought I preface it with a nice and gentle intro into this blog series. The following video is Scott Monty who is the head of Social Media at Ford Company. I asked him how Social Media has affected his industry. I hope you enjoy.


Julia Gabriel said...

While I think that your point about them including Mommy Bloggers because we have the majority of the purchasing power in a household is a good one the other about only Aesthetics and simplicity are key to purchases is absolutely wrong. I know that for me gas mileage, safety, technology that makes my life easier and how often a car will need maintenance are far more important then the colors the exterior and interior come in. If i don't have a car that works then it's useless to me.

Color and looks don't even make the list but if the car happens to be in a color I like I just count that as a plus.

I am thrilled that Ford is taking an interest in social media it can only benefit all of us if a company takes the time to listen.

Margaret B said...

I like how Ford Canada has not only focused on "Mommy Bloggers" but others as well, who may potentially have more disposable income (after all they don't need to cover costs for all those toys, food, diapers etc..).

While I admit mommy bloggers have a strong voice, so do you as you speak to the general public, such as myself who isn't a mommy, but definitely has the income to afford a Ford for my outdoor adventures/road trips.

It was GREAT to see your post and your thoughts, and can't wait to read more about what Ford is doing with social media/engagement.