Emergency Preparedness Week - May 6 - 13

In conjunction with @RedCrossTalk this week starting Sunday is known as "Emergency Preparedness Week. Are you or your family prepared for an "Emergency"? It's important to define what an "Emergency" is first. An Emergency can be defined as " A Serious, unexpected, and often dangerous situation requiring immediate action. "

So what type of emergencies can occur here in Toronto or GTA for you? Maybe a serious weather warning? Have you noticed that the weather seems to be unpredictable lately? As the weather get warmer we are outside more and more susceptible to conditions outside. We can be by the water and conditions can suddenly change without warning. Are you prepared? If not read this blog post/Twitter Stream and get prepared. We all don't think it will ever happen to us but you never know. What if? Since I'm learning about Emergency Week stuff with you, I want to know what you can do to better prepare yourself for an emergency.

The Red Cross has given me a fanny pack full of stuff that can help in the event of an emergency. It's a fun way and portable way to be prepared. Red Cross is bringing the fanny back! :-) On that note, I want to give some of my readers/followers an Emergency fanny pack. Send me a tweet via Twitter at @Clickflickca and tell me your own tip or ways of how you prepare for a possible Emergency. Or tell me an example of a possible emergency. Hopefully through our social streams we can all learn a tip or two! Tag your tweet with #SaveYourFanny and I'll select a few winners this coming Sunday May 13th! You'll get to win one of these packs below to keep you prepared for an Emergency!


boeydad said...
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Anonymous said...

Emergency Preparedness kits of all shapes and sizes for 72 hours or 7 days. The important point is to have one and Be Prepared. Fantastic to see the Red Cross come up with the fanny pack and the humorous campaign to raise the awareness.