Go Further with Ford 2012 Conference Series 2

Welcome to Day 2 of the Go Further with Ford Conference review. On the 2nd day it was a full day of informative sessions on technology and trends. The information was very interesting because it showcased how much work and research is involved in creating an innovative product. A Ford engineer showcases a demo of translating Spanish language to English through a Ford Sync cloud translator. Cloud computing seem to be a key component to this session.

The StyleCaster Panel was my favourite session because it talked about future trends from different aspects such as fashion, industrial and furniture design. The esteemed panelists gave the audience insight into future trends they predict in technology and their respective industries.

Christina Siriano is an American fashion designer who gained lots of attention after winning a reality show called "Project Runway". He talked about how Social Media accelerated his fashion brand. He also talked about Italian Mills fabricating material through organic process and that environmental processes will be a trend to acknowledge. Other future trends include the terms of "Cross Pollination" and "Democratization". One thing that stuck to mind is having the "Global is Local" approach and streamlining with noise abatement. The other trends talked about streamlining technology and having info at the your finger tips.

One of the more popular session involved Adrian Grenier of "Entourage" fame. He is a partner with that is a site primary focused on living an environmental lifestyle. He talked about his partnership with Ford to promote better well-being and lifestyle choices through a focus on environment ways.

A Ford Engineer demonstrates how much Research and Development is involved in creating fuel efficiency through a wind tunnel showcasing the turbulence and windflow on a Ford vehicle.

Here is a nice storyboard and collection of ideas from the Environmental session held with Adrian Grenier.

One of the most fun parts of the sessions was being able to attend a place called Tech Shop. This is a unique workshop on innovation. You can basically create whatever your mind thinks of at this location to some degree. A dinner/concert reception was being held here. I thought I'd give you a little of the sights and sounds upon arrival.

Here is a small sampling of the cool stuff they create and do at the Tech Shop. Tech Shop and Ford have partnered together to keep innovation and technologies at the forefront.

Here is a group that was enjoying the festivities of the day. Fun times with Ford.
All images are taken with a Samsung NX20


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