Strut for a Good Cause.

I recently had the opportunity to attend an event to promote a campaign to End Violence Against Women. It was recently held at the Turf Lounge located at 330 Bay Street and hosted by Toronto morning news personality Steve Anthony @SteveAnthony

The event also had Matt Jones representing BEAM Global Canada. He was able to make guest various special cocktails for the evening. He made 2 special drinks for the evening:

Slingback Cocktail: Maker's Mark Bourbon with apple, peach and lime juice.

Blistered Stilletto: Maker's Mark Bourbon with vermouth, spiced syrup garnished with a flamed orange zest as pictured above.

The food being served included canapes such as Chorizo & Manchego pizzettes pictured above, duck proscuitto with Waldarf salad in a shrimp chip, and shoe string frites in lemon aioli. The frites were my favourite of the night.

The primary purpose of the evening was to bring awareness and to promote an upcoming event "Walk a Mile in Her Shoes". This event is organized by the White Ribbon Campaign. You can create a team and you are asked to wear a pair of high heels and walk a mile. I had the opportunity to put on a pair of heels and it did feel awkward but it's all for a good cause. It didn't help that I had polka dot socks on either but i digress. I hope you can join them in this great charity event in Toronto.

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