5th Annual Pedigree Adoption Drive.

I do not own a dog and have never owned a pet. My two sisters own dogs and treat them like they're a part of the family. At first I never understood the importance of having a dog but I appreciated through my sisters' experiences that they play a vital role in their individual families. The dogs have given my sisters a sense of responsibility. Dogs also provide a feeling of companionship and unconditional love. Dogs love attention so when you are down or upset you forget about your own issues which is a good thing. Having to walk your dog everyday forces you to have the responsibility and the added exercise is a bonus!

I'm sure there are gratifications to owning a pet but right now, I'm not personally prepared to commit to owning one due to my hectic schedule and lifestyle. This is where you come in. I usually blog about giveaways or events I attend but this is a different type of post. This entry is more about awareness and social good. Sharing is caring.

Pedigree for the 5th year in a row will be donating up to $150,000 from purchases of Pedigree product to help support over 30 different dog shelters across Canada. I'm hoping that you can participate in the adoption of a dog. Maybe you've been thinking of getting a pet but wasn't sure. Hopefully the info in this post is incentive for you to the adopt.

I'm hoping this triggers someone to adopt "Amos" an 11 month old male huskie/rottweiler breed. He loves people and loves getting his ears rubbed and his chin scratched. He is a little insecure around some dogs especially males. The trainer of this dog thinks he was probably abused before he was rescued. Amos is looking for a new home. Hopefully, one of my followers or readers may know someone that has an interest. For info, contact Turtle Gardens Animal Rescue at 250-696-3188. This dog is in Vancouver so hopefully one of my followers down there can spread the news.

If you would like more info on adopting a dog, here is the info: Adoption

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meredith said...

I adopted a dog 6 years ago from a rescue organization. Best thing I ever did. She had been through so much-been adopted out and returned 3 times, couldn't trust anyone (person, dog, etc). It took a lot of patience & understanding but it was completely worth it. I hope Amos finds his forever home soon.