Remote Control fun with the Sphero

I'm sure you've started to see this glowing ball around on the web or popping up in your local area…. Sphero! What is Sphero? Sphero is a robotic ball gaming system that you control via your smartphone or tablet. This is kind of similar to RC cars that we grew up playing with but even better. The Sphero enables you tilt, touch and swing your smartphone for play. This robotic ball will amaze your friends and family. I had the perfect opportunity this long weekend to show my family the Sphero and they were all amazed and confused in a good way. Why? To be able to control a glowing ball from your smartphone is cool and that's just remarkable advancement in technology.

To begin using the Sphero all you have to do is charge the robotic ball and download the Sphero App which is FREE, into your smartphone. It works with iphone, ipad and Android. Currently you can download several FREE Apps in conjunction with the Sphero. Using the additional apps makes using the Sphero even more fun and enhances the social aspect of the Sphero. I've only had the opportunity to use the single unit and experiencing it firsthand has brought back those fond memories where a kid can be a kid again but as an adult. You can do tricks, record and even take photos while playing with the Sphero.

In this video, I had my nephew test it out. We had the neigbourhood kids watching him play with this glowing ball.

The Sphero can also become a joystick which enables you to experience something very different. Here is another example of Sphero game flexibility using a game called Exile.

The Sphero has a whole Gaming Network "SpheroVerse" so you can track your achievements with your Sphero. It will track distance travelled, tricks you've completed etc.

This is one of the interfaces on the iphone for the Sphero.

I can't wait to give this a try! Augmented Reality with Sphero.

Overall, my favourite part about the Sphero is that it was really exciting to see my nephews and nieces' faces filled with enthusiasm and awe. They were so intrigued that they couldn't wait their turns to take over the ball and controls of the Sphero. Another cool thing about the Sphero is the flexibility that everyone can enjoy their own entertainment and of others. I haven't played the social games yet but that will be next in my blog updates.. having a ball for now. For now if you need more details on Sphero visit here: GOSphero

Where to buy: Best Buy Canada Retail Value: $129.99

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Disclosure: I have received compensation for this post and all opinions are my own and not reflective of Best Buy Canada or Sphero.


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