Hello Eco Chasers!

Hey Eco Chasers,

Hope you’re enjoying taking part in this year’s Eco Chase!

I’m here to provide you with some intel on how you can score some extra points during your race.

One of the sponsors of this year’s Eco Chase, is, Ontario’s e-waste diversion program, operated by Ontario Electronic Stewardship. Since April 2009, more than 200,000 tonnes of electronic waste has been collected and successfully diverted from landfill across the province, greater than any other diversion program of its kind in Canada.

To score 5 bonus points, take a photo of one of the items accepted by the program, and tweet it out to all your followers! Make sure you include:

· the hashtag #EcoChase

· your team name

· My Twitter handle: @clickflickca

Hint: the list of items accepted by the program is right here

Good luck!

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