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Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you're fumbling at your phone trying to make a call while you're on the road running late and you can't recall the person's number?

Are you aware of the different features available on your smartphone and do you know how to use them all? 

Do you spend time wondering which plans and contracts are best to support your data usage? Do you even know that you can check and track your data usage with your smartphone?

If you can relate to the above questions then it’s time you spoke with a Best Buy Mobile expert! They can help you with the following:

• Best Buy Mobile experts offer impartial advice and can help you to select the best phone, carrier and plan that suit your needs.

• Best Buy Mobile experts are there for you for the life of your phone so when you leave the store, you can feel confident that you have support for all of your mobile needs for as long as you have your phone.

 “Walk Out Working!" This means a mobile expert will set up your email, your Bluetooth headset, transfer data and offer a free lesson on downloading apps so that your phone is working the way you need it to when you leave the store.

• Plus with Best Buy’s 24/7 Ask a Geek online remote support, you have access to help answer any questions you have, wherever you are! You can also come into a Best Buy store at any time and a mobile expert will be there to help you.

Along with my friends at Best Buy Mobile, I hope to help you sort through and resolve some of the common questions I’m asked by my friends and family. Here are a few examples of questions I often receive:

What smartphone platform should I buy? I tell friends and family to buy the same smartphone your closest friends or family use. Why? It makes compatibility a non-issue and you automatically have a resource of people who already know your phone or could help you if needed. Another factor to consider is your home computer system. If you own a mac it would make more sense to buy an iOS device. If you use a Windows computer then it would make more sense to have a Windows phone... I think you are starting to get the picture here...

Does it take good photos? Let's face it, smartphones have come a long way. The quality of photos and videos are of professional quality. I would make sure to get the highest megapixels for your camera for better image quality or purposes. If you plan to print high quality you might want something that includes multiple shooting modes which is a great feature to have; enabling the user to have better control of the photo. Or you might want a more basic image for posting to social channels online and in this case a high megapixel count is considered necessary.

Which smartphone features do you need?  Since I primarily use Social Media tools such as Twitter, Facebook and YouTube via my smartphone, I would make sure I can use these various Native Apps on the smartphone before I make any kind of purchase. There might be other specialized features you may be interested in when it comes time to purchasing a smartphone - consider a phone with gesture mode or Bluetooth capabilities. Technology is constantly advancing so make sure to pick a phone that suits your own personal needs. Sometimes you don't need all those special extra features, sometimes the basics are sufficient for your personal phone requirements.

Battery Life? Are you a heavy or light user of smartphones? If I'm a heavy user, I would like to have a phone that is long lasting in battery life. Data and video consumption are increasing so make sure to pick an appropriate phone. But then again, Best Buy Mobile has the hottest accessories that can assist with your battery life...Best Buy Mobile make your life easier. Best Buy Mobile is focused on providing you with a far more superior experience like no other...they'll be by your side every step of the way!

Disclosure: I received compensation for this post. However, all opinions expressed are 100% my own. 

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