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What drives you...literally? Driving is a big responsibility yet it opens up a multitude of opportunities. What do I mean? I am a person that lives in the city and craves the amenities of the local shops & different neighbourhoods. My modes of transportation include walking or taking the local transit system to get to various points of interest within the city. It continues to be a fun and enjoyable commute for a city dweller.

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On the other-hand, driving a car is a game changer, let me explain. There are so many benefits to driving. The main benefit is being able to visit different places beyond your local area of your choosing. Living downtown you get a little accustomed to seeing the same things over and over. It becomes repetitive...sometimes too routine. Being able to drive and explore different places becomes exhilarating and liberating. You get to venture out and discover unknown territory... in places you never knew existed. It frees you to explore different cultures and ways of living. You begin to realize where Toronto derives being called a multicultural city. It's like having the whole world within a city.

Explore and be curious. 

Dabbling outside of your comfort zone now and then is also amazing for the soul. It opens your mind to endless opportunities. I encourage you to drive somewhere that you have never been before and experience the thrill of where life takes you. It could be another city, a few hours drive away, or just being able to bask in one of nature's beautiful scenic routes... apart from your usual local sights and sceneries. Be creative. Be spontaneous. Don't own a car or vehicle? No problem. Today there are many options to getting around such as a car sharing companies, services, and car-pooling to name a few. Do not limit yourself. Try a new adventure... go out...explore!! Find your "drive"... you'll love it!!

Thanks to the folks at Schick they can help kick-gear your future adventure with this contest!

Enter this cool contest! The Schick Drive Free Contest. Purchase any specially marked Schick product ( look for a yellow Drive Free for a Year sticker ) & register for the contest online or on your smartphone at Two ways to enter. Schick will also be doing weekly giveaways from Twitter @freeyourskinCA  throughout the duration of the contest until September 2015.

1- With purchase. Once you've registered, enter your unique PIN code. You could WIN instantly! Also every entry automatically enters you for a chance to Drive Free for a Year.

Look for the specially marked Schick products with Yellow Drive Free for a Year sticker.

2 - Without a purchase: Write a 50 word essay on "Why Schick" is your favourite brand and mail it to: Schick Drive Free for a Year Grand Prize Draw & Instant Win Promotion (Request for No Purchase unique PIN number), Dept 3112, Box 9500 Lakeshore West PO, Oakville ON L6K 0G4. You'll receive a unique code and you could visit for your chance to WIN instantly!

Over 2,450 instant prizes that include GPS systems, pre-paid gas cards and sunglasses! The Grand Prize winner will have Schick pay your gas, insurance & depreciation for a year! Good Luck everyone! 

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Disclaimer: This post was created in partnership with Schick and I received compensation for this post.

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