Are you a Self Maker?

Be a #SelfMaker
*** Updated September 5th***

**** Last night I attended a Blue Jays game with 3 random people I did not really know. I randomly invited 3 strangers via Social Media-Twitter specific. I have met 3 new friends & everything went well. Thanks to @NadiaPR @GavinGraham & @andreaLG for a great evening & I look forward to continuing the friendship with all of them. Be a Self Maker & challenge assumptions. Your confidence and well being will benefit! :-) ****

Guys, have you ever done something really odd or unusual? Are you the type that can take chances and have the courage to just do it? If you're afraid to do something, shake it off and have the confidence to just go for it. Tonight I'll be attending the Blue Jays game with 3 people I hardly know. I'm sure they're all great people but I'm taking a chance with these folks who might not be as sociable or might be total worlds apart-it's all good.

The BlueJays are the hottest ticket in town. I could invite my friends & family but I've decided to just invite 3 randoms. Why invite 3 randoms? I say F!@# it & have fun! There will be 40,000+ fans who will be cheering with enthusiasm. Meeting 3 new people that eventually become new friends is worth it and I love learning from other people about life in general. If you always stay in your comfort zone, you don't progress. I want to find out what the world has to offer!! Maybe I think differently but I'm not too worried.. I want to experience life to the fullest and meet different people. Life is too short!! Sometime you need the motivation go do something out of your comfort zone. It's all about confidence! Watch this Thugli video below for some inspiration. Maybe you have what it takes to be a Self Maker!  Stay tune to this post for an update on my evening at the Jays game. Wish me luck! #SelfMaker

Disclosure: This post is created in partnership with Axe Canada, however all opinions expressed are 100% my own. #SelfMaker