Gift Ideas for that person who....

Here is a list of 6 gift ideas you might want to add to your Christmas or if you are contemplating what to get that special someone this holiday season. I hope this helps you with no particular bias. These are all items I personally own and have recently received for my own personal use.  All cost are denoted & averaged.

Facial Fuel $40.00Cdn plus taxes. Photo:

Kiehl's Facial Fuel

For the person who likes to look proper... Kiehl's Facial Fuel is amazing. And their return policy is a bonus! If their stuff doesn't work you can return and get a refund. This isn't the same stuff you buy at Shopper's Drug Mart. I like different care products at Shoppers but some are just basic moisturizers without the extras... some of Kiehl's products are serum based which basically means more intensity for skincare. I love using the Facial Fuel line. This is great for the guy or gal that needs to take their self-care to the next level. 

Cost: $50US plus taxes (including shipping from US & customs for additional cost) Photo:

Amazon Echo Dot

For that lazy person... Amazon Echo Dot is a small compact device. It's hands-free, voice controlled device that uses your bluetooth. Use the Amazon Echo Dot like you would use Siri on an iphone. Ask Alexa, "What is the weather like today?" or Alexa, "Where is the closest Best Buy location?" .... Alexa What is the score in today's Toronto Raptors game?" This is a great nifty gift. One caveat is that it's only available in the USA for now.  If you still want to get one, head to the US or order it online at a place like B&H Camera in NYC.

Cost: $19.99Cdn plus taxes. Photo:

Belkin Surge Protector

For that person that likes to travel
.... Belkin Surge Protector is another small device. It's got 3 AC outlets and 2 USB slots. It also has a 360 degree rotating plug. This is perfect to position your plug properly when in hotel rooms. This is a great gift for that business or heavily mobile user who has a laptop, ipad and mobile device on the go... the perfect travel companion for power.

FitBit- Various styles range $99.99- $199.99Cdn. plus taxes

FitBit Activity Tracker

For that active person
... Fitbit is a great for that active person who's always on the move. It tracks your activities from heart rate, breathing, steps and how much you sleep & much more. Even if you're not an active person this definitely motivates you to become active & that in itself is worth it. It will change your life quite literally because of the gamification and ease of use. The component of the mobile app and online groups makes you feel like you signed onto something more than just a fitness tracker, you've gained a motivated group of friends & family & great online support group!

Remedy Bar: $60.00Cdn. plus taxes

Saje Wellness

For that mindful person... Saje Welllness is essential oils and natural products that are just great for the mind & wellness of you. They come in many different aromas but i like the "Remedy Bar" set. It emcompasses everything with mind, appetite and stress. You basically roll on your temple, forehead or neck and feel it work wonders by the scent. They also sell the oils to be used in a diffuser so it's perfect gift for the home or condo.

This can range from $50.00 & up depending on the race you sign up for.

Race Entry Fee

For the person that needs some motivation... Experience over gifts are always a great choice. I recommend pre-registering someone for a 5K race (Sporting Life 10K) or walk or giftcard to the popular Ninja Canada obstacle courses or Pursuit OCR. Trust me, if you know the person well, they will love you for the motivation and challenges your friend to achieve a goal. Who doesn't like friends who are motivating right?

Overall, these are no-frills gifts that hopefully will help you with your gift shopping this holiday. Good luck and let me know what you think..... I'm always looking for feedback or tips on great gift ideas!

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