I walk the talk...

Are you daring enough to try something thrilling? The CN Tower in Toronto recently introduced a new attraction called Edge Walk and it's quite the unique experience. It's billed as an extreme urban adventure not for the faint of heart. I jumped at a chance to join Lisa @lisamcphee and Keith @specialKca on this crazy attraction.

Prior to the walk up top of the CN tower we all had to sign waivers, take a breathalyzer and get swabbed and locked all loose items into a locker that is provided. We then got fitted into jumpsuits and a harness and quadruple checked for proper safety before heading up the tower. We had a fun group because 2 others in our group of 6 were celebrating their birthdays the same day. At this point in the process the whole group was full of anticipation.

Lisa getting a breathe check.

This is me signing the contract. I did not read it at all. Oops!

Getting suited up prior to the walk at the Base Station.

Current weather conditions prior to the walk.

Viewer's discretion advised on watching the following videos. You may get nauseous especially if you are not fond of heights.

As soon as we reached the top of the tower the vista was simply amazing. We were scheduled at 7:30pm which was a perfect time because the sun was setting upon the city. I did not feel nervous at all and was more absorbed in enjoying the view in this first video.

Rob, our guide for the walk made the walk more fun because he was funny and entertaining as you will see in the videos. He's geared with a camera that is taking all this footage.

We are asked to do various challenges on the walk and I will admit that some of them are very difficult to do. It was quite a thrill at some points and just generally beautiful to be up there to see the city from a rare vantage point.

Overall the unique experience will push your limits and make you appreciate the beauty of the view. Upon completion of the walk, you will receive a photo and dvd with all the footage and a certificate of achievement. For an additional cost, you get all the images and videos on a usb stick as well. So if you live in Toronto or visit it often, I highly recommend you try it because it's totally different from any attraction I've experienced. It would be a great way to celebrate a birthday maybe even proposed to your significant other. One tip I recommend is to plan an earlier walk in the day if you want to experience all the other attractions because it's included in the EdgeWalk admission. Also try asking your guide to take a photo of the city from that vantage point since you don't have access to taking pictures yourself. If you don't have the guts to do the EdgeWalk then use this special offer to visit the observation deck at the CN tower for $10 after 8pm for a limited time.