Taking it to the edge literally...

You have to live life on the edge, right? Well today I get to enjoy the new attraction at the CN Tower called EdgeWalk and actually walk the talk. EdgeWalk is the newest attraction to takeover Toronto. It's an ultimate thrill seeking activity and not for the faint of heart for those scared of heights. I'm excited to experience this unique adventure because it pushes your limits. Sometimes we need to get "Out of the Box" and try something different to widen your horizons (figuratively speaking). Anyways if you are in Toronto at 7pm it's me waving down saying hello! I've experienced a helicopter ride and have also been on the "Insanity" ride at the Stratoshphere in Las Vegas. So I do feel acclimated to the conditions. At least I think so when typing this post.

I will try my best to document the whole experience especially through Twitter but it seems they have strict restrictions and safety conditions. I will update this post with my experience when I get a chance. So how does that saying go? "Take it one step at a time.." :-)

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Sameer Vasta said...

Oh, I'll see you tonight! I'm doing the Walk just before you, at 6pm. :) Good luck, and have fun!