Tweet in Toronto auction. #TdotTO

*** UPDATE: BIDDING WILL END AT 10pmET every night. Highest bid at 10pm wins. Winners will be posted on this site. ***

I have been inspired lately by the holiday season and also through reading stories such as Twitter Stories that the best way to give this season is to give back. I've spoken with some people and thought of repercussions. If my heart is in the best interest that is all that matters, right?

I'm going to try and raise some money for the Toronto Food Bank and Heart & Stroke Foundation through my own funds. I'm going to try and extend the money I donate by selling these "Limited Edition" t-shirts to the highest bidder on Twitter. The limited edition t-shirts are going to be customized with your Twitter handle on the back with the issue #. I'm hoping to create 10 shirts since this cost is coming from my own pocket. I have never done anything like this before so I'm not sure what the reaction will be. I'm here to set an example of doing some good and the best interest of the Toronto community. I hope you can donate generously. All 100% proceeds will go to the mentioned organizations. I hope with the use of Social Media and the local Toronto community that we can make a difference even if it's small. This is a limited time offer for the 10 days left until Christmas

I will begin tomorrow by auctioning off the first t-shirt starting at $20.00. I will ask you to tweet me with a bid amount with #TdotTO1 . Highest price after each day gets the t-shirt. Payment via paypal or Estransfer will be the only form of payment. For more information on the supported organizations: Daily Food Bank and the Heart & Stroke Foundation All proceeds will be tallied and kept transparent and donated on a 50/50 split. My goal is to bring awareness and to raise some funds to help. That is all. If this is not successful then I will still donate an amount to the charities. So to me it's a win situation no matter what the outcome. I hope you can be supportive and know my thoughts are in the best interest to anyone this may affect. Again 100% of the proceeds are going to the organizations. Bidding will begin tomorrow. Thanks for reading. :-)

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