An Evening with Courvoisier Cognac and Loding

Courvoisier VS

Recently I had the opportunity to host an exclusive Courvoisier Tasting at Loding Shoes & Shirts in Yorkville Toronto. Before Courvoisier reached out to me to plan this event, I had never tried Courvoisier, or Cognac in general. I was more of a beer and whiskey kind of guy.

Mike McLean, Courvoisier brand ambassador and mixologist, gave our group an exclusive, guided tasting of Courvoisier's Cognac selections. I probably would have drank Cognac neat or with a single cube, based on my previous experience with scotch and whiskies. I'm now aware of the flexibility to drink a Courvoisier Cognac in a mix drink, like the one sampled that evening -  the "Off the Cuff." The Off the Cuff mix drink consisted of Cognac, Galliano liqueur and Ginger Beer, garnished with a mint sprig. Guys, if you want to look fancy and sophisticated, order this at the bar next time. It might not be called Off the Cuff but you get the idea.

Pass the Courvoisier

Sharp styling at Loding Shoes & Shirts

I invited some friends to enjoy an evening to learn more about Cognac with Courvoisier, in the perfect setting of Loding Shoes & Shirts. The ambiance at Loding, as well as the style of clothing available is elegant. The classic staples like dress shirts, ties and shoes available at Loding are available in the elegant setting with leather chairs and sofas, in the pristine Yorkville.
Mike McLean explaining the aging of Cognac
Off The Cuff drink.

Thanks to Mike McLean for demonstrating the flexibility and use of Courvoisier Cognac.

Cognac and Conversation

Enjoying Off the Cuff mix

#CourvoisierTO was a great success. Big thanks to the team at Loding and Courvoisier for making this a great evening possible.

Loding specializes in shoes.

Make sure to visit Loding Shoes & Shirts for the quality that is known around the world. I only found after the grand opening that Loding has over 60 locations around the world. Word on the street is that they will be opening a 2nd location downtown, so you heard it here first. You can read more about Loding Shirts & Shoes here.

Fashion over function.

Relaxed atmosphere at Loding Shirts & Shoes

Cheese and Meat board from Cheese Boutique

The cheese and charcuterie were provided by Cheese Boutique.

Men's selection at Loding
Courvoisier Cognac

Thanks to Courvoisier Cognac and Loding Shoes & Shirts for a great experience. Thanks to Best Of Toronto for taking the pictures provided in this post. Which Courvoisier Cognac is your favourite?
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