Preview of the NEW Sharp AQUOS Quattron+ TVs

When I think of televisions, I've always thought of Sony, Samsung and LG. I would never have thought of SHARP AQUOS TVs, probably because I've been living under a rock in terms of television technology. I'm sure all the mentioned TV brands are great TVs that excel in certain features, such as "Smart TVs", but seeing SHARP AQUOS firsthand is quite an experience. I recently was invited to check out the latest large-screen TVs from SHARP AQUOS and I was impressed, to say the least! It is hard to visualize the image quality through a blogpost but the clarity and definition on screen was amazing,  especially in the Quattron and Quattron+ televisions.

Sharp Remote has Netflix button. Cool.
I was able to view the whole SHARP line of TVs: SHARP HD TV, Quattron, Quattron+ and 4K TV. It's important to note that the smallest size TV in the line is 60". SHARP believes that to experience a true viewing experience is to watch on the large screen format similar to movie theatre and letterbox design.

7.5 feet from couch to tv. Perfect for small condos or small spaces.

You will not find anything less than 60" in the new line of TVs from SHARP. If you're a condo owner or live in a small place and this doesn't sound good for you, don't fret. Most people don't realize that new technologies (Quattron-more on this in a moment) mean you don't have to sit as far away from your TV as you used to. Remember when your parents said,"Don't watch to close to the TV because it will ruin your eyes." Well throw that idea out because it doesn't matter how close you are to the television with the Quattron TVs.

Aquos has artistic screensavers to make TV part of overall Interior design.

Traditonal HD LED TVs have RGB-which stands for Red, Green and Blue, with Quattron it adds a 4th pixel of Yellow, which gives more depth into the display image. This Quattron technology is exclusive and proprietary technology to SHARP AQUOS only. No other TV manufacture has this technology. To take the image quality even higher SHARP has a Quattron + which in lamens terms means that every pixel in RGB and Yellow is halfed for a higher definition image. The top of the line is the 4K TV but due lack of available tv content, 4K has yet to hit mainstream appeal. Therefore the highest is the Quattron+ with 4K upgradability. Best of both worlds.

Smart Central is the dashboard for Aquos TVs

Besides the quality of image on the Quattron or higher TVs from SHARP AQUOS, I really like how you can split screen the TV experience. Imagine the left side with a TV show and right side of screen you can surf the web at the same time. This would be perfect for those that watch a show like American Idol where they ask you to send your votes in. The other feature I enjoy is the Remote Access for TV support called Aquos Advantage. You can give access to SHARP AQUOS support to control your TV settings remotely which is another cool feature but highly unused feature because the TVs are that good they never need any servicing!

Aquos Advantage is remote access. Free service with TV purchase.

Overall, I think the SHARP AQUOS line of TVs look like great quality TVs. Technology for viewing has increased and provide a better picture so it's easier to watch a big screen in a small space. To find out more on the specific SHARP AQUOS TVs check here:

Here is a video I made of SHARP AQUOS Quattron TV up close on my smartphone. This video doesn't do justice to the actual image quality on the TV, but you can get an idea.