Party with Iceberg Vodka at the Chase Toronto

The First Official Partio is here! Sip, Flip and Chip your Iceberg. On June 12th I've partnered with Iceberg Vodka to host a launch party at The Chase Toronto: Fish & Oyster in Toronto. It will be a great evening to enjoy some Canadian Vodka made using Icebergs from Newfoundland. Cool, right? We'll have some tunes, bartenders flairing it up, and enjoy the company with cocktails and Oysters!

I would like to invite you and a friend to join in this Exclusive Partio at the Chase. To ENTER for 2 passes, just tweet me:

I want to party with @clickflickca and Iceberg Vodka at  #IcebergPartio

I will select a WINNER on Tuesday June 10th, 2014. Good Luck!

*This is a Private Event Hosted by Iceberg Vodka.


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