REDUCE. REUSE. RECYCLE your Electronics

Did you know that most e-waste (electronic waste) ends up in landfills, as opposed to being properly recycled? E-waste contains hazardous chemicals and these chemicals could spread out from landfills and into our groundwater and streams. According to, "Waste electronics ("e-waste") are the fastest growing segment in an already increase of solid waste stream- and upwards of 90% of their component parts can be recycled, as they contain some the most valuable elements mined and refined in the modern world."

Some examples of e-waste are:



Printing devices


Camera and video players

After watching this video,  I realized that I have lots of old electronics lying around my house. The purpose of this blog post is to bring awareness to reduce, reuse, and recycle your electronic devices. I'm sure you're asking, "Why do all of this?" Well, there are a few reasons.

One person's junk can be someone else's treasure. For example, your old computer can be reused for its parts to create a new working computer or device. It also helps to divert obsolete items from going into the landfill to take up more space and waste. Recycling your electronics also gives opportunity for people to earn a living by creating jobs. A perfect example can be shown in the video below.

So if you have any old or obsolete electronics, you can sell or donate them. Or, you can use the free service provided by and enter your postal code to find the closest depot.

Thanks to @ecycleOntario I'll be giving away a $50 VISA Gift Card. All you have to do is send me a tweet (at @clickflickca) and tell me what electronic device(s) you would recycle or discard using the hashtag #BreakUpWithYourStuff.

Good Luck, and happy purging!

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N Stoffman said...

I also love Freecycle Toronto, a Yahoo group. You post stuff to give a way or stuff you want, and arrange for pick up. It's so satisfying. Only catch is it has to be free!
-Nicole (Red Cross Advocate from JG's class)