North American International Auto Show with GM Canada

Part 3 of 3 NAIAS blog Series.


This is the new Chevrolet Bolt Electric Vehicle Concept car which is designed to offer more than 320+ kilometres on a complete charge for under $30,000. I think once people understand the amount of money that can be saved in gas alone; this vehicle will be one of the popular EV cars to look out for especially for city driving. So in comparison to a Tesla which has a higher 420+ kilometre range at double the price tag at over $75,000, you're getting value at much lower price point. A smarter option if you ask me. Although I'm not really familiar with Electric Vehicles, saving money is only common sense, and I'm sure we'll see an influx of these cars on the road as a result!

Exterior headlight of Chevrolet Bolt EV

Media frenzy surrounding the Chevrolet Bolt EV in Detroit

It's fascinating to see the Buick brand evolve. I remember driving with my friend in his parents' Buick Regal years back. It was one of those comfortable and quiet rides with nice leather interiors. Looking back, the Buick we grew up with in the past is no longer daddy's car anymore. The introduction of the top down convertible Cascada has redefined the Buick image to include a broad range market. I can envision the convertible Cascada along the Pacific Coast Highway while the skies are blue and the wind blowing in my hair(LOL). A trustworthy brand for the well-seasoned yet eye-candy for even the young professional. I was unable to confirm if this will only be available in USA at time of posting.

Overall, what intrigued me the most is the positive direction GM is going in terms of understanding the consumer and their expectations. Having access firsthand to the President, designers and support staff behind the GM brands creates positive outlook. GM has endured recalls in past with great strides by going above and beyond. I think they have learned from a few bumps on the road that their creative wheels just keep on turning! Their take on the "Connected Car" is what I like most of the GM brand and their creativity. Cadillac understand it's just not about a car but rather a lifestyle as an example.

Dinner with GM Canada President Stephen Carlisle(left)
Overall, I didn't want to focus on the aesthetics of the car because that's easy to find on the web. I wanted to give you a glimpse of the technologies & people behind the brand that make GM today and those who are behind building their vision. On that note, I wanted to show a quick video of Mark Reuss- Executive VP of Product Development at GM which pretty much sums up what GM has planned for the future and their customers.

Disclosure: I was invited by GM Canada to attend the NAIAS Media event in Detroit. All opinions expressed are 100% my own.

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