Onstar Command Center & RemoteLink

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Welcome sign at OnStar Command Center in Detroit
I had the opportunity to visit the OnStar Command Center in Detroit located at the GM Renaissance Center. Upon entering the Command Center, I could not help but notice the hi-tech security access into the OnStar Center. I thought I'd shy away from photos of cars in this post to focus on the Tech and App side of GM.

Security Access to OnStar Command Center

What is OnStarOnStar provides auto security & safety features, a turn by turn navigation, Wi-Fi & much more with a single touch of a button as shown below. Basically, you "push" the blue Onstar button and you will be connected to a live advisor from OnStar. How cool is that right? This is an exclusive feature to the GM cars. There are various price plans for OnStar you can find here.

I have used OnStar on test drives, more recently in Kentucky where I wasn't familiar with the streets & highways very well. It was very helpful because I had the option to hear a live voice give me directions or have the option for directions to download to the car. It was also fun to just chit chat with an operator to give a sense of reality... a companion on a lonesome ride?

Did you know that OnStar has a feature called Stolen Vehicle Assistance: Stolen Vehicle Slowdown capability allows an OnStar advisor to remotely send a signal to gradually slow down the stolen vehicle to help authorities recover the car. As the owner of the vehicle all you have to do is call 1-888-4-ONSTAR to make this happen if your car was stolen.

OnStar Command Center
OnStar has various Call Centre's around the world. This is the ellaborate Command Center in Detroit. The map in the middle shows an live update of people pushing the OnStar buttons for assistance. There are over 3 million button presses per month. Isn't that crazy?

In conjunction with OnStar comes RemoteLink App that you can download for iOS and Android.  RemoteLink allows you to start your car from your smartphone. You can enjoy waking up in the morning and starting your car from your bed. How cool is that!?! Let's say your in Russia and your car is in Toronto; you can remote start your car from that far of a distance. Even cooler, right!?! The "Horn & Lights" feature allows you to spot or hear your car in that crowded parking lot. I took this screenshot from a friend who recently bought a Cadillac CTS.

OnStar RemoteLink Smartphone display

RemoteLink is a cool app that gives predictative car diagnostics to you via your phone or email. Imagine receiving a monthly email detailing the health of your car. Viewing the App on the phone will give you updates on how much gas & mileage you have in the tank. It will notify and update you when you need an oil change. It also can tell you if you need more air in each individual tires.

I was given some top secret info *winks* that OnStar "At Your Service" will be incorporated in the future of GM cars; an example of this is when searching for hotels via OnStar, you can receive special partner offers/coupons from Priceline etc. GM will also introduce Apple Car Play & Google Android Auto later this year. Exciting way to extend your smartphone into your car. Another exciting feature is an Insurance Assessment 90 Day Program that drivers can sign up for with info collected by OnStar diagnostics. It would track your driving habits which can help lower your car insurance saving you money. GM is translating technologies into experiences that people will love.  The future looks promising!

Disclosure: I was invited by GM Canada to attend the NAIAS Media event in Detroit. All opinions expressed are 100% my own.

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